Donna Bugat: A universal peace plan with writ of mandamus for transition from adoptions to self determination with global government funded fully comprehensive health and insurance cover, for guardianships, overseen by £10 million pounds from ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 & City of London emails, along with U.S. green cards (08.01.2021)



...donna...the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, naturally exists, to make the world a safer and kinder place for the benefit of everyone...






I was treated badly in Parliament Square, Central London, by governments, because I had to deal with the multiple abuses of process of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 and my transnational adoption.


It is not my ‘fault’ I was adopted as a small ‘mixed race’ child, or who I was adopted by, or that governments falsely claim that… any identity, religion, nationality or citizenships can be arbitrarily imposed on or removed from vulnerable children isolated from entire families, without due process or legal representation, so I have less acknowledged legal rights than citizens, immigrants or refugees.


There is no reasonable belief the Victorian Ombudsman in Australia from 570 Bourke Street, and former IPCC (now called IOPC) Commissioner in the UK, who illegally covered up what happened in the UK, and who is not a health professional would ‘investigate’ (for example) my illegal ‘hotel quarantine’ in August 2020, at 750 Bourke Street, by the DHHS, because it is… literally her fault, I am not in my… own home in either the UK, France or Australia, which most people would understand is very serious indeed.


... illegal hotel quarantine... the victorian ombudsman personally financially profited from my illegal hotel quarantine by the dhhs...


A global pandemic confirms the fact an adoption is an abuse of process, because adopted people could not possibly need to pay money to or need the permission of politicians, health professionals, ombudsman or courts to have our own identity, including to help us have access to medical information to try and make informed decisions.


The Victorian Ombudsman in Australia and former IPCC Commissioner in the UK… when 100 lawyers resigned from the IPCC now called IOPC (who also illegally hid the fact two CPS lawyers came forward as witnesses for me in cases I ‘won’ that included Steve from August 2006) when I was in Parliament Square, Central London (and as if that wasn’t bad enough the former Head of ACPO in the UK was previously a DAC in Australia) who is abusing and has seriously abused the public trust while in public office in both countries, and is treated so differently to me, while I am so seriously … discriminated against, when I haven’t done anything illegal by being adopted as a small child in Australia, and repealing ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 as an adult in the UK, is more than sufficient legal grounds for my non- refoulement to the UK and Australia.


...the victorian ombudsman has soooo many pre-existing financial conflicts of interest she is not a fit person to oversee the dhhs, doj etc...


The transition from adoptions to legally reviewable guardianships because they have global government funded fully comprehensive health and insurance cover until adulthood, is the fundamental basis for a universal peace deal, because adopted people come from all walks of life from all around the world.


There does need to be voluntary… unpaid oversight because my own transnational case proves the not so ‘civil service’ do behave as though they are supposed to be ‘above the law’ themselves, while in fact, there is no… legal reason government departments like the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman in Australia and the IPCC now called IOPC cannot be sued just like any other government department.






I was previously a Chair of governors of a Primary school in Thames Valley when I legally stopped the Tory and Lib Dems stealing money from the education budget to give to the Labour Central government for the Iraq War.


I was later blacklisted from my paid employment as a healthcare worker, and resigned as local chair of a nationwide bereavement charity (I had been asked to reform which I had done in consultation between the management committee and volunteers, that received a small government grant for the rent of an office on church premises) and had to sell my home in the UK, because my lawsuits in Parliament Square, Central London were never going to be settled in a timely manner, because the IPCC… illegally hid information.


The government had a meeting at 8am on 8th December 2006 in the UK, involving the IPCC because my adopted name was illegally leaked to the press along with false information, knowing they had no insurance cover for the abuses of processes of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005, and adoptions that cover so many ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ countries.



... 'the uncharacteristically speedy response' from the ipcc... the dates show the ipcc knew they were for example illegally covering up two cps lawyers who came forward as my witnesses in cases i 'won' that included steve.... 



I was illegally arrested by Palace of Westminster Police on ‘the orders’ of a Lib Dem politician Lembit Opik in January 2009, so I had lawsuits from Parliament Square, against both the Lib Dems and Palaces of Westminster... (which was after the violent attack on me by their 'unknown' male assailant in August 2007 (I was never actually 'allowed' into the Houses of Parliament to even attend public meetings, but I was involuntarily dragged off the street, to their cells)


I gave a one off unscripted ‘stop the torture’ speech to the U.S. President from about ten feet away, with Brian and Steve in Parliament Square, when we had not been searched, and he was part of a vast queue of vehicles going into the Treasury and Foreign Office for a banquet, and the car had it’s window open, while most protesters had gone to the City of London, and the press were doing their gig on College Green in Fortress Westminster.


The British Parliament (the British PM was Mayor of London and the Leader of the Opposition was the DPP, while it turned out the Queen who had instructed her lawyers to speak to Brian and myself, was retrospectively trying to claim ownership of the public land in Parliament Square, Central London) staged my unlawful arrest at the State Opening in 2010 using an illegal search under s 17(1e) of PACE Act 1984 (so rather like the legislative activism surrounding adoption in Victoria, Australia when the man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO at that time) that spanned the political administration and involved the Victorian Ombudsman in Australia who was the former IPCC Commissioner in the UK, before also bringing a malicious prosecution in the High Court, because they never wanted any jury to even see the City of London email, let alone the CCTV.



... the City of London email sent to me, that involves the victorian ombudsman in australia who is the former ipcc commissioner in the uk, acting... illegally, all of which including the email and cctv, they knew they could never explain to a jury (that included a $1.4 billion pound brown envelope for former unAustralian Labour PM Rudd, clearly facilitated by the victorian ombudsman and former ipcc commissioner in the uk)...


The IPCC (now called the IOPC was obviously more than a complete waste of public money, because the consequences of their deliberate failures were so serious, widespread and avoidable, because in any practical sense, our small peace campaign did what the IPCC were paid to do and refused to do, but obviously could do, because we did, while we were in Parliament Square, Central London.


The Lib Dem politicians lied to and betrayed students to produce a hung parliament in 2010, so politicians could agree the outcome of the election among themselves, while politicians stopped our standing for election because of our outstanding multiplying lawsuits, against them.


They were hiding incl. from a jury, the City of London email and the CCTV of what they did to me, after which whatever they said about me, is literally legally meaningless:



... there is no doubt whatsoever that on 23rd june 2010 the victorian ombudsman and former ipcc commissioner in the uk, and the former un Australian Labour PM Rudd (who wanted to become UN Secretary General) were always working for a 'foreign government' anyway, when i was illegally denied legal representation and rudd pocketed $1.4 billion facilitated by the victorian ombudsman and former ipcc commissioner in uk...


The politicians illegally tried to stop huge student demos being in Parliament Square, Central London with illegal fences, because politicians and the DPP, knew they were using an undercover operation to bring the malicious prosecution against us, that was at that time, remitted back from the Court of Appeal to the High Court, because we had refused to be joined with the massive undercover operation etc etc the fences… were supposed to be being used against, (because we were still ‘legally’ on their precious grass) and the undercover operation were elsewhere during the student protest in Parliament Square, except for when one of the ‘Democracy Village’ agent provocateurs who claimed to be an anarchist and anthropologist, briefly appeared and was let through police lines by police, before proceeding to encourage people over a loudspeaker to smash windows in the Treasury.


It was politicians who refused students their… democratic right to peacefully and orderly ‘green card’ MP’s who voted to treble student fees in the UK.


The truth is, everything politicians, and the press (who strangely wore helmets) said about the student demos in Parliament Square, Central London in late 2010 was very sadly a complete and utter lie. I even had to tell the Mayor of London in writing to remove fences before any other student demos, because the fences foreseeably posed and became a very serious risk, when used along with police on horseback, to stop the freedom of movement of large numbers of people, who were in danger of becoming trapped and trampled.


The students did bring a welcome brief respite from the malevolence and oppression of the vicious undercover operation including ‘Special Branch’ encircling us at that time, when the British public did well and truly know the senior management of the IPCC were a very rotten lot… because there was no voluntary unpaid… public oversight of them.


I am libertarian in the sense it is sensible to have voluntary unpaid public oversight of government departments, like the IPCC or Office of Victorian Ombudsman, which is complementary with the rule of law and democracy, because as it stands, they are only really diverting money that would be better spent on legal representation for the public, to their own pockets.


The legal reality is the facts of my case mean I am legally entitled to a writ of mandamus to stop the abuse of process of adoptions and receive £10 million pounds from the abuse of process of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 and the City of London email, which it is legally justifiable can come from the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman. The Victorian Parliament made… their choice, to appoint the Victorian Ombudsman, who obviously did also personally benefit from the British Tories & Lib Dems handing what most people would consider a not insignificant brown envelope of $1.4 billion dollars to the former very unAustralian Blair-ite Labour PM Rudd to invest in the ‘zero hours contract’ scam in the UK, after he had to resign on 23rd June 2010 (before wanting to become UN Secretary General, no doubt because it comes with free legal representation to hide behind) when I was illegally denied legal representation, because of the City of London email and CCTV everyone was illegally hiding… from any jury.


It would be sensible to have four green cards for the United States, although I would never have to live in the United States (the last time I was there I was in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots) because that would deal with the very serious legal issues surrounding non refoulement that has been breached.


I’m not personally a monarchist either, because I am more libertarian, but I am anti adoption most of all, because the show trials of forced conversions of vulnerable children to the abuse of process of adoption, is one the most grim fairy tales ever sold, and it would mean the United States was part of the transition, because adopted people who were given any identity, do have our own choices to make.


In practise it would mean being able to oversee in a voluntary unpaid capacity, with the legal settlement of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 etc, the transition from adoptions to self determination with guardianships for vulnerable children, from a new ‘campaign property’ in Gibraltar.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)