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I am the first person in the mainland UK in recent times, to consistently name agent provocateurs in legal proceedings -and- bring a lawsuit, the government have only always sought to illegally obstruct.


The unprecedented witch-hunt against Brian and myself in the UK that resulted in Brian’s death and their trying to force political exile etc etc etc is the worst case on mainland UK, in recent history, by a very long way.

... ’two veterans’... i was relentlessly bullied for two years !! even after brian died, by a whole government gang who PUBLICLY covered up they were the ‘complainant’ in my unlawful arrest on 25 may 2010...


The false and malicious media accounts hid that various -linked- malicious prosecutions by politicians, the DPP (Sir Kier Starmer) and the MET Police were all "void ab initio".


[The incontrovertible evidence is they had all definitively known this since 14 September 2006 when the malicious prosecution against me by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police had to be ruled "void ab initio"]


The latest undercover spin [see below] from the Independent who are owners with the Daily Mail of the London Evening Standard, who maliciously published a five spread of lies on 25 May 2010 have considerable undeclared 'conflicts of interest' along with the BBC et al.


The Head of MI5 can't even go on a witness stand in the High Court and deny what MI5 have done which is hardly new, with only the 'hiss-off' lawsuit being unusual, which they baulked at because it has never really been done before, let alone like that in all the particular 'circumstances'.


The 'complainants' against us don't withstand any legal scrutiny.


The government’s undercover media roadshow 'Inquiry' that came afterwards is a complete and utter fraud, where anyone knows the dirty partners in Bindmans, like Birnberg Pierce, Doughty, and Garden Court Chambers protect, rather than rumble undercovers.


The government had admitted in several legal proceedings we won way back in 2007 that Special Branch were involved in two of my unlawful arrests.


Their bullshit public 'Inquiry' is rather like the surreal garbage... their MI5 Democracy Village wasted everyone's time droning on about in the High Court in 2010.


Those 'proceedings' only came to life when I started exposing them in the High Court on 21 June 2010, before the Judge literally ran, then closed the court to press and public on 23 June 2010 when I was illegally denied legal representation etc etc.


That was really a continuation of legal proceedings in the Magistrates Court involving the illegal use of agent provocateurs, they had suddenly 'adjourned' on 29 April 2010 because we had won.


[The evidence is old 'five eyes' ...so much for American 'Independence'... Murdoch was involved in trying to cover up what was going on in April 2010, when the Serious Crime Agency !! now called NCA were busted attacking us !! along with someone from the British colony's Israeli IDF working for a 'private security' firm]


The British government were never going to let me show in the High Court, the truth of what they did.


When my best friend was dying ask yourself what Westminster Council jumped on the bandwagon trying to do TOO with the MI5 Democracy Village.


The government's undercover 'Inquiry' was always built on two entirely false premises that 'sidestep':


a) the government is directly involved [as are the media]


b) MI5 are involved and do work with the police


There is no 'ambiguity' that the order came from the Prime Minister himself who made the illegal 'election pledge' to 'remove' we peaceniks, which was cheered on by the 'news' media.


You won't find any 'news' media challenging the Prime Minister publicly making the illegal 'election pledge' to 'remove' we peaceniks, because they not only didn't, but were actually complicit.

Anyone from Iraq, Northern Ireland and so on will tell you the Brexit British authorities undercover Inquiry is a fraud being run by the very people who have been and are still doing the whole dirty tricks brigade.

The dirty tricks brigade only want to talk crap outside courts of law with their gangs of bullies.


When I lawfully named one in legal proceedings on 13 January 2010, it didn't take long for the rest of the rat-run to come running.



The Owners of the Independent [Lebedev and Justin Bayam Shaw] are linked to Lord Rothermere's Daily Mail through their all being owners of the Evening Standard [above] which published a five page spread of lies on 25 May 2010]



It's not even hidden that the Metropolitan & City of London Police [for example]:


a) illegally refused to identify the undercover on 25 May 2010 where Democracy Village has always been represented by dirty Bindmans


b) illegally hide the real identity of 666 on 10 April 2013.


The Independent 'interview' [that they quickly snuck along to do when I wasn’t there] involving MI5 Democracy Village in 2011 never mentions MI5 Democracy Village were the 'complainant' in my unlawful arrest on 25 May 2010, where the MI5 Democracy Village person the Independent interview WAS involved on 25 May 2010 !! AND in Brian’s unlawful arrest on 8 August 2010.


It could never even be called 'balanced' reporting when the 'news' media omit the basic fact MI5 Democracy Village are the 'complainants' in our unlawful arrests, which is very, very serious indeed.


The Independent knew what they were trying to hide because the most they could really lawfully report was that MI5 Democracy Village were the 'complainants' in our unlawful arrests.



The same rat run weren't cheering our historically forcing the repeal of fraudulent legislation violently used against us, because of course, the purpose of controlled opposition is to sell ’civil disobedience’ which is surrendering to the sausage machine of the corporate state.




The 'third man' Verhofstadt in the EU, is equally as full of it:


... but the 'third man' verhofstadt is fine with what has been going on in the stasi uk for years...


... 10 april 2013... wtf does verhofstadt think this is in the uk, that doesn't get more overtly stasi...




The Houseman’s Helen Steel, Kier Starmer, Bindmans and Guardian are all part of the long dirty food chain who really don’t work in isolation from each other. The McLibel Two always lied because they did in fact have legal representation at all levels in the courts, in what was really just an attempt to give them credibility while trying to put off other campaigners.

Nothing good has ever come out of the dead letter drop box of Housemans in Kings Cross, London who are not remotely honest about the truly violent actions of the British government.

The ‘Westminster Village’ of the revolving doors between government and media did know there was an unprecedented witch-hunt against Brian and myself, including the MI5 Democracy Village that was ‘hidden’ in full view between 1 May 2010 - 4 May 2012.

There is only the facade that those who choose to can and will see, that only the facade doesn’t talk about in real terms.

Those who swear by the tangled world of what the MSM and their alt 'news' spin-offs churn together are best ignored because we are talking about real people’s real lives.

Most people know the MSM and alt ‘news’ never support and only try to use campaigners for their own agendas.

The only reason the government illegally made fraudulent legislation against we peaceniks is because the whole food chain can’t have the public debate about their illegal wars with us, because we have always done the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.

The government was always violently attacking us because it is their breakdown in practising the rule of law in the UK that led to the illegal Iraq War.

Their MI5 Democracy Village was part of a longstanding witch-hunt against ’two veteran’ peaceniks.

It is a matter of fact that the government, media and MI5 Democracy Village always illegally hid I was unlawfully arrested on 25 May 2010 because of a ‘complainant’ from MI5 Democracy Village because that doesn’t make a ‘good headline’ for politicians etc.


The real 'headline' is the BBC knew MI5 Democracy Village was an undercover operation they were part of.



The basic facts of the video on 25 May 2010 are very clear:

a) When I am explaining what has been going on after the police officer unlawfully arrests Brian, he unlawfully arrests me.

b) When I point out the police officer doesn’t have a complainant, the MI5 Democracy Village couldn’t step forward fast enough to be the ‘complainant’.

c) the BBC illegally edit and maliciously publish audio that is a false account to knowingly hide MI5 Democracy Village are the complainant.






... the bbc illegally edited and maliciously published a false account of my unlawful arrest to hide mi5 democracy village were the 'complainant...




The BBC have always been more than rather anxious to cover up what they did because the state broadcasters are no more some 'left-wing' outfit than Putin the Pretender's Russia Today who were involved too.


In legal terms it was always impossible to deny the MI5 Democracy Village were working with the police.


The Matryoshka of the MI5 Democracy Village started under the cover of an... election because they knew the 8 March 2007 emails prove all the political parties had always been involved.


It is self-evident Putin the Pretender's Russian government obviously make loads of money out of being false 'opposition' where they just happened to be caught out too on 25 May 2010 etc.


1 + 1 = Vitol Oil on the Russian front.


The Westminster colonial franchise leverage Vitol Oil's £270 billion annual turnover stashed in Swiss vaults, which is made out of ripping off the public in the UK big time.


The Vitol Oil Tories and Labour have long had motive in their 'marriage of convenience' trying to cover up my High Court Order over 10 April 2008 that is really a lawsuit too.


[The first question I had asked when I discovered Brian was why weren't Stake-knife Corbyn & Livingstone's UK STWC anywhere to be seen supporting Brian. Of course the 8 March 2007 emails that were only disclosed in September 2010 showed, that before Livingstone came out openly opposing us in August & October 2007, the leadership of STWC were always working against Brian with... Blair & Co. The union leaders are all government stooges who hid they were 'exempt' from legislation violently targeting us. There never really was any difference between the myopic Tony Benn and Enoch Powell. Benn certainly never matured, but only became more rotten with age.]

d) when they don’t realize our camera is still recording after my unlawful arrest the police officer and MI5 Democracy Village are heard standing around having their bitch-fest about me etc etc etc.


The 'complainant' circled in red, whose identity the government always illegally hid, who is with Houseman's Dan Viesnik on the left, who filmed and was involved in my unlawful arrest too:


... MI5 Democracy Village zombies... the MET 'Police' had made parliament square a 'sterile' area, doing the dirty deed early in the morning because they couldn't afford to have independent witnesses who might come forward...

The language of the police officer is subservient to the undercovers who he is grateful to for helping him out.


Dirty Doughty and Birnberg Pierce were obviously working for Stake-knife Corbyn's Kier Starmer et al who was DPP at the time.

e) the conspiracy inevitably keeps grows exponentially because the multiple layers of deceit work together.

f) The Mayor of London illegally brought a malicious prosecution against Brian and I in the High Court, before we were released, that the court records show is really a backdoor attempt at a malicious prosecution under ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005.


The government didn't i) want to risk us being released and getting to... the High Court first over their agent provocateurs and ii) also made the mistake of initially doing the Mayor of London's malicious prosecution in the High Court against us under the one name of Rebecca Hall who the video proves was involved with the police and the agent provocateur on 25 May 2010 too, which is iii) why others then added themselves.


The fact the government could only maliciously prosecute our unlawful arrests on 25 May 2010 through the Magistrates Court would not stop... us going straight to the High Court with evidence of agent provocateurs, particularly after the case on 29 April 2010 in the Magistrates Court involving agent provocateurs, had been suddenly adjourned.



[The fraudulent ‘Statement of Truth’ below dated 26 May 2010 that specifically names and targets both Brian and myself omits:


... it was legally impossible to claim brian and i were breaching ss 132-138 socpa 2005 'conditions' because where was the prosecution brought against us, by the metropolitan police that backs that up ???? ...


There's only considerable evidence [over the years] of named politicians bringing malicious prosecutions against us themselves.


a) it was legally impossible to claim Brian and myself were in breach of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 'conditions' because where is the prosecution brought against us, by the Metropolitan Police ????


... they had to pay off the partner from eversheds to set up his own law firm, because of the very obvious fraud he signed off on is so serious...

b) even the Mayor of London's own evidence shows Peace Strike and Democracy Village are the one and same who were not prosecuted under ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 when they purported to use that against us... again on 30 August 2011]

They had all got slapped with an unprecedented lawsuit on 17 August 2011 going all the way back to December 2005.

It is really straightforward because it was always all about their food chain not being able to publicly debate we real peaceniks over their illegal war because we walk the talk within the basic framework of the rule of law.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!