Donna Bugat: Re: The Arrest of Steve Jago (04.01.2021)










My Universal Court Order (ie: British Commonwealth, Europe, & 'Hague Adoption Convention' countries @ ECHR) end the practise of adoption, and I am claiming damages of $1 so that governments  pay for new documentation and any excesses on health and insurance policies.


It is sufficient to say 'adoption is a disproportionate abuse of process (the governments show trials falsely claim that vulnerable children can arbitrarily have… any identity, religion, nationality or citizenship imposed or removed without due process or legal representation so we have less rights than other citizens, immigrants or refugees) that is not prescribed by law, and cannot be effectively remedied'.


Therefore, the legal reality is it will only be legally permissible to have legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood, and no-one needs to pay any money to or have the permission of any state to have our identity, and governments must show good faith by paying for the changes in our documentation, and any other bureaucracy, including transnational citizenships (which should really be a matter of our choice) along with any excess costs on health and insurance policies.


(My personal view is the only real reason 'Hague Adoption Convention' countries continue with adoptions, which are so legally anomalous, is because they have been trying to avoid a  global class action with a jury trial because they never had any insurance cover which was also the case with the repealed satelitte legislation ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 in the UK ) 


The end of the practise of adoption will also mean our legal rights are also restored, so that we are able to get proper health and insurance cover, and so on and so forth.


I know (from my own experience in voluntary unpaid roles and Parliament Square, Central London) that it is essential to have voluntary unpaid oversight, of a secure central database paid for by governments, containing the information about legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood.


(The truth is I do personally want to be based in Gibraltar on the Mediterranean, but still keep my home in France, because I really do need to be able to get on with… my own life)


I received a message from Steve Jago at 9.48am Australian time to say he was being arrested by police, in the UK. When I telephoned him, he told me, he was at Junction 5 on the M4 and there were Thames Valley police who had pepper spray and tasers who were going to arrest him, which I heard them do, after I heard him explain his medical condition, and because he asked for a… jury trial, after he told me, the abuse has been going on too long, before police stopped the phone call. The police refused without lawful excuse to say which police station they were taking him to, but my understanding is the police were from Maidenhead Police Station, so that may be where they were taking him.


Steve (and myself) previously won (for example) the case at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007, when he was unlawfully arrested and stabbed in the head by Charing Cross Police on 4 September 2006 because he was legally recording me being kidnapped, and… asked for a lawyer.


It is well known I heard my boyfriend Neil Kerslake being violently attacked when he was unlawfully arrested... because he did have insurance cover and was... asking for a lawyer on 8th December 2012 (which was the same date the government had a meeting on 8 December 2006 (because the governments didn’t have insurance cover for adoptions or ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005) before he was again unlawfully arrested on 10 April 2013 in the City of London, (because of my Habeas Corpus High Court Order from 10 April 2008 dated 16 April 2008 which was the same date I was violently attacked several years earlier) after we left the High Court, in London, because I had asked for jury trials, before Neil recently died in hospital in Emmen on 2nd October 2020, after being in Ter Apel refugee centre in the Netherlands, because he was forced while seriously ill, to ask for political asylum. 


Brian previously died in exile in hospital in Bremen in Germany, because he didn’t have legal representation.


It is well known, City of London lawyers et al have always refused without lawful excuse to hand over the CCTV that belongs to me of the torture and attempted murder of me, because governments don’t want jury trials, because they have no insurance cover.



...the governments refuse without lawful excuse to hand over the cctv of the torture and attempted murder of me because they never had any insurance cover for adoptions or the repealed ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 ...


The legal reality is Steve Jago is a witness for me and vice versa, and… however anyone looks at it, his distressing arrest today, on his birthday, could not possibly have happened if... our jury lawsuits had been heard in a timely manner.


My Universal High Court Order to end adoptions with $1 damages, so governments pay for new documentation and any excess costs on health and insurance cover should also be filed with my High Court Habeas Corpus Order in the UK from 16 April 2008 and the ECHR.



Kind Regards



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)