Donna Bugat: I have absolute right to UN Travel document, for new safe & sustainable beginning, living in Golan home, with compensation, because reasonable self defence of peace & harmony of rule of law that naturally exists every single day for the benefit of everyone, comes first (23.12.2020)





... donna... the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law naturally exists for the benefit of everyone, every single day...







I have always lived the real life of a conversa in our times, and I have Jewish, Catholic and Muslim ancestry.


The British and Australian intelligence services who literally held me hostage as a vulnerable child, completely changed my identity to try and force me to be a 'sleeper agent' and 'universal soldier' they could use in their ‘stay at home’ program of 'illegals' behind any ‘enemy lines’ among shifting alliances between governments that are obviously only really based on a few people maintaining and expanding their wealth, by exploiting anyone else. They never... accepted it was perfectly... normal of me to simply want my own identity, to find my own quite separate way in life, because they only ever thought about themselves. 


The reason the intelligence services took me to visit the Queen in the UK when I was four years old was because they all knew what they were doing was illegal and realised they risked being discovered if the truth about two sisters with the same parents raised separately with different identities and nationalities was ever known.


I was forcibly converted from Catholic to Anglican but I choose to be Jewish, because I personally like the Jewish religion more than the Catholic or Muslim religions which I do still like, but just not as much.


One difference between three groups of sisters is that the Queen and Fremantle sisters recognise male hereditary rights first, but my sister and myself recognise the equal rights of females.


A ‘unknown’ converso child and adult has less acknowledged rights than most minority communities, because if our global diaspora was a ‘recognised’ group like any other minorities or even a small state, the the crimes committed against us would literally and because we come from all walks of life, constitute war crimes against humanity, perpetrated by too many people who pose as ‘world leaders’.


I conclusively proved in Parliament Square, Central London I live within the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law every single day, which it was not safe to do there, because the tyranny of the legally unjustifiable Queen, falsely claims everyone is not equal before the law, which is not something she has ever been willing to test in a court of law, and in particular with a jury.


The Queen knows what she has done to me as a child and does to me as an adult, means she has no recognised defence in law in any court, which she has always known, that I have always had to live with the reality of every single day of my life, that no human should ever have to do.


The fact there cannot legally be any succession to the British throne doesn't mean I am going to put my own life on hold in the Commonwealth if and until that happens, because I am not legally obliged to recognise the legitimacy of what really is the uncaring and overbearing tyranny of the monarchy in the here and now. The reality monarchies generally don't make a point of visiting the Golan, unlike the vicinity of Parliament Square, Central London, is considered by me to be an added bonus of the location.


The reality is nobody really knows where anyone comes from when people are in public spaces, because it is only governments who ask people to identify ourselves because they first and foremost want to make as much money from as many people as possible, for themselves. The socially constructed borders mostly only really exist to maintain and increase the wealth of a few, rather than any identity, family or rule of law for everyone.


The revolving doors of the Victorian government are legally obliged to issue me with a UN Travel Document the Israeli government are legally obliged to recognise that means I can live in my own home in the Golan without asking the permission of anyone else including other Jewish people to be Jewish, because I do reasonably believe that God who knows I like peace, is okay with me being me.


The Victorian government is also legally obliged to pay me the modest sum of $10 million dollars compensation that belongs to me.


The undeniable evidence is their (for example) former Labour PM Rudd did after all rip off $1.4 billion dollars from me on 23rd June 2010, after I was illegally stopped from giving evidence in the High Court in the UK on 21st June 2010. (The fact my forced conversion to adoption involved the intelligence services, was never anything but an escalating problem for me, including yet again then, which was very serious, because everyone was covering up the torture and attempted murder of me too, so public officials who are supposed to serve the public, only ever put their own financial self interest firstIn June 2010, there were TWO 'illegals' programmes the governments involved in the Hague Adoption Convention were simultaneously trying to cover up, by using an 'astonishing'... undercover operation that was illegal, to try and cover up the illegal conversions to adoption that in my case and through no fault of my own, ALSO involved the intelligence services in multiple countries running a long term... undercover operation.   


I am legally entitled to make my own choices with a new beginning living in the Golan, because it is self evident a fairer world is possible with equality of opportunity for everyone within the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


There’s never going to be a ‘convenient’ time for the Victorian Premier, to settle… my case out of court, because I arrived in Australia in July 2019… before what are then only his own excuses about bushfires and a global pandemic, because his own life hasn’t been disrupted in any way, by either of those events, while justice delayed is justice being denied.


The Victorian Premier has not even been honest about my recent hotel quarantine, that a jury could only conclude he is legally responsible for too, because the public do reasonably expect global pandemic planning is governance 101.


The Victorian Premier did in fact know it is… mandatory for him to have a published and easily accessible, and legally reviewable at any time hotel quarantine policy with legal representation being available, which if there had been and public officials had made even cursory checks of any details of any kind with each and every individual, which they are legally obliged to do, including upon request, means that not only would I not have been in hotel quarantine. The Victorian Premier would have had to pay any and all my costs including food, travel and medical costs so I could be in… my own home in France. Instead hotel quarantine which is at best a headline used by politicians to give an appearance they care, that without any due process they could not reasonably claim is true, was used as a classic case of deliberate arbitrary and collective punishment without law, political, religious and royal leaders never do to themselves, that in my own case, significantly compounded the longstanding pre-existing harm.


The same revolving doors of governance have never considered the best interests if children and adults with the disproportionate and therefore unlawful forced conversions to adoptions.


The forced conversions to adoptions are a ‘make believe’ world rubber stamped by courts that causes harm, whereas fact and evidence based tailor made and reviewable guardianships until adulthood have the potential to mean better outcomes, including less children in any state care, in a civilised society.


The fact the Victorian Premier cannot be trusted either and while I have done everything I reasonably could have done, means his failure towards me too over my forced conversion to adoption, and hotel quarantine, are included in my compensation. He is not legally entitled to use the compensation owed to me, in any other way, and he has no lawful excuse for my not having it now, let alone that he could trying saying to any civil jury which he has had every opportunity to do, in a timely manner, and regardless of whatever he might claim his politics are, which to be frank, quite understandably do not interest me, because he doesn't treat... everyone, including me, as a human being.


My own interest is living a safe and sustainable life in the here and now, even when political, religious and royal leaders do not want to, because I have been subjected to too much life threatening and overwhelming physical and emotional harm as a child and adult.


I am legally entitled to live in the Golan with an indefinite UN Travel document and compensation so that my new beginning really does mean I am also able to visit family members, and Victoria where I was born, and my own home in France, on my own reasonable terms without needing to justify myself to any bureaucracy.


My personal view is I could then provide an email address as an intermediary for people who want to arrange their discharge of their forced conversions to adoption at no cost to themselves and without any inconvenience to them by email, regardless of wherever they live in the world. Each and every case is different but everyone needs a good outcome in a timely manner, which has thus far not been possible, because of the involvement of the entire state apparatus including courts in so many countries without any external legal or procedural oversight.


I could choose to have a Covid 19 vaccine in the Golan for my own personal, private and religious reasons I am not legally obliged to disclose to anyone else, and it is not legally possible to oppose my going there to do.


The Jewish State which is the only one on the Mediterranean and around the world was built in reasonable self defence that is not reliant on Balfour, and does not mean I agree with Israeli politics that like the British and Iran, boycott children’s rights by using the same illegal conversions of the Hague Adoption Convention.


Some of the flag wavers in Melbourne and Jerusalem are more monarchist than most British people and more Catholic than any Pope.


The whole UN are legally obliged to recognise I am legally entitled to first and foremost peacefully live within the peace and harmony of the rule of law, and without being illegally imprisoned as a child or adult for doing so, rather than being forced to live for the false profits of anyone else.


If other people choose to live outside the peace and harmony of the rule of law that is their business, they are not legally entitled to in any way, impose, including violently, on me.


I intend to protect myself and my two sons and their future, with peace.


Everyone’s life is precious.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)