The Westminster Nazis are trying to shockingly repeal the rule of law through Parliament, to try and stop the repeal of crony capitalism in courts of law.

I was always correct that crony capitalism in all it's forms, whether corporate legislation, sanctions, resolutions and occupations can be repealed in courts of law.



... the rule of law builds harmony to create and protect life...


Westminster are demonstrably the worst example of 'democracy' in Europe and arguably the rest of the world with their unelected monarch and the lawless 'royal prerogative' and unelected House of Lords, not to mention the most unusual 'property portfolio' of unsurpassed greed.


This crony 'capitalism' who treat even their 'friends' as their personal slaves saw the unelected monarch waltz into Australia and replace a democratically elected Prime Minister [Gough Whitlam] who they did not like, during peace time.


This same Westminster also give themselves the unknown 'right' to just 'vote' to militarily invade any other country to slaughter as many defenceless civilians as they need or simply feel like doing, to install whoever they like, to make money for themselves.


To this day Westminster still arrogantly live in the dark ages of the most incredibly backward savagery, because they have always resorted to violence to avoid being held to account.


They didn't build 'legal systems' as they went around the world with their very far from 'Commonwealth' but instead created a massive web of deceit that is built on procedural abuses of all sorts.


In fact what is passed off as 'court' rulings are generally lengthy diatribes delivered by jobsworths trying to disguise how the criminal political classes duck and dive from the rule of law.


It is impossible to argue that there is a government or political system anywhere in the world, who is more corrupt than Westminster.


Westminster must now, to maintain the state of denial they want to impose on everyone else, first smash the independence of European citizenship to try and repeal the rule of law through their lawless Parliament.


The fact Westminster are trying to renounce law abiding civilians permanent European citizenship through a plebiscite based on any old propaganda thrown around by the political classes and their pulp fiction, outside a court of law, to avoid any facts, evidence or the rule of law, is pure fascism.
It all flows from their inventing the Lisbon Treaty purely to invent Article 50 to try and overtake the Maastricht Treaty which cannot be considered in isolation, and which they signed in the full agreement that European citizenship was permanent.


On September 9th 2016 the false idols in Westminster held their own 'Day of Rage' to set out their not so cunning 'plan' to try and drive a horse and carriages through the rule of law to try and avoid the prison cells in the Hague:


... chariots of ire... their 'plan'...


You may well indeed ask why Westminster war criminals would want, let alone claim they could, repeal everything including Article 50 really, before giving at best what would be the pretence of invoking Article 50 !! where there is of course no mention of the permanent European citizenship in the Maastricht Treaty.


Westminster already know that other EU member states have no lawful authority to 'negotiate' over permanent European citizenship that is acknowledged in the Maastricht Treaty.


There's an obvious cognitive dissonance in Westminster claiming they will 'lead' the world in 'free trade' while trying to limit and lock down all their own citizens on HM Prison ship called the not so United Kingdom, which really has been the most savage police state for years now.


The truth Westminster dare not speak is that law abiding civilians who challenge their crony 'capitalism' are illegally denied legal representation and illegally imprisoned without any legal representation or trial.


.... the real 'plan' has always really been to try and renounce the permanent european citizenship that always really existed under the rule of law that was confirmed in the maastrich treaty...


All their truly bizarre 'plan' really reveals is they typically intend to denounce everything to renounce the independence of millions upon millions of law abiding civilians European citizenship.


... all the evidence is these are the most incredible weasel words from duncan-smith because everything proves Westminster are trying to retrospectively renounce the independence of european citizenship... which is the fundamental right...


They hope to slide it all through under the cover of elections in France and Germany.


... the one fundamental legal reality they are trying to circumvent is everyone obviously has the acquired right of permanent european citizenship that is acknowledged under the maastricht treaty...


In fact everyone has permanent European citizenship simply by virtue of belonging to the European Union so no-one has to 'prove' anything etc etc etc.


Westminster have always violently done whatever they wanted while trying to stop law abiding civilians challenging them in courts of law.


The political classes in Westminster are the nastiest, most horrible and biggest self-serving monsters there are, who put simply hate law abiding civilians, who they have always tried to use to improve their own personal bank balances.


... it really is impossible to deny westminster are just trying to renounce everyone's acquired right of permanent european citizenship to suit themselves...


Of course what are war criminals in the real world are always trying to remove law abiding civilians rights to make money for themselves and to protect themselves from any courts.


The whole lives of those in Westminster who frankly have no legitimacy of any kind, are entirely devoted to trying to destroy law abiding civilians lives to make money.


They know they are going to come unstuck because their 'use' of Article 50 really is void ab initio because it is just being maliciously used to try and remove the independence of European citizenship which is all the UK always intended to try and do.
It's a real case of smoke and mirrors by the Westminster Nazis saying look at Article 50 in the Lisbon Treaty and pretend that the Maastrich Treaty never happened.


It is such a massive scandal what they have done.


 ... actually it is the real 'discussion' that crony capitalism is trying to avoid...


The war criminals in Westminster completely behave as though the European Union exists solely for the benefit of the political classes.


The former Italian PM Amato is obviously absolutely lying with his weasel words that he invented Article 50 for it never to be used.


... some obvious general observations...

In fact the evidence is the whole point of the Treaty of Lisbon was to insert Article 50 to try and disguise the significant legal point is the UK voluntarily signed the Maastricht Treaty they now want to unilaterally denounce through the subsequent Lisbon Treaty.

The UK signed up to the Maastricht Treaty knowing there was no get out clause.



... the UK could never claim they were forced into signing the Maastricht Treaty etc etc etc...


Now of course the only real get out clause the UK want is over other people’s European citizenship while the political classes still want to enjoy all the other benefits of the European Union.


"To offer a rather extreme example, not even Hitler's Germany invoked... unilateral withdrawal from Treaties...":


 ... it is actually obvious the UK are seeking to 'get around' the maastricht treaty through the lisbon treaty, although they obviously cannot be considered in isolation...


The true legal framework that the political classes are trying to circumvent is that the European Union does belongs to the citizens not the political classes.


 ... it is self evident nazi westminster are trying to re-draw borders in the middle east while re-imposing borders in europe for their own personal financial gain...


In fact Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty could only be compatible with the rule of law if they had agreed in advance how they would safeguard law abiding civilians existing European citizenship in the event of a country withdrawing, which they did not.


Instead the political classes went further than Hitler’s Nazi Germany and claimed that countries did not need to provide legal grounds for unilateral withdrawal, despite the reality that only European citizenship is affected by such a disingenuous move.


Westminster's new 'social justice' [yeah they really do call themselves that] 'warriors' led by Iraq War criminal Ian Duncan-Smith who was Leader of the Tories when they agreed with Blair to wage the Iraq War:


... the same old same old only have a track record of stashing everyone's cash in their own back pockets...




... they have always been working with blair's stake-knife corbyn and co who just re-branded the union vote as new support that doesn't really exist, to try and make sure millions upon millions of law abiding civilians were not represented by the political classes...


[It is a matter of fact that the British Parliament through Lord Pannick and Co set up fraudulent staged managed legal proceedings through Mischon de Reya who 'headhunted' [so they are really fronting it themselves] a 'Lead Claimant' [a hedge-funder who is already paid to gatekeep 2008 financial crisis] while bent Bindmans barrister Jolyon Maugham who is with Blair's Stake-knife Corbyn, launder the cash through 'crowd-funding'. The phoney legal proceedings are definitively set up to fail because they seek to 'surrender' the independence of 'Claimants' permanent European citizenship to either the 'royal prerogative' or Parliament.


Bindmans et al dishonestly purport to 'represent' everyone while of course they can only in reality represent their own clients. For the avoidance of doubt Bindmans et al do not represent us.]


Anyone who thinks the outcome of the EU referendum was not carefully planned is only deluding themselves.


It is not the case that a legal certainty like the independence of European citizenship can be unraveled or overturned, and worse on nothing more than any old political whim.


It is impossible to build a sound legal argument that because a political whim chooses to withdraw itself, that pulls the rug from the legal certainty of other people’s private right of European citizenship.


A private right of individual citizenship that exists through the rule of law is not subservient to nor reliant upon for example either a royal prerogative or mob rule.


In fact Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty does not by any stretch of the imagination mean Westminster can renounce the voluntary agreement of permanent European citizenship in the Maastricht Treaty.


In reality the Maastricht Treaty was just acknowledging what existed in the rule of law.


Who would have thought we would ever so soon see another day in Europe where once again what is really a minority of vile fascists openly crowed about taking an axe to the rule of law, without question from foul propagandists who are entirely complicit ?


... still repeating the bbc... what a fascist old cojone-free fraud working for westminster lecturing everyone 'freedom' comes not from the rule of law, but from an unelected old crone on the throne and westminster for goodness sakes ;...


Of course the old BBC et al armchair warriors and repeaters who live in a complete state of denial and never exercised any freedom to be independent have always totally relied on an unelected old crone on the throne and Westminster to wipe their arses.








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The certainty of the rule of law, that exists for the benefit of everyone, does not change to suit the revolving door whorehouses of any 'politics' or mainstream or not at all alternative churnalism.