Donna Bugat Case 352: British-led legally unjustifiable 44 monarchies incl. Vatican & forced conversions of Hague Adoption Convention, that all try & stop fair competition, have no recognised defence in & cannot falsely claim legal immunity from, rule of law, because we are all equal (21.12.2020)



... donna... the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone, provides the legal immunity.... from monarchy, forced conversions to adoption and no separation of powers...





I was four years old when we travelled from Australia to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace during Christmas 1966, when we got the chickenpox, while we were staying in Beaconsfield in the UK.


There were three groups of sisters, the monarch and her sister and the Fremantle intelligence service sisters who knew that I was effectively being held hostage by cruelly having my identity completely changed, while being isolated from my entire family, including my little sister.


The Queen should have put her own ego to one side and really put families and humanity first by not ascending to the throne of what she did reasonably know as an adult is the legally unjustifiable monarchy, instead of perpetuating such a harmful deceit on democracy and the rule of law, for so long. The democratic deficit who are the monarchy do not encourage fair competition, because they are only enablers of those who like themselves, want illegitimate power.


The myth about monarchy is about falsely claiming legal immunity from the peace and harmony of the rule of law, which is not legally possible.


The monarch has caused so much suffering and harm to so many people by peddling the myth of anything but fair competition and equality of opportunity for everyone, while hoarding 66 billion acres around the world too.


I was 44 years old when I was originally maliciously prosecuted in Parliament Square, Central London  over legislation that sought to violently ban free speech that was eventually repealed.


No-one has ever heard the... Queen ever speak out against police brutality.


The monarchy and media spin their myths about family, while bringing… courts into the most serious disrepute, because there is ‘no separation of powers’ between the monarchy and courts, which is… how they launder the legally unjustifiable forced conversion to adoption while the Hague Adoption Convention has no agreed legal oversight.


The legal truth is both the monarchies and Hague Adoption Convention have ‘no recognised defence in law’ to the legal reality they are legally unjustifiable, as indeed having ’no separation of powers’ is legally unjustifiable.


This is an indefensible quote approved by the monarchy:



... the democratic deficit that is the queen who doesn't even keep accurate and contemporaneous records of legal proceedings in... publicly funded courts, is not 'head of the law', and has no legal immunity, because everyone is supposed to be... equal in law...



It is a… legal impossibility to recognise a legally unjustifiable monarchy, regardless of anyone’s opinions in agreement or disagreement with having a monarchy.


The monarchies and the Hague Adoption Convention which are both… legally unjustifiable, treat… vulnerable children like commodities, with forced conversions to adoption to suit the whims of adults, while always promoting extremely damaging myths, that include diversions like Santa Claus.


The false impression is that adults lying to children is for children’s own ‘good’ and children are rewarded by being given gifts if they are ‘good’ children who go along with the ‘make-believe’ that is a complete ‘make-over’ of our own identity built on nothing but lies on multiple levels by the entire state apparatus. 


The Christmas story for an adopted child was not a good one, because it was full of so many lies and myths, about spending a happy time with your family, which we didn’t as adopted children get to do, so the festive season was just fake good news from fake parents and their fake Santa Claus, all saying lying to children was good for children, along with it being fun to have secrets about presents, while of course it was not fun having our own identities and families kept secret from us, not just at Christmas, but every single day, year after year, with the lie, we should never be ‘allowed’ to open up the secret of our own identity and family, because we were not ‘good enough’ to just be who we are.


The forced conversions to adoption impose a whole culture of… secrecy on children that is extremely damaging, that also meant we had no adult to turn to for help.


In my own case that harm was compounded because the keepers of the secrets who were…  literally holding me hostage, were the highest echelons of the intelligence services.


We never got to open any presents from our own family or even see and spend time with our own families at the ‘special’ family time, called Christmas.


It wasn’t too much to ask to know the truth, because it was always our absolute right to know our own identity.


The dreadful truth a child could not know is we never got told the truth, about our identity because all the adults did know that our… forced conversion to adoption was a… legally unjustifiable lie that was wholly disproportionate punishment without law, they could not imagine being done to them as children.


We didn’t want fairytales from the horror story of fake parents about their magical world of monarchy and Santa Claus, because none of them could replace our own identity and family.


The lies adopted children are told by adults do not as a starting point treat an adopted child with any… respect.


The legally unjustifiable British monarchy who did this, happen to be the largest monarchy because of the far from Commonwealth, so they had an obvious financial interest in maintaining other monarchies in the Middle East, and elsewhere, including in Japan after World War Two, and Spain, after Franco who was installed by the Fremantle intelligence services.



... the monarchy myth is really a scam about falsely claiming legal immunity from the law...



The French… President is called an ‘elected’… monarch as Co-Prince of Andorra which is an elastic use of the term, elected, because people who are in Andorra who are not part of the EU, do not vote for the French President, while French people in France which is part of the EU do. The other ‘elected’ monarch of Andorra is always a Catalan Bishop of Urgell who is appointed Co-Prince of Andorra, by the Pope in the Vatican who are themselves considered a theocratic monarchy.



... there are many monarchies, and members of the hague adoption convention spanning the globe that doesn't make any of it lawful...



The countries who participate in the Hague Adoption Convention should not be lecturing anyone on family values


The legal reality, is… monarchies… forced conversions to adoptions… and no separation of powers in courts, that are all used to stop fair competition, have ‘no recognised defence in law’ so they are all legally unjustifiable, because everyone is equal before law.


The reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone to provide equality of opportunity so there is fair competition, provides legal immunity from the tyranny of monarchy, forced conversion to adoption and no separation of powers.


The reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law is real freedom. 


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat 

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)