On balance the EU referendum does not pass the sniff test and must be illegal because by not confirming in writing that civilians have vested rights that cannot be removed by the political ‘vote’ of another, everyone is being deliberately misled.

It is not the case that very important rights can be acknowledged and then taken away, and nor indeed should any civilians be seriously inconvenienced by having to undertake legal proceedings to uphold those rights because of the ignorant ‘vote’ of any other.


...civilians can love europe without loving government or big business


The EU referendum could only be lawful if it specifically stated that people who are stupid enough to want to give up their own rights can if they wish to, because in legal terms, that is all the EU referendum can really be.

Of course framing the EU referendum in those real terms does alert people to the reality that they are being asked to give up their own rights, which would not pass the sniff test of most sentient human beings.

The EU referendum is a very cynical ploy by big business to try and further erode the rule of law to remove any basic rights of civilians because the rule of law has nothing to do with revenue raising corporate legislation.

It is the rule of law that is supposed to rein in the excesses of the corporate state.

In the same way that businesses want 'free trade', so civilians can enjoy free movement to live and work within Europe, wherever they like too.


'formidable'...really ?: ...if mr odey wants to give up any of his own rights to the british regime that is his own choice




Mr Odey has certainly not spent much money setting up a website that is demonstrably lacking in any substance or depth in terms of any real life experience.


It is no irony that British 'politicians' and 'news' media who bow down to an unelected old crone on the throne, warble on about 'unelected' European courts challenging their blanket ban on prisoners 'voting' rights.


...i live by the rule of law and do not take orders from dirty politics


The UK want to make all civilians prisoners to the financial whims of their mounting revenue raising corporate legislation, that dishonestly tries to make everyone a criminal.


Not forgetting of course that corporate revenue raising legislation is passed by what slithers around the unelected House of Lords who are stuffed full of a veritable cornucopia of conflicts of corporate interests.


It is not civilians who oppose any courts, including European Courts being filled with juries of civilians to ensure the rule of law is upheld.

European civilians have the most incredible opportunities to arrange their lives among any number of different states within the European Union, which is a freedom the corporate world does not want civilian populations to enjoy.

It is obviously irrational (and therefore illegal) to claim that those rights can be removed by the vote of any other, which would mean people having to abandon and change their whole way of life to suit someone else for no valid reason whatsoever.

If people oppose UK/EU legislation, which is entirely different from the EU rule of law, then they have the same opportunity now to challenge that which we all do.


I know I didn't notice the odious Mr Odey standing with us when we proved that civilians with no prior legal training whatsoever could force the repeal of self-serving corporate legislation.


Mr Odey apparently has many millions of pounds so he has ample opportunity to go to a court of law and repeal any legislation he claims unlawfully infringes on his business interests.

Therefore wanting to remove the EU rule of law is only the language of the criminal classes.


Mr Odey insults civilians commonsense intelligence.

Of course it is far better for civilians to be part of a large union of civilians challenging corporate states, than breaking up that union of civilians that arose out of the ashes of the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians in Europe during Two Genocidal World Wars.

The language of big business who is only trying to sell civilians their shit, pointedly ignores a very beautiful tapestry of complementary civilian ways of life across all of Europe that opens many constructive doors.

Civilians can love Europe without loving government or big business.




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