Donna Bugat: A Republic of Gibraltar ‘Free (Pass) Port’ & ‘Our Lady in Europe’ in Schengen & Mediterranean with £10 million ‘consultation fee’ for me & guaranteed world class social health & welfare incl. housing for today's 'conversos' (& agreement for publicly elected Head of Commonwealth & EU) (30.12.2020)




... i am legally entitled to peacefully enjoy, without interference, my mixed race mediterranean cultural heritage that was literally... stolen from me...





I was abducted as a child in a ’show trial’ (Case 352) in Australia with my forced conversion to a disproportionate adoption which was ’not prescribed by law’.


The British monarchy (& Popes who consider themselves a monarchy too) have always falsely claimed they can arbitrarily… impose and… remove any vulnerable child’s identity, religion, nationality or citizenships, without any due process or legal representation, and to suit their own... unscrupulous personal financial interests.


There was in practise, never any ‘difference’ between the British Queen, Popes, Franco or Whitlam et al, and I have never been legally obliged to wait until ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ countries might happen to want to reform.


The British Queen (& Popes) who cannot legally go around ‘victim blaming’ innocent and defenceless… children !! have always reasonably known along with their entourage incl. ‘human rights’ lawyers et al that only legally reviewable guardianships until adulthood were ever legally permissible.


I have… always at the very least been legally entitled to a permanent UN Travel Document with compensation to buy my own home and healthcare, because ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ countries have never ‘bothered’ with any legal oversight let alone that is independent of forced conversions to disproportionate adoptions, that is literally a lawless global free for all. 


The British Queen illegally signed the legislative ‘activism’ of ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 in the UK knowing it was ‘void ab initio’ too, which I proved in 2006, while campaigning in Parliament Square, Central London.


The ‘Treaty of Utrecht’ from 300 years ago does not mean legal persons, entities, micro-states and countries cannot ever become republics, or independent and free from abusive monarchies, because the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, which takes precedence, naturally exists for the benefit of everyone, because we are all supposed to be equal.


The British Queen who illegally used ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 to illegally 'leak' my adopted name in the 'press', along with information the BBC knew to be false, which is why the BBC did not speak with me... before illegally publishing my identity, because they knew they could not verify what New Scotland Yard claimed, because it was untrue, but once everyone had started lying, it just exponentially grew.


I was blacklisted as a single working mum with my own home in the UK I had to sell because my lawsuits were not settled in a timely manner (incl. Case 352 in Australia) despite obviously being maliciously targeted when Judges falsely claimed it was a crime for me to campaign with my best friend, in the UK, (which was not legally sustainable) because it was ‘not prescribed by law’ either, for any Judge to even say that, including under s132 -138 SOCPA 2005, or Article 11 Freedom of Assembly, but it was exactly the same as illegally isolating me from my... entire family as a child with my forced conversion to adoption without due process.


The former Australian FM Alexander Downer falsely claimed in 2006, that I was not an Australian citizen !! (before he later… hid as the Australian Ambassador in the Australian High Commission in London… after I was exiled from the UK too, in 2013)


The British Queen illegally claimed ‘ownership’ of Parliament Square, Central London in 2008 to subsequently falsely claim I then needed her ‘permission’ for free speech too, under ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005, which was obviously ’not prescribed by law’ either in the most unprecedented show trials over so many years, in the UK.


The British Queen: 

... the british queen then falsely tried to claim we needed her 'permission' under ss 132-138 socpa 2005 too (now repealed)...


The attempt to exile me from the UK too, in April 2008 that resulted in my High Court Order… against the British Queen...



... it turned out it was the british queen...



... and the unprecedented ’show trials’ against me, including the Westminster revolving doors of politics and journalism who also posed as the militaristic and monarchist ‘Democracy Village’ incl. the Daily Mail and fmr Mayor of London, boss of top cop and latest British PM were hiding the torture and attempted murder of me, as an adult in the UK, while I was illegally denied legal representation, and their publicly stated objective was to ‘occupy’ Parliament Square, Central London specifically to ‘exclude’ myself and Brian.



... my name was illegally leaked again, with false information by westminster 'journalists' and the queen's gardener including johnson and his new scotland yard, who tried to illegally 'join' brian and myself who were named, with the... governments 'democracy village' .... after we both contested his malicious prosecution that was originally brought against just the two of us as defendants  1 & 2 that was later changed to 2 & 3  to try and 'obscure' much...


I was illegally stopped from giving evidence on the witness stand in the High Court in London on 21st June 2010, and illegally denied legal representation on 23rd June 2010, while the court was then closed to the press, and public which I am, because they didn't want it coming out that the Queen had instructed Crown Estate lawyers, who had actually come and 'spoken' with Brian and myself etc etc etc etc:



... i was illegally denied legal representation to hide the queen had instructed crown estate lawyers 'spoke' to brian and myself etc etc...


There is ’no walking back’ or ‘starting over’ with the... same British Queen who abducted me as a child in Australia, and tortured and attempted to murder me as an adult in the UK, that also proves there was never anyone ‘converso’ children and adults could complain to.


The British Queen knew there are no legal grounds to falsely claim I could be kidnapped off the street, so the state could hide whatever they did to me !! when they tortured and attempted to murder me, before trying to make me go into another building out of public view in the City Of London, to try and force me to agree to whatever… they wanted.


I was never the one who was legally obliged to do or sign anything:



... the illegal refusal by the city of london et al, to hand over cctv of the torture and attempted murder of me, that belongs to me, that i have never been legally obliged to sign anything to have in... my possession... 



The British Queen (UN, and WHO all) refuse/s without lawful excuse to… record the life threatening physical and emotional harm caused by forced conversions to disproportionate adoptions -AND- torture and attempted murder, which makes global pandemic advice inconsistent.



... the ECHR & UN... in Geneva have no easily accessible process that is prescribed by law, for... recording state torture and attempted murder in the UK, because the British Queen is the 'Head of State'...


I did not voluntarily return to Australia in July 2019, because the Australian embassy in Paris also refused without lawful excuse to… record the torture and attempted murder of me, while they did know I was seriously physically and emotionally unwell, and they were breaching non-refoulement.


... the echr and un et al know they cannot 'overtake' ... juries...



It is self evident there is no realistic prospect of... access to proper medical treatment, when any ‘bureaucracy’ refuses without lawful excuse to... record state torture and attempted murder, which are known to be absolutely unlawful. 


My recent hotel quarantine in Melbourne was obviously illegal because a jury would agree there was no easily accessible legally reviewable published policy, meaning it was ’not prescribed by law’ either.


I am obviously not the only forced conversion to disproportionate adoptions, but I am the only one the state also tortured and attempted to murder while I was in Parliament Square, Central London.


They also admitted in their own ‘landmark’ Contempt of Court case against me in the UK, they refuse without lawful excuse to keep an accurate and contemporaneous record of legal proceedings, in courts, that I could not possibly be legally responsible for… them doing, and while they were… by no co-incidence, illegally refusing me … legal representation.


I am similar in some ways to Gibraltarians, including with my own mixed race Mediterranean identity, and Brian and myself proved ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 was ‘void ab initio’ in 2006 (before the Gibraltarian Constitution Order) and I had my High Court Order from April 2008 in the UK, before the ECJ recognised Gibraltar had a separate political and administrative government in December 2008, before I was exiled from the UK in 2013 and had my own home in France in the Schengen, before the British referendum.


... remarkably similar... 


The former Australian FM Downer who is currently posing as an ‘adviser’ to Gibraltar most definitely does not speak for or instead of me.


It is possible to have monarchs but only if they live within the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone, because we are all equal before law.



... brian and myself were quite separate from westminster too, because we were literally the only law in town in westminster...


I am legally entitled to enjoy without interference, my mixed race Mediterranean identity the British Queen et al have always illegally stopped me from having, so it makes sense to me, that Gibraltar becomes a Republic, that is independent of monarchies, and remains a free port, that gives free… passports to today’s ‘conversos’ from forced conversions to adoptions, who would not have to live there, but could live like, I did, in my own home in France. My home could even become an honorary consulate for a Republic of Gibraltar, in the EU, although I wouldn’t personally mind being based in Gibraltar if it was a Republic, even if it was still a member of the Commonwealth, although the British government should pay if it wants to maintain a non nuclear military base in Gibraltar. The unelected British Queen who poses as head of the Commonwealth does after all have military bases everywhere including in Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain etc.


... i think we can be certain any genuine 'our lady of europe' would want all popes and monarchies to actually care about humans...



It would be a bonus to have an agreement that the heads of the British Commonwealth and EU have to be publicly elected, and do not need to be royals, but that's going to happen one day, anyway. 




... i do not personally reasonably believe i need 'permission' from anyone else including other jewish people or the 'hague adoption convention' to ... choose to be jewish...


The countries involved in the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ are legally obliged to financially contribute to a world class social health and welfare system including housing, for forced conversions to adoptions, that would work if Gibraltar became a Republic,and was part of the EU Schengen and Commonwealth, for today’s conversos from forced conversions to adoptions, who come from all walks of life from all around the world.


I would personally prefer if I was living on Gibraltar, which uses desalinated water, for it to become fully powered by clean renewable energy, regardless of the major business of ‘bunkering’ there, including while the EU Commission is funding new facilities for bunkering in Algeciras.   



Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)