Donna Bugat: The abolition of… politically motivated adoption & British House of 800+ unelected Lords (19.01.2021)




... donna... the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, naturally exists to make the world a safer and kinder place...





The… politically motivated abuse of process of adoption that falsely claims it can arbitrarily… impose or… remove… any part of an identity, in onerous legal proceedings, without any due process or legal representation, highlights a predominantly white supremacist led worldview that has always been promoted by a European centric Vatican too.


It was claimed Brown initiated the first State visit of a Pope (Ratzinger) to the UK in September 2010 when his £10 million pound all expenses paid itinerary inevitably included pontificating in the Palaces of Westminster, but not about politicians ripping we peaceniks off over £10 million pounds, in lawsuits, because they have never wanted us standing for elections in politics.


I don’t personally know of any for example African governments, publicly advocating adopting white children.


A ‘mixed race’ ethnicity is always a problem anyway, without being compounded by being female and adopted that can include being transnational too.


… the british house of 800+ unelected lords in 1968 ‘debate’ the ‘hague adoption convention’…


The ‘Persil Amendments’ in 1984 (that… continue the lie it is for politicians, civil servants, and courts, to arbitrarily impose or remove any part of an identity) in Victoria, Australia when the man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO, and the unelected House of 800+ Lords in the UK in 2012 (falsely claiming they could do whatever they liked to me) are essentially typical ‘red herrings’ that only seek to… continue… existing abuses of process. There were a considerable number of politicians and civil servants in our lawsuits who sought refuge, in the House of 800+ Lords they illegally used to try and legislate their way out of our lawsuits. The British House of 800+ Lords included Judges who had been involved in malicious prosecutions brought against us, so there was never any identifiable ‘separation’ of any state power which leads to the false sense of ‘entitlement’ that sadly only literally weaponises religion too.


The… politically motivated abuse of process of adoption as a child in Australia and the… politically motivated abuse of process of political persecution in the UK that involved literally kidnapping me so governments could illegally… publish whatever false information they liked without my comment, consultation or consent, before I was released, without any legal representation etc etc that went far beyond their ‘artillery’ of journalism, highlights only the same legal redress of… choice is legally permissible.


An adopted person has the… absolute legal right to at any time, at no personal or financial cost, make our own choices, including in transnational cases, through… mediation (which I was without legal or indeed any explanation refused by the ‘Arbitration Commission in the UK, although it is supposed to be a legal option and sometimes legal requirement in lawsuits and in any proper ‘case management’ involving legal proceedings that include the very serious issue of adoptions which were not even done through ‘family law’ courts, because the ’specialised’ law being practised is an abuse of process that lacks due process or legal representation) paid for by the government, along with compensation paid for by the government.



... the reality today is the complete opposite of what the house of lords claimed about transnational adoptions in 1968 that adopted people are left to argue ourselves... 


The politicians who do… only spend money on selling adoption, that is… only based on a white supremacist worldview too, have… never cared about adopted people or our making our… own choices as children or adults. The mediation must be a fundamental component of legal redress because the fact it is not, is yet another example of discrimination towards adopted people by the legal system, because of course, the true legal reality is only legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood are really legally permissible.


There is the ‘question’ (that was raised in the bogus Contempt of Court case against Brian and myself in the UK, after the court admitted… they failed without lawful excuse to keep an accurate and contemporaneous record of legal proceedings where it was agreed I was illegally being refused legal representation, of whether a Contempt of Court was a civil or criminal matter) which is the same question in adoptions too, although governments have the ‘advantage’ in pressuring adopted people.


In practise adopted people are being forced into giving politicians a limited legal immunity from criminal prosecution, to try and stop the ongoing abuse of process of adoption, because it is natural for most people to want a safer and kinder place for everyone.


The public in a democracy that can only be that when it necessarily also includes the peace and harmony of the rule of law, have exactly the same… legal right to a publicly elected Senate in the UK to replace the British House of 800+ unelected Lords who are even further removed from any legal or political mandate including to legislate… regarding the abuse of process of adoption.


The transition from a British House of 800+ unelected Lords to a publicly elected Senate in the UK, is also supposed to be paid for by the government, while the… politicians referendum in the UK was foreseeably by contrast only ever about ‘business as usual’ for them.



... the government should be paying court fees for mediation in adoption cases that already exist and were brought... against us...



My HQ12X03564 in the UK equally applies in Case 352 in Australia, really, because I am the same person, just like the former Head of ACPO in the UK was DAC in Victoria, and the Victorian Ombudsman was previously the IPCC Commissioner in the UK, yet I am the one seriously… discriminated against, in both countries for example by both of those people.


The politicians in Australia are not however legally entitled to discriminate like politicians in the British House of 800+ unelected Lords, yet they do, and based on the same false sense of their own ‘entitlement’ that would not be perpetuated or encouraged… without the British House of 800+ unelected Lords, who simply find it personally… convenient, for any number of what are only… excuses, to not stand for public election.


I am not at ‘fault’ yet I have… consistently always been treated worse than a criminal by multiple states.


My… choice is to have my own identity and live in my own home elsewhere, with £10 million dollars compensation that explicitly includes global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover, and a British Gibraltarian passport, so I can also… voluntarily oversee the peaceful transition of the British House of 800+ unelected Lords who have never cared about adopted people, to a publicly elected Senate (SteveJ would make a very good interim Senate Speaker to replace the Speaker of the Lords) which Brian and Neil would both agree is the… natural outcome of my own lawsuits, really.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)