Donna Bugat: I… choose to live free as a universal refugee entitled to indefinite UN Travel Document & 10 million dollars compensation, from Victorian Ombudsman & Health Commissioner because of multiple states cruelty with forced conversion of me to adoption as a child and torture & attempted murder etc of me as adult (19.12.2020)



... donna... the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, naturally exists for the benefit of everyone...







I speak for myself.


The global facts of my case are unique so I am setting several legal precedents.




The Victorian Ombudsman (and former IPCC Commissioner in UK) and Victorian Health Commissioner (and former lawyer for Royal Women’s Hospital in Carlton) have a mandatory legal obligation to record:


a) I am however anyone looks at the true legal situation an unusual refugee (and refugees have more legal rights like legal representation than children who are citizens cruelly subjected to forced conversion of adoption) who is entitled to an indefinite UN Travel document, so I am free to travel whenever I choose


(My Australian citizenship could for example be transferred to the youngest child of the Biloela family who was born here, or any other family member if that would help simplify their case so the family can remain together, and in Australia, if that is what they wish to do.


The facts of my own long standing transnational case, that arose because I never had any legal representation etc, as a vulnerable child and Australian citizen born here and completely isolated from my own entire family for no reason, before the torture and attempted murder of me as an adult in the UK, and my having the legal right to enter Australia in July 2019, albeit I did not voluntarily return, but was forced to, because the Australian State and Federal governments are breaching non refoulement, means an Australian citizenship or passport, are and have proved to in practise be legally meaningless for me.


The global facts of my own case are that I am really legally entitled to the unusual combination of an indefinite UN Travel document with compensation, so I can be free of the long cycle of abuse of me as a child and adult, by multiple states)


b) their legal obligation to pay me $5 million dollars compensation from each of the departments of the Victorian Ombudsman & Health Commissioner who are both at Bourke Street (so $10 million dollars tax free compensation in total)


This will mean that in addition to free healthcare, I will be able to buy other healthcare of my choosing.




I am choosing to protect my physical and emotional health by walking away from politicians and their Hague Adoption Convention etc, because multiple states have never cared about my forced conversion to adoption as a child when I was isolated from my own entire family for no reason, or the torture and attempted murder of me as an adult etc, that I would never consent to, multiple states did… choose to do to me.


It is a legal impossibility for public officials to talk their way out of either, the cruel conversion of me to adoption that as a vulnerable child, completely isolated me from my own entire family, and the torture and attempted murder of me as an adult, results in several legal precedents including a UN Travel document (the increasingly politicised use of passports and citizenships by...  governments has expanded far beyond the scope of any legitimate aim more generally anyway, because law abiding civilians do not need to 'justify' our travel arrangements to the bureaucracy of politics) and compensation.


My ‘out of court settlement’ is the only possible responsible legal outcome to a long and global dirty war so… the stand alone legal precedents of safely being free of the bureaucracy of politics is my own… priority (the legal precedents would still happen… even if those responsible, resigned, were sacked or imprisoned, but I would consider immediate receipt of an indefinite UN Travel document at no cost to myself, along with $10 million dollars compensation acceptable redress)


I have… always consistently and conclusively proved I am not legally obliged to ‘follow orders’ from anyone else that adversely affects my own physical and emotional health while I have proved I have… never had, through no fault of my own, any legal protections most people enjoy some of or all the time.


The fact states have already tortured and attempted to murder me, which was not a ‘mistake’ and is as bad as it gets, constitutes a clear and present danger and unacceptable ongoing threat to my physical and emotional health and wellbeing, most people don’t experience, let alone have to live with every single day, for so many years on end.


Most people would not choose or want any part of my ‘lived experience’ as a child and adult.


My reality is more than the most recent political ‘incompetence’ mismanaging a global pandemic.


There is no legal obligation on me to trust multiple states, and I am entitled put my physical and emotional health first, by walking away from the bureaucracy of politics, when I choose, because I don’t need to change who I am. No-one needs to change or be changed by anyone else, simply for being a law abiding civilian child and adult.


I plan to use compensation so I have two safe houses in the names of both my sons and give them money to pay bills, so I don’t have to have anything to do with any state.


I will actually be free of what has always been in my case, wholly disproportionate and therefore unlawful state 'control' and able to make my own choices, because I have always used the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone.


It's possible I could accept Australian citizenship being given to me again at a later date, but it is highly unlikely.


I choose life with a safe and sustainable future.


Kind Regards,





Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)