The worn out 'idea' that any civilian needs to change/let alone re-arrange their entire lives based on the passing corporate political whim of any other is obviously wholly irrational.

What is not being made clear in the in/out EU referendum is that it’s outcome, is not of itself, actually legally binding on any civilians in any way.



The British IN/OUT EU referendum is only the most extreme example yet, of the control freaks in Genocidal corporate ‘politics’ and ‘news’ media seeing how far they can play the civilian population in Britain to try and assert ever more violent state control.

An administrative state can add opt into parts of the EU themselves, but what they cannot do is take civilians out of what is the larger EU life of human rights which is really civilian society’s rule of law, that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the nasty and narrow minded shallow world of corporate ‘politics’ or ‘news’ media.


The British 'EU referendum' is really being used as an opportunity for a lot of jostling for additional 'political' power, which wherever that may from time to time lie, does not ever benefit civilians.


The British regime is the first to test whether they can use the Lisbon Treaty (which in theory gives an opt out that has yet to be practiced or legally tested) to try and 're-negotiate' their own 'political' power.


This cheap and very nasty political point scoring, because that is all the very violent nanny state ever does, will have a continuing very serious de-stabilizing effect that is completely and utterly pointless.


It goes far beyond being irresponsible for corporate 'politics' to try and create such perceived uncertainty in trying to take away something that exists from (for example) small businesses and civilians.


this lying, thieving, brutal mass murdering war criminal does not even respect human life


in legal terms with regard to civilians, 'politics' does not have the foggiest what it is doing and does not care


It will actually be impossible for Britain to remove what are vested rights that are already being exercised.


bill certainly is in an unholy rush


The whole dirty business is a political greed fest.


if only the house of horrors was this empty every time they were trying to 'vote' another of their own legislative frauds through


Only an awful amount of civilian money is going to be spent on an entirely 'political' vanity project with the British in/out EU referendum.


the way british 'referendums' are really run is as the lowest form of very bad public consultation there is (which is why they go no-where close to being legally binding) because no facts and evidence or written legal submissions can actually be put (for example) on the parliamentary record.




basically civilians can assert their rights or be doormats for politicians


What politicians may want to do themselves, is entirely separate from what civilians already asserting their rights will be able to continue to do.




Most civilians remember that less than a century ago, it was the corporate whim of all European 'royalty' and 'politicians' along with their propagandists that led to millions of innocent civilians being slaughtered across the killing fields of Europe in Two World Wars.


It was this human slaughter borne out of a state of denial, that led to civilian society's rule of law becoming enshrined as the ECHR human rights.

Please note: Our long-standing civilian resistance that began on June 2nd 2001 is not a 'news' media outlet. We only publish information to help save civilian lives.