Donna Bugat: My global citizenship with modest £10 million pounds ‘consultation fee’ from Offices of Victorian Ombudsman & Health Commissioner, so I can peacefully begin voluntary unpaid role in Gibraltar overseeing universal transition to legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood (02.01.2021)



...donna... the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law naturally exists every single day, to make the world a safer and kinder place, for the benefit of everyone...





My own 'mixed race' forced conversion to a transnational ‘adoption’ in ‘controversial’ circumstances in Case 352 in Australia, which has always prevented me from participating in politics, because of the ‘blushes’ that would cause others, could never be ‘overtaken’ by those involved.


The ‘noble cause’ pretext is used to ‘gloss’ over the illegality of the medieval ‘show trials’ of vulnerable children with disproportionate forced conversions to the 'make believe' world of ‘adoptions’ without due process or legal representation, while isolated from our entire family, by adult strangers, who falsely claim they can arbitrarily impose or remove... any identity, religion, nationality, or citizenships. 


This has obviously created a far from legal situation for adopted children and adults who have less acknowledged legal and human rights compared to other citizens, immigrants or refugees, to try and reverse any entirely foreseeable harm caused.


There is no Santa Claus and vulnerable children are not pets, and do not need the 'approval' of anyone else.


The ’tipping point’ in my own case that irrevocably proved the ’noble cause’ pretext was always false, happened when I was a single female divorced parent and working mum (a healthcare worker and voluntary unpaid chair of a local branch of a nationwide bereavement charity) living in my own home in the UK, when my adopted name was illegally leaked along with false information by politicians et al to the press, by the revolving doors of false profits in Westminster etc, while I was in Parliament Square, Central London.


I was blacklisted from my paid employment (I had previously attracted the ire of publicly funded local and central government politicians when I was a Chair of Governors of a primary school and I refused to make staff redundant when politicians were trying to steal money from the primary education budget to fund the Iraq War, and I legally ran a modest deficit instead, and other primary schools did the same. I resigned from my voluntary unpaid public service as a Chair of a local branch of a nationwide bereavement charity I had been asked to reform which I had done, in consultation between the management committee and volunteers, that also had a small government grant to pay rent for an office on church premises in the revolving doors between state and religion, when I was blacklisted from my paid employment as a healthcare worker) that directly led to my having to sell my home in the UK, because my lawsuits from Parliament Square, Central London were never going to be settled in a ’timely manner’ that all led to the undeniable torture and attempted murder of me in the UK.


My adopted person led reform is obviously in the best interests of my own and others physical and emotional health.





There is no reasonable doubt a criminal and civil jury would conclude:


a) the Victorian Ombudsman (and former IPCC Commissioner in the UK, while I was in Parliament Square, Central London) along with the Victorian Health Commissioner (and former lawyer for the baby snatching Royal Women’s Hospital in Carlton) who are both a vipers nest in the DOJ in Bourke Street, have for their own personal financial interests, failed without lawful excuse to… record the email about the illegal refusal to hand over CCTV (of the undeniable torture and attempted murder of me) that belongs to me, in what would be a ‘landmark’ decision no judge would be able to overturn.



... the victorian ombudsman in australia, and former ipcc commissioner in the uk, could never talk her way out of her involvement in this before any jury in either country...



The only thing the Victorian Ombudsman and Victorian Health Commissioner have ever had any interest in ‘mediating’ is the size of any brown envelope they can get for... themselves, that is not politically or legally possible with my direct legal challenge that only legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood are legally permissible, political, religious and royal leaders cannot win any public votes opposing, let alone in any court.


Political, religious and royal leaders knew there were no public votes to be gained by opposing the repeal of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 in the UK.


The public money the Offices of the Victorian Ombudsman and Victorian Health Commissioner have been taking for... themselves, would have been better used directly funding legal representation for the public.


b) the Victorian Ombudsman publicly made misleading comments in the press, for the express purpose of hiding the Victorian Ombudsman’s own deliberate pre-existing and long standing cumulative failures that include the Victorian Health Commissioner, and also resulted in my illegal hotel



... the illegal hotel quarantine...


quarantine in Melbourne, preventing me from being in my own home in France, or spending time with my family and friends, including my boyfriend who died in the Netherlands, in October 2020, in what would be another ‘landmark’ decision, no judge would be able to overturn.



... misleading public statements from the vipers nest in the doj at 570 bourke street...



c) the Victorian Ombudsman and Victorian Health Commissioner are not fit and proper persons to be in any publicly funded official capacity, or even in a voluntary unpaid capacity to oversee the transition from forced conversions to adoption to universally legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood.


... the old bureaucracy of brown envelopes...


It is common-sense that anyone who genuinely cares about the best interests of vulnerable children would not oppose universal legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood, to replace the ‘show trials’ of disproportionate forced conversions of vulnerable children to the ‘make believe’ world of ‘adoptions’ without any due process or legal representation.


The onus is on caring and responsible adults to provide better legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood that will be enduring if the relationships are mutually respectful, instead of treating vulnerable children as commodities who can be traded to suit the needs of adults. 





I am claiming my global citizenship in perpetuity (which is essentially what children with universal legally reviewable guardianships would have until adulthood when they could make their own choices, but I am having as an adult instead that should be transferable to my two sons too) and my modest £10 million pound tax free ‘consultation fee’ from the Offices of the Victorian Ombudsman and Victorian Health Commissioner, so that I can be based in Gibraltar and enjoy without further interference, my Mediterranean cultural heritage that was literally stolen from me as a child, and oversee in a voluntary unpaid capacity, a secure global database based in Gibraltar, of legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood.


I am of course keeping my own home in France too.


For the avoidance of doubt, I have the legal authority, whenever and wherever there are any disputes over citizenship/s relating to legally reviewable guardianships of children until adulthood, to fully support the choices of a person subject to a legally reviewable guardianship until adulthood.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)