Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: My Official Survivor led Convention Against Torture Order with $10 million dollars hard earned tax free compensation for me in ‘out of court settlement’ from Office of Ombudsman, has genuine legal authority, which means only public housing Ms Glass qualifies for is prison (17.12.2020)




… donna… the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, naturally exists for the benefit of everyone…






I am me.


Ms Glass does not and will never speak for or instead of me.


The enormity of the breach of public trust by Ms Glass as an IPCC Commissioner in the UK, across multiple political administrations, while I was in Parliament Square, Central London, which is undeniably the… only reason she took over the role of Victorian Ombudsman, in Australia, is so exceptionally serious that the only public housing she qualifies for is prison. That will prevent her continuing ‘a course of conduct’ that intends to breach my right to life.


She is banned from being Victorian Ombudsman and ever holding any public office ever again, and is not permitted to have any passport. Any bank account of hers including off-shore must be frozen and her assets seized and sold, and she loses her pension and any other entitlements, and does not qualify for any legal representation, while what will be her avowed poverty, does include she will never be entitled to public housing, except in a prison.


Ms Glass epitomises the banality of the accumulation of all evil of ‘bureaucracy’ that includes brown envelopes, that is really supposed to serve the public so there is a balance of due process between politics and civilian life.


The remarkable historical revisionism of the former Australian PM Rudd does not withstand any genuine public or legal scrutiny because he profited from what Glass had done too, by pocketing the not insignificant sum of $1.4 billion dollars from the British Parliament over my not having legal representation regarding the torture and attempted murder of me. When he was forced to resign, no thanks to Ms Glass, he didn’t invest in any start up media competition to Murdoch, but instead profited from the ‘zero hours contract’ rip-off in the UK. It is a matter of fact, that, so much could not have happened if Glass had ever done the publicly funded job she was paid by the public to do.


She has also compounded the harm caused to me, by knowingly making false statements in the press, for the dual express purposes of trying to divert attention away from her own unconscionable long-standing transnational criminality and corruption that has caused so much harm, because she has always known she has no recognised defence in law to put before any jury in a court.


Ms Glass has consistently failed without reasonable excuse, and in the knowledge she is exploiting my PTSD etc, her most fundamental and mandatory professional legal duty as a public official to record, acknowledge and help… stop torture etc.


There is something seriously wrong with and absolutely unlawful about public officials who do not think it is in the public interest to stop life threatening torture being used on law abiding civilians.


The legal reasons Ms Glass should be imprisoned for a maximum term of fourteen years, which is frankly unavoidable, given… 48 counts of life threatening physical and emotional torture, in just my own case, is to reflect the seriousness of the long standing breach in the public trust, and to protect my own and others right to life. The prison sentence is intended to serve as a deterrent, while providing her with the opportunity to participate in a long overdue course in rehabilitation, before any parole hearing where I could choose to be present and have access to any information and make any necessary representations.


Let us be honest, Ms Glass who had every opportunity to genuinely serve the public, or cease and desist from a course of conduct and resign (I lost my job and was blacklisted, before 100 IPCC lawyers did resign and 2 CPS lawyers who came forward as witnesses for me lost their jobs) has done far, far worse to me as a wholly innocent vulnerable law abiding civilian, while she has lived a publicly funded life of criminality and corruption in multiple countries, in the knowledge she never had any recognised defence in law.


Ms Glass is a known life threatening public health and safety risk in the here and now, so only her imprisonment will stop her and help protect other people.


I have the ‘lived experience’ of a transnational miscarriage of justice that highlights how a senior public official… could, would and has, consistently abused my private information to cause me as much harm as possible, to advance her own career, and financial interests, without any regard for my physical and emotional health and wellbeing at any time.


Her imprisonment will help me in my recovery from debilitating PTSD, which will in turn make me better able to manage the related health issues.


My own ‘lived experience’ explains why any responsible adult who genuinely cares about trying to protect the best interests of any and all children, would support the adult conversion of adoptive parents to enhanced guardians, and why cases need regular review, with legal representation for people in care situations who are not with our own family, so we remain free from the coerciveness of adoptions etc, that involves public officials, because adopted children and adults have never needed to change or be changed, to suit any interests of anyone else.


My Official Convention Against Torture Order which has genuine legal authority, rather than the self serving quasi judicial legal woo of Glass, in her roles as a public official, confirms it is mandatory for all public officials to record and report physical and emotional torture, while providing obligatory legal representation to the survivor.


The Office of the Victorian Ombudsman which is part of the British Commonwealth is legally able and obliged to compensate me with the sum of $10 million dollars now in my ‘out of court settlement’ and before any salaries, expenses or pension entitlements are claimed by or paid to any staff, in the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman. The staff at the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman are legally obliged to as already properly instructed by me, and without further obfuscation, organise British, Australian and New Zealand passports and other documents in my name of Donna Bugat, at no cost to me, because they have a legal duty to work for me, because I am a law abiding member of the public.


I plan to spend time with my family around the world, and would probably donate some of my hard earned compensation to a global multilingual free speech and fair competition network that gives civilians everywhere the opportunity to share and discuss in depth all the important issues that affect our civilian lives every single day, along with buying and selling products from small local businesses, with the network becoming self funding through everyone who participates making a modest annual donation.


I do already know the Victorian Ombudsman cannot contest my case in court before any jury, because everything I have stated is true.


There is not a single employe of the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman who would be willing to deny their legal duty, before any criminal or civil jury.


This constitutes proof of service, and so I will no longer have to live in Melbourne where I was born, with less rights than a refugee, and will in addition be able to leave and enter Australia at any time of my choosing, including to live in what has been my only home of my own, in France, because we are all equal in law, even if we are not all agents of any state.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)