Donna Bugat Case 352: My 'Declaration of Incompatibility' against British monarch who is in conflict with peace & harmony of the rule of law, along with permanent injunction against my forced conversion to adoption & any succession to throne, and $10 million dollars compensation, begins to reverse lawless tyranny of Queen (22.12.2020)




... donna... the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law naturally exists for the benefit of everyone...





My 'Declaration of Incompatibility' Against the British monarchy who are incompatible with the peace and harmony of the rule of law (which is the same reason ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 in the UK was repealed)


I have been forced to live with life threatening physical and emotional harm caused by the reality of my forced conversion to a disproportionate adoption as a child and the torture and attempted murder of me as an adult, every single day of my life, all without my giving my consent and without having legal representation.


A referendum on the monarchy is a distraction, because there immediately needs to be a permanent injunction against any succession to the British throne.


I do already know the monarch will not go to any court to argue the monarchy are legally justifiable.




... the legally unjustifiable monarch was sneaking around behind our backs too...the high court in london in the uk went into meltdown when i produced this on the witness stand on 21st june 2010... (before the high court judge denied me legal representation on 23rd june 2010 and closed the court to the press, and public, although I am a member of the public !! who along with brian the government were maliciously prosecuting)




While the Victorian Ombudsman was sticking her head in the sand posing as the IPCC Commissioner in the UK, without being able to give any reasons in writing why she wasn’t doing the job, the public paid her to do, the Queen had instructed her lawyers from the Crown Estate, who came along and spoke with Brian and myself, in Parliament Square, Central London, saying they were going to take us to court, without explaining why and while failing to disclose the land grab the Queen started… after I was in Parliament Square, Central London.




... the document over the land grab means this most benefited the monarch, and of course its a legal impossibility for the victorian ombudsman and former ipcc commissioner in the uk to explain what she... wasn't doing...


Quite how the monarchs land grab in Parliament Square Central London ‘missed’ the notice of the Victorian Ombudsman, who was at that time posing as the IPCC Commissioner in the UK, while politicians and the monarchy were both falling over each other, illegally using police, private security, Special Branch and so on, on her watch, is a complete ‘mystery’.


Anyway the monarch decided to use her gardener, the former Mayor of London and now British PM to front that spectacular rather than the Attorney General, that bemused the entire legal community because the Queen purported to change the entire history of her own British land law, and say her gardener, rather than the Attorney General  represented her, which still didn’t change the fact of the torture and attempted murder of me, but did make it even worse, because the… monarch was admitting to using a… politician who was… boss of the top cop, who was legally responsible for the torture and attempted murder of me, on her behalf.


The Attorney General had changed from Baroness Scotland who was involved in the torture and attempted murder of me, under Johnson’s watch, as boss of top cop, so Dominic Grieve trying to cover up for Baroness Scotland too, wasn’t something they could comfortably spin, while trying to keep up appearances there was some difference between politicians, and administrations, which they struggled to publicly do anyway.


It’s not really… anything the now Victorian Ombudsman and former IPCC Commissioner in the UK can legally square, while she was herself illegally withholding emails between politicians and the most senior police officers communicating between themselves about us, behind our backs, that include the… monarch chose to put herself centre stage, by trying to take over Parliament Square, and instructing politicians and police to illegally act on her personal behalf, to torture and attempt to murder me, before trying to cover that up !! with unique ’land law’ cases.


The Queen has obviously always known she is as the monarch legally unjustifiable, so she has only always chosen to act in bad faith for her own personal financial interest, in absolutely everything she does, whether it is the crimes of forced conversions of vulnerable children to disproportionate adoptions, or the Iraq War when the state was engaged in a Dirty War in the UK against peaceniks.




The British monarch consistently legislates to maintain their legally unjustifiable monarchy and succession, that simply is not compatible with the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone so there is fair competition.


The Queen’s abuse of public trust and the misuse of unlimited publicly funded courts etc with the premeditated forced conversion of vulnerable children to adoption so we lost our own identity and family, along with the hereditary and succession rights as children without our consent and while being denied legal representation, that has always been intended to be forever, before the torture and attempted murder of me, is absolutely unlawful.


The British monarch has no plausible deniability not least because of the multiple published records of malicious prosecutions against me in the UK.


The British monarchy in claiming unfettered power for themselves show no respect for the peace and harmony of the rule of law. The monarch who has never done a single day of voluntary unpaid public service in her entire life, sits i palaces hoarding 6.6 billion acres of land, during an avoidable global pandemic, because the monarchy is directly responsible for people not being able to live in our own homes, or having land to build their own safe and sustainable homes.


My Court Order for a Declaration of Incompatibility against the monarchy includes a permanent injunction to stop any succession to the British throne, and my forced conversion to adoption, along with $10 million dollars compensation (albeit those like the former PM Rudd literally made billions harming me) to begin to reverse the harm the monarchy do.


It’s absolutely unlawful to ban fair competition, to the worst excesses of the lawless monarchy.


The fact is the British Head of State who is not known as an honest and truthful person, and also poses as the Australian Head of State is unlawfully covering up my forced conversion to adoption in Australia, that resulted in the torture and attempted murder etc of me in the UK, all of which is obviously not ok.


It is possible to peacefully stop any succession to the legally unjustifiable throne, with the peace and harmony of the rule of law, which will help make a better future for the world.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)