The BBC et al raise eyebrows plugging Pussy Le Pen promising to bring ‘World Peace’ by ROBBING !! law abiding civilians of their European citizenship, with the chump Trump and Putin the Pretender all dancing around the cauldron to the same Westminster Brexit tune.

The big Brexit scam has not changed anything among the savage ‘elite’ political classes in Westminster who remain united against law abiding civilians everywhere.


... October 17th 2013... american robert mercer's 'renaissance technologies' hedge-funders doing the city of london deal jumping on the bandwagon in the big brexit 'business opportunity' in U.K, U.S & Europe...


What we know is that you and I sure aren’t the mega ‘donors’ who dictate the corporate soundbites of all sorts among the political classes and their propagandists.




The obvious remit of hedge funder Mercer's 'Renaissance Technologies' is to improve and extend the use of 'algorithms' rigging the interconnected media, elections and money markets.


The system does not change through the revolving doors of the political classes, but instead by repealing the system being used to abuse, which is not what Mercer is trying to do.



... mercer's trump & co... everyone 'forgets' it was blair who invented the article 50 december 13th 2007 fraud brown signed, meeting with mercer's trump team...


In fact Article 50 which is of itself a fraud, is in practice/real terms already subject to legal proceedings that predate the current theatre that 'sidesteps' facts and evidence.


It is trademark Westminster to always fraudulently try and argue a 'narrow legal point' absent of all facts and evidence that would expose why they are doing anything.


... brown knew he couldn't sign 'article 50' because we had comprehensively beaten westminster on december 13th 2007...


 ... a very 'peculiar' ratification process where brown knew he was well and truly finished by december 2009...


[N.B. Of course a Parliament who at the very least purported to ratify a Treaty through legislation could not then try and rely on royal prerogative instead in what is all theatre]


The war mongering bent 'Judiciary' in Westminster are gagging to get out of the European Courts:


... barclay bros telegraph propaganda 'disguises' that the seriously bent lawless lord neuberger is renowned for hating the european courts, which is what they are all really trying to avoid, in arguing their procedural 'narrow point of law' [ie: the latest abuse of process]...


The criminal war propaganda is the rule of law doesn't exist because it more than shames a lot of people that it does:



...a whopper of gargantuan proportions from the war mongering guardian...


The absence of sincerity of any politician is evidenced by their absence of any track record of what they have actually campaigned for and achieved because it was the right thing to do, without wanting anyone to ‘vote’ to pay them to do whatever they are told by mega ‘donors’.


There has been serious over-egging of the pudding in a two hack race to the bottom in the U.S. 'Presidential' election, where an ageing self-serving billionaire was plucked from the 'obscurity' of prime time fake 'reality tv' to ridiculously pose as an 'outsider':


... mercer and soros racketeering in america  ...


All big business ever want is violent corporate legislation etc used against law abiding civilian populations, while being outside any rule of law themselves.


There is a co-ordinated move by governments and big business like the Rothschilds and Mercer to shift gold around.








Those who manipulate the money markets with an algorithm these days are rolling their loaded corporate dice to try and 'take back control'.


... racketeering... there's lots of funny money being made out of having the fastest algorithm etc etc etc where money can be be shifted instantly across administrative borders and so on...


The old 'Hobson's choice' of whoever you vote for you end up with Mr Mercer & Co who is pushing Westminster's Brexit agenda, gave a clue who would 'win' the U.S. 'election'.


... they are all at it .... as soon as one 'basket' becomes embarrassing big business like barclay bros etc just invent another one... 


... they don't challenge legislation with their billions for the benefit of everyone, because they are making all their money out of screwing over ordinary people through multiple layers of corporate legislation ...


This is where the fundamental crux of the matter lies.


The truth is their crony 'capitalism' of all sorts of corporate legislation, sanctions, resolutions and occupations can be repealed, whichever way they roll their loaded corporate dice.


The system is only producing those who keep doing the same thing.


The Mercers and Soros of this world never stood with peaceniks to force the repeal of the multi-billion global war propaganda racket 'free speech' ban etc etc


... this propaganda purposefully disguises that westminster's brexit isn't about changing westminster, but robbing !! law abiding civilians of their freedom instead...


If there was only one person who voted in an election the political classes and their 'donors' would call that an ‘overwhelming mandate’ to do whatever they wanted.

... just a wild guess... mercer & co packed the kitchen sink...

In practice there is no difference between one or one million people voting for a 'political party' because they are only there to grab as much money as they can for themselves anyway, while doing what the mega 'donors' tell them.


It is weak and spineless to advocate voting for revolving doors doing the same thing, while not even making any visible effort to stop them endlessly spewing forth pieces of paper they call law that is really fraudulent VIOLENT corporate legislation.


Every single last Brexiteer is an apologist for Westminster and a traitor to humanity.


... mercer's big brexit... 'business opportunity'...

The Robert Mercers of this world at ‘Renaissance Technologies’ who [for example] funded both sides of the rigged American election with extraordinarily fake negative 'populist' campaigning to feed the greed of their corporate ‘hedge-fund’ algorithms, are just trying to hijack real opposition.


Pussy Le Pen is only on public record using the bogus 'War on Terror' to slag off Muslim people because the only 'economic policy' the political classes have is lining their own pockets and those of their corporate 'donors':


... 'soften the image' ... mother theresa, stake-knife corbyn, putin the pretender, the chump trump and his groupie pussy le pen and all their hangers on...

It is self evident the hedge-funders of this world who can spin their money around the world across any socially constructed administrative border with the flick of an algorithm are waging war on law abiding civilians harmony of the rule of law to try and ‘take back control’.


... same old, same old with iraq war criminal pence & co.. flynn is the dirty spook who really targets peaceniks, still trying to cover up his own crimes...


Putin the Pretenders glee club are massive apologists:


... putin the pretenders glee club are massive apologists for the hedge fund billionaire mercer who is calling the soundbites for the same cabal of iraq war criminals...


These are the same little snowflakes peddling [for example] the western MSM warmongering Guardian Edward Snowden hoax as a true representation of the world of spying, which is not by any stretch of the imagination the fluffy world they make it out to be, for those really on the receiving end of real state surveillance.


The propagandists gave a free pass to a spy !! portraying he was speaking for real people who are spied on !! which of course he most certainly does not.


It is just another example of the collaboration between Westminster and Moscow as indeed is the Guardian's whole ASIO Assange Wiki-woo, which went the full spectrum to be touted by Murdoch's Fox News and Trump, not forgetting Flynn too !!


It's impossible to say they are not trying to deliberately undermine real peace campaigners.


Putin the Pretenders glee club are living in a complete state of denial over the bogus 'War on Terror'.


Russian propagandists have always worked with Westminster and Washington to try and undermine true law abiding civilian resistance in Europe to NATO, because their whole lie is the Russian government are the only opposition there is.


They have always been talking up World War with Russia, playing the victim canard, while hiding how the system really works.


The Russian propagandists are the worst in many ways really, because they are a) not real opposition to NATO at all and b) they actively try and undermine real opposition in Europe to NATO, while c) disgracefully pretending it is all a 'great game' !!


It's not a remotely credible line to claim the Iraq War was a 'mistake' while still blaming it on Muslim people generally.


There's a lot of 'turning a blind eye' to Trump surrounding himself with Iraq War criminals like his Vice President elect Pence while saying he wants to ban all Muslim people and so on and so forth:


... the syrian government doing a complete bastardization of history to get back into bed with the U.S. Russia and Westminster... as though Trump never said he wanted to ban all Muslim people and they should have taken the oil from Iraq etc etc etc...


If the Syrian government now want the U.S. military in their backyard, that is their own business that does not change that Europeans do not want the U.S. military in Europe playing their phoney divide and rule with Russia.


Shaaban is really going to stand with Pussy Le Pen too ? Really ?


...the revolutionary rupert murdoch... people embarrass themselves pretending these people are trying to change anything for law abiding civilians anywhere...


The truth always was, most governments were not really opposed to the Iraq War where unprecedented public opposition was never led or controlled by but instead transcends the political classes, with the rule of law.


These same governments don't mind Westminster, Russia and the Americans trying to divide and rule Europe with the big Brexit scam either.


Ms Shaaban conveniently 'forgets' that the Iraq War criminal Pence is a republican who was a co-sponsor of the Bush bill to invade Iraq which is still occupied.




In fact all inbred European and Russian royalty and their political spin-offs slaughtered millions upon millions more of their 'own' civilians in Two World Wars than any other 'world leaders' in history have ever done.


Then they just re-invented themselves as the two faced UN Security Council for the whole divide and rule of the phoney 'Cold War' and the bogus 'War on Terror' where Putin the Pretender stood by for FOUR + years while civilians were being slaughtered in Syria because terrorists could not overthrow the Syrian government, before belatedly grandstanding from a great height.


There has never been any 'glory' in dying for a weapons manufacturer or the phoney divide and rule of NATO and Russia.


This is why the UN Security Council itself needs to be reformed so that entire civilian populations are no longer dictated to by the revolving doors of the political classes who don't want to get off their arses with armies of lawyers at the International Criminal Court, to strengthen the rule of law.


Why should entire civilian populations anywhere be dictated to by the whims of the UN Security Council weapons supply line ?


...wapping... old five eyes murdoch and mercer 'mergers and acquisitions' etc...


The Russian propagandists are inevitably on the same page as their fellow western propagandists because they are spinning the same lie that you just have to keep voting for the same criminals and everything will be hunky dory.


This is because it remains a stand alone truth whoever is saying it that however crony capitalism spins it, all corporate legislation, sanctions, resolutions and occupations can be repealed because they are all mutually exclusive with the rule of law.


... it's the same old two-faced war criminals and their propagandists in westminster and washington including MI6 patrick cockburn...

Who will speak up for and save the world’s children if we, the people don’t ?