Donna Bugat: My Universal Court Order transitions adoptions to legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood with global fully comprehensive health & insurance cover (05.01.2021)



Without Prejudice: Flags of Convenience & Non Refoulement



… the ‘McKenzie friends’… our PTSD is not going so well…





I was obviously treated ‘differently’ in the original malicious prosecution against me on 22 February 2006 in the UK.


I remember I was also treated differently compared to Brian on Mothers Day 26 March 2006 (because my ‘void ab initio’ was the repeal) and then Steve on 5th August & 4th September 2006 (because the government was covering up the torture of me on 5th August 2006, when they stabbed Steve in the head on the 4th September 2006, because he asked for a lawyer, and they didn’t want me to have a lawyer)



... the bbc illegally leaked my adopted name, with a one-sided, far from accurate contemporaneous legal record, they knew was completely untrue...



We proved, that Steve Jago who is my ‘McKenzie friend’ and is legally entitled to know anything, is also legally entitled to accompany me into or visit me in any government buildings and film anything done to me, because the government would refuse to give me a lawyer.



... the vanity fair... lite Porter's blancmange 'forgot' the far more interesting facts, that Steve who swore his affirmation on the witness stand using george orwell's 1984, was actually 'convicted' of the crime of telling the truth...



The government had a meeting on 8th December 2006 in the UK, because they don’t have insurance cover for adoptions or ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005.



... the same government had errr... violently unlawfully arrested us with armed police, on 9th july 2006 outside downing street too, because i had a pink sequinned banner saying 'peace, love & justice for all'...


It was Steve Jago who witnessed me being violently punched in the head by an ‘unknown’ male assailant in August 2007 which was all covered up by the Palaces of Westminster et al.




... the 'crime' of 'peace, love & justice for all... the journalists and judges just 'glossed' over the state violence really happening in the dirty war in westminster...


I have my High Court Habeas Corpus Order in the UK from 16 April 2008 when the British government tried to exile me (after the Australian government had already falsely claimed I wasn’t an Australian citizen either) although I wasn’t doing anything different from anyone else on 26th February 2008, when anyone else, was either not arrested, or like Steve who was arrested with me, had everything dropped against them, which involved Vitol Oil who work with MI6 and fund Tory and Labour governments.




It was Steve who rang DFAT who spoke to me when I was kidnapped off the street, because the British and Australian governments were later trying to cover up the torture and attempted murder of me (because I have the High Court Order from April 2008) while the government have always refused to hand over to me, the CCTV they know belongs to me etc etc.


The governments obviously do not have a legal position to argue about my PTSD etc, because I have suffered and witnessed a disproportionate amount of state violence.


Brian, who was my best friend, died in exile in hospital in Bremen in Germany in 2011 (Neil was looking after him there) because he was violently attacked several times in 2008 etc, and didn’t have legal representation.


My boyfriend Neil who was Welsh, was violently attacked in the UK on 8th December 2012 because the government knew… they didn’t have any insurance cover.


Steve wasn’t with Neil and myself when we went to the High Court in the UK on 10th April 2013 (which was the anniversary of my being kidnapped on 10th April 2008) after legal records show the court ‘strangely’ refused without lawful excuse to agree a date for a ‘case management hearing’… by email (which was really about forcing me go to court) to try and arrest me leaving the court, when they managed to unlawfully arrest Neil, while I spoke to Steve by phone, because Steve was unwell, and had been to hospital the previous day.


The City of London lawyer who was at the High Court that day, when Neil noticed he had waited around and been watching us until we left, did obviously know… he was never going to be able to explain to a jury the… email he sent to me, refusing to hand over to me the CCTV that… belongs to me.



... the city of london lawyer did know, he was never going to be able to explain to any jury, the email he sent to me...



So, the reason the City of London lawyer, also refused without lawful excuse to withdraw a bogus warrant against Neil even after it had illegally been used, in court, and questioned there, was because he was… forcing us to leave the country, by stopping us from safely going to any court, because of my High Court Order and… the email he had sent to me.


Neil died in hospital in Emmen in the Netherlands in October 2020 because he was in Ter Apel refugee centre, where he should never have been, including because they could not look after him.



Steve was violently attacked in the UK on his birthday on 3rd January 2021 because the government know… they don’t have any insurance cover.


The legal reality is my High Court Order from 16th April 2008 and the email sent to me by the City of London lawyer exist.


It would be sensible for the governments to legally resolve the transition from adoptions to legally reviewable guardianships with global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover until adulthood.




My Universal Court Order means:


a) Adoptions transition to legally reviewable guardianships


b) with global government funded fully comprehensive health and insurance cover until adulthood (because there are transnational etc guardianships) that also includes adult adopted people like myself, who through no fault of our own don’t have any health or insurance cover


c) My global health and insurance cover includes an Australian passport for Steve Jago who doesn’t have to use it or visit Australia (and is a dual national in his own right of another EU country who changed their dual nationality legislation) in the same way I can have an Australian and British passport which doesn’t mean I have to visit or live in either (ie: ‘flags of convenience’ in ‘non refoulement’) along with global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover for Steve too, and a new ‘campaign property’ in Gibraltar (and my home in France modified) along with an agreed out of court financial settlement for our… PTSD.


I would be okay seeing specialists if Steve could accompany me, because he can explain anything anyway.



Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)