Donna Bugat: My summons against former British PM Blair, for racketeering with Serious Organized Crime & Police Act 2005 & my £10 million pound lawsuit against Victorian Ombudsman in Australia, who was also fmr IPCC (now called IOPC) Commissioner in UK (11.01.2021)



... donna... the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, naturally exists to make the world a safer and kinder place for the benefit of everyone...





Chief Constable,


(I am quite certain the fmr PM Blair did not have insurance cover)


I am a modern day ‘converso’ whose identity including religion was changed as a small ‘mixed race’ Mediterranean child in ‘whites only’ Australia when I was completely isolated from my own entire family without due process or legal representation in the abuse of process of adoption, so I didn’t choose who raised me either, none of which is my 'fault'. 


The man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO in Australia in 1984 (when I was in Israel, the Middle East, and Europe) and he used legislation in Cain’s Victoria to try and stop me repealing the abuse of process of adoption, before ASIO moved to Canberra, and all of which led to the global free for all of the 'Hague Adoption Convention'.


I probably would have stayed in Israel if the people who posed as my parents and godparents from the highest echelons of the Fremantle intelligence services had told me the truth about my Mediterranean cultural heritage then, which was before the rabbit proof fences in Gaza, and the global free for all of the Hague Adoption Convention.


I repealed the abuse of process of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 which was against peaceful dissent and had nothing to do with the title of the RICO Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, while I was as an adult in Parliament Square, Central London, before I was forced into exile and lived in my own home in my nature lovers paradise in France, between July 2013 - 2019.


My summons is against the former British PM Blair for racketeering with his extensive use of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.



... the real truth is the messianic former british pm blair was racketeering using the serious organized crime and police act 2005...



I am completely different from Blair, and his journalists like Campbell, Murdoch and Berlusconi et al , Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Corbyn, Starmer, May, Johnson, and their City of London Farage-o-drama because I consistently genuinely peacefully campaigned for free speech for many years in Parliament Square, Central London, by being open to speaking with anyone as an equal from anywhere around the world, that led to my by contrast having unprecedented lawsuits against Palaces of Westminster politicians et al.


The former British PM Blair illegally leaked my adopted name along with false information using the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard and the BBC on Mother’s Day March 26th 2006, (when SteveJ was with me) which... put in place a sequence of events that has continued to put my life as a private citizen at risk. All any politician et al had to do was keep lying with politically motivated attacks during 48 unlawful ‘arrests’ etc that were… all about covering up... Mothers Day (which in my case was particularly controversial because of my childhood)


I am quite certain the former British PM Blair didn't have any insurance cover for using the Commissioner of the MET Police, and NSY and the BBC to illegally... leak my adopted name as a private citizen, along with false information: 




... the former british pm blair used the top cop and nsy and the bbc to... illegally leak my adopted name, along with...  false information ... because he did know ss 132-138 socpa 2005 was finished on this mothers day...



Blair really considers.... all civilians an inconvenience, and Iraq as British property.


... march 26th 2003...


The truth is Blair who is not a medical professional illegally opposes for entirely politically motivated reasons my living in my own home in Australia, the UK, France or indeed anywhere else, including during a global pandemic.



... mothers day... march 26th 2006....



Blair et al dishonestly purported on 23rd May 2006, that the government could use s3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 as a police power of seizure, just against we peaceniks, which was known to be untrue, including because it has... never been used as a police power of seizure, and was not used on 22nd February 2006 in satellite litigation when a District Judge at Bow Street Magistrates did not give a power of seizure when he illegally ordered the… destruction of my pink sequinned banner… because it correctly stated “I am not the Serious Organized Criminal” before police had to return a different banner to me on Mothers Day, when we proved ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 was ‘void ab initio’ (and again on 14 September 2006) and we had ‘no case to answer’ so Mothers Day was really when ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 should have been repealed, rather than many years later on 31st March 2012.


The real reason Blair could never peacefully argue with me, face to face, in Parliament Square, Central London was quite simply because he knew he lied about Mothers Day, as did Commissioner Blair in his book ‘Policing Controversy’ which were lies both knew they... could not repeat before any civil or criminal jury.


The Jewish State on the Mediterranean which is the only one in the world was founded in reasonable self defence that was never contingent on the Balfour Declaration, and reasonable self defence was also used in the Golan in 1967. My personal view is the Golan should be an autonomous region in Israel because I should obviously never need the permission of the UN or any other Jewish person to be Jewish.


The politicians illegally had a meeting with the IPCC (now called IOPC) at 8am on 8th December 2006 where they agreed to cover up Mothers Day, before 100 lawyers resigned from the IPCC, and they hid two lawyers from the CPS came forward as witnesses for me in cases that were against SteveJ too, when I was tortured.  The IPCC knew they would never be able to explain away to a jury, their meeting on 8th December 2006 was trying to cover up Mothers Day. Another former top cop Stephenson, sent along armed police to threaten us when we went to the MPA to ask some questions, before the MPA asked the armed police to leave.




... the ipcc (now iopc) did know they would never be able to explain away their meeting on 8th december 2006, to cover up mothers day to any jury... 


I was blacklisted from my paid employment as a healthcare worker, and resigned as local chair of a nationwide bereavement charity, and was forced to sell my home, in the Thames Valley, and left my car, a Peugeot 206, in Chiswick, because Blair lied about Mothers Day and did everything he could to cover up and stop the High Court jury lawsuit, including in a timely manner.


I do already know it is a matter of fact, Blair knows he cannot explain what he illegally did to me as the British PM, that involved using torture on the mainland UK against me as a private citizen who hadn’t done anything wrong, because the CPS conceded in a malicious prosecution on 19 July 2007 at South Western Magistrates Court, that Blair et al had “put in place a sequence of events (involving Special Branch) that put my life at risk”.


The two cases below in the High Court in 2007, were:


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)


a) the High Court obviously did know my contact details, which the Administrative Court staff agreed made the hearing in my absence invalid, in the case that had been overtaken by Mothers Day anyway


Haw & Anor v City of Westminster Magistrates' Court [2007] EWHC 2960 (Admin) (12 December 2007)


b) I could not possibly be legally responsible for the Magistrates Court… admitting they refused without lawful excuse to keep an accurate and contemporaneous record of court proceedings on March 26th 200...7 where I had asked for legal representation that was illegally denied


c) intended to distract from Mothers Day, in 2006, which is why Blair illegally denied me legal representation on 18 June 2007, on his way out the door on 27th June 2007.


The 27 June 2007, was the same day Brian got a summon against the top cop Blair, and I was standing with SteveJ when he was unlawfully arrested (and police were told they “got the wrong one”) before I was unlawfully arrested while passing Downing Street on my way to see SteveJ, because Blair was too precious to be driven out of Downing Street past us, on his way to the protection racket of Middle East peace envoy on his path of conversion to Catholicism. The police claimed the UK planned to invade Iran next, which seemed quite an odd thing for them to say, and in fact the UK, United States, Israel and Iran are all signatories of the Hague Adoption Convention)


The three cases I won in succession in December 2007 at Southwark Crown Court (two of which involved Piers Doggart the Treasury Solicitor acting for the government, and Special Branch which had previously been admitted in the Magistrates Court) while I had no legal representation in any of the cases.


I was asked by CNN about the Iraq War Inquiry, when it opened, and I told them I would not personally dignify Alistair Campbell’s sideshow (which they admitted he was running, and he gave tickets to Special Branch to attend) that was hidden away in a broom cupboard in the QE2 centre, behind the Supreme Court, which had moved next to Parliament Square.



... bbc still trying to cover up mothers day, with more lies, and by then, the cctv of the torture and attempted murder of me...



The fact the British monarchy later sought to take possession of some parts of Parliament Square, after HH Judge Wadsworth said on 8th March 2007, at Southwark Crown Court that he always drove past and saw me and said it “was my home” which was not something I ever asked for or agreed to, when I did in fact also campaign outside Downing Street, where along with Trafalgar Square the government did not want me campaigning. 


I remember I was invited by a fellow campaigner to a meeting with someone contracted by the MOD to do interviews for security clearances a fellow campaigner was told was needed for employment with a company. The gist was the government wanted to try and refuse security clearances etc which they couldn’t do because it… was the government trying to sabotage our visible public campaign, by illegally refusing to settle the accumulating unprecedented lawsuits in a timely manner and while covering up… Mothers Day, because… politicians obviously vehemently opposed any of us standing for election in politics too, and particularly in my case because of the circumstances of the... abuse of process of my adoption, as a child.   


I am quite certain politicians have no insurance cover for the torture and attempted murder of me.


Blair has always obviously benefitted from the refusal without lawful excuse of the City of London lawyer to hand over to me CCTV that belongs to me, of the later torture and attempted murder of me, to try and cover up Mothers Day.



... the city of london lawyer did know he could never even explain to any jury even sending this email to me...



It is common-sense the City of London lawyer knew that he could not even explain the email to me, to any civil or criminal jury, let alone the CCTV.



... meanwhile back in australia...



I remember on 16 January 2012 the latest top Hooligan Howe was booed by students when he was grandstanding at the London School of Economics with ‘Total Policing: the future of policing” when by… no co-incidence, at the same politicians unleashed a massive police operation against errr… me in Parliament Square, Central London, when the senior police officer who was with City of London police, was recorded telling me to “ask the errr.. media department at New Scotland Yard for the legal grounds”.


It was all about covering up Mothers Day.



... the city of london police lied, in the foi request, because they were (ie CP 757) in parliament square, central london, on 16 january 2012...



The former British PM May who was the Home Secretary lied… in an email to a High Court Judge, dated 17th January 2012, Westminster Council later legally sent to me, she would never repeat before any criminal or civil jury. Politicians had falsely… publicly claimed they had a High Court injunction on 16th January 2012, that didn’t exist, protecting their undercover operation, and while the Leader of Westminster Council was in Parliament Square resigning !! before decamping to Switzerland, while I had… pre-existing High Court cases against them without any High Court Injunction, that then included the abuse of process of everyone’s illegal actions that day.



... the Home Secretary et al were obviously never going to explain this email or any others going on... around my back, to any jury and indeed in HQ12X03564 they have always absolutely refused to ever make... a single or any disclosures, and never complied with even any pre-action protocol... and no official documentation that must exist of the massive operation, has ever been produced, which i guess could only be construed as an admission of guilt...


The City of London police lied in an FOI request, over 16 January 2012, because City of London police were filmed working with the senior police officers on 16 January 2012. 



"We are surprised we are here... we all thought the fox had been shot" (27th January 2012 in the middle of winter): 



... lord stevenson of balmacara was a 'senior policy adviser' to brown when there was the torture and attempted murder of me when johnson was mayor of london and boss of top cop .... the comments by balcamara are deeply offensive, and there was obviously no pretence there was a completely politically motivated cover up that extended back to ... mothers day, in 2006, by horrible old people with not a spine amongst the miserable lot of them (while i had no shelter and their undercover operation did)... they had known we were "serious" for some years...


The City of London lawyer illegally forced me to go to the High Court in April 2013 on the bogus pretext he could not agree… a date for a case management hearing, by email, which was really used by City of London police (the 666 case where the City of London police officer was… obviously not wearing his real number) when we left the High Court, to unlawfully arrest my boyfriend with a bogus warrant the City of London lawyer refused without lawful excuse to withdraw even after it had been used and my boyfriend was released from court, because the City of London lawyer was really trying to a) unlawfully arrest me, to b) try and hide Mothers Day… c) his email, and d) the CCTV, so I was exiled.


I would accept the former British PM Blair pleading guilty to perverting the course of justice to defraud me, and divesting himself of all his assets the proceeds of which he could donate to Iraqi children, while agreeing to not receive any other income in the future, other than income support in the UK, and to not give advice or stand for public office, which is a more peaceful outcome, than anything he has ever done to me.


I am also suing the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman in the State of Victoria, who was formerly the IPCC , now called IOPC, Commissioner in the UK while I was in Parliament Square, Central London, and when there was the meeting on 8th December 2006, where it was agreed to cover up Mothers Day, before 100 IPCC lawyers resigned and the IPCC illegally hid two CPS lawyers came forward as witnesses for me, in the original torture of me in the UK, who is not a medical professional either and has never cared about my physical and emotional health (the Head of ACPO in the UK was also formerly a DAC in Victoria) for £10 million pounds for discriminating against me (including more recently with illegal hotel quarantine in Melbourne etc etc, while the Victorian Ombudsman who oversees, the DHSS et al has an obvious politically motivated financial conflict of interest.


There is no statute of limitations on torture, involving the same person who was IPCC Commissioner and became Victorian Ombudsman, who is treated very differently to me, and I haven't done anything wrong.



... i was actually illegally detained in this hotel quarantine longer, because i am illegally being stopped from living in my own home... anywhere...



My case obviously explains why only legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood instead of the abuse of process of adoptions for vulnerable children, are legally permissible, which can best be achieved with global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover, because there is no voluntary unpaid oversight of functionaries like the Victorian Ombudsman in Australia who is a former IPCC Commissioner in the UK..


The British referendum didn’t change my own legal rights to live in Europe or the Mediterranean, but the Big Brexit panjandrum of Blair, Brown, Corbyn, Starmer, Cameron, Clegg, May, Johnson and their City of London Farage-o-drama, is another chapter in political... interference in the peaceful freedom of movement of people and goods, that highlights a new political party with none of the above and a better deal with the EU can only be better.


I would personally prefer to buy a new ‘campaign property’ in Gibraltar and register a campaign there, that I guess could be linked with a new political party in the UK that included rejoining the EU with a better deal, because I am quite Gibraltarian, and that would be quite a different approach, and I could still visit my home in France.   


Kind regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)