Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria  Case 352: My Official CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE Order is survivor led ‘public interest disclosure’ & mandatory reporting of Ms Glass, Victorian Ombudsman & former IPCC Commissioner in UK when I was in Parliament Sq, Central London in British Commonwealth (16.12.2020)




… donna… the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone…





My Official Convention Against Torture Order is, contrary to the claim of the Victorian Ombudsman, obviously a ‘public interest disclosure’ etc not a “private matter” against Ms Glass, Victorian Ombudsman, & former IPCC Commissioner in UK when I was in Parliament Square, Central London, in the… same British Commonwealth.


Blair's original malicious prosecution against me in the UK was on 22 February 2006, which was viciously chosen because it is the same date the Nazis executed the White Rose peaceniks in Munich in 1943, while Ms Glass who was originally a… Livingstone sycophant too, typifies the bureaucratic 'banality of evil' practised by Eichmann.


My legal policy of survivor led reform with My Convention Against Torture Order is intended to result in reform with mandatory torture reporting and acknowledgement by all public officials.


I try very hard to remind myself I am a survivor of life threatening oppressive and prolonged state abuse.


It is noted the unprofessional, email dated 16 December 2020 sent on behalf of Ms Glass, (see below) that is blatantly dishonest, and disrespectful weasel words, lacking any legal basis, whatsoever, that any... survivor of torture etc by... public officials, would consider disingenuous and deeply offensive... does not actually deny her actively participating in the ’direction and control’ of the routine use of torture and then the torture and attempted murder of me in Parliament Square, Central London, nor was any signed affidavit, from her, attached.



The illegal State of Denial email, that doesn't actually record torture and attempted murder:




... the state of denial... unprofessional, blatantly dishonest, and disrespectful weasel words, lacking any legal basis, that any... survivor of torture etc by... public officials, would consider deeply offensive and disingenuous...



A lawful policy on the mandatory reporting of torture by public officials will stop public officials profiting from brown envelopes, that is all their salary and expenses are, while they are living in a state of denial, that also means they are not legally entitled to their salary.


This serves to notify, staff at the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman are legally obliged to work on… my behalf, and not that of the Victorian Ombudsman.


a public interest disclosure' ... on the errr... website of the victorian ombudsman... life threatening torture is clearly criminal and corrupt activity intended to harm someone... 




The legal obligation of Office of Victorian Ombudsman to… acknowledge my ‘public interest disclosure’ relates to Victorian Ombudsman’s participation as a public official in the torture and attempted murder of a civilian Australian citizen, namely myself.


A signed public interest disclosure is obviously no different from a witness statement and serves as evidence, and staff employed at the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman are legally obliged to be aware of and adhere to the rule of law, which the worse than evasive email to me, clearly did not do, but did instead highlight the urgent need for... survivor led reform.  


My notifying of legal obligations and prioritising compensation from the… budget of the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman in Australia in the British Commonwealth.


There are no legal grounds to stop compensation being immediately paid to me… from the budget of the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman which is a government department like any other government department, and it is also not for me to wait around for what has already never suited Ms Glass, in the past 14years.


My receiving compensation through the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman is not only legal, but most convenient for me, and makes sense, not least since Ms Glass was never legally entitled to be theVictorian Ombudsman and has been fraudulently obtaining a salary as a public official, for some... 14 years now.


MsGlass is certainly not legally entitled to be paid by the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman any longer, and is also not legally entitled to any publicly funded legal representation either, or any staff writing on her behalf instead of working for the public, they are supposed to serve.


My compensation obviously takes priority over the salaries of Ms Glass and any staff at the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman, who need professional training in communicating with survivors of torture.


All staff at the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman which is in the same building in Bourke Street at the Adoption Records etc are legally entitled to be informed of the unlawful activities of the Victorian Ombudsman which are not disputed, who has for the past 14 years, been illegally using public office/s to try and profit from what have only been her unlawful activities.


Let us be honest, the Victorian Ombudsman has always known it is a legal impossibility to claim she is going to be denying anything in any court of law before either a criminal or civil jury, anywhere in the British Commonwealth, which is precisely why she actively participated in the torture and attempted murder of me, because she always… knew she had ‘no recognised defence in law’.


There is no getting around the meeting at 8am on 8th December 2006, that illegally took place behind my back, that I was not invited to, despite it being about me, that does not constitute a legal ‘policy’ of any kind, by a public official, including because I was actually... legally entitled to be there.


The former PM Rudd was given a $1.4 billion publicly funded... bribe from the British Parliament laundered through the zero hours contract swindle, after he had to resign on the same day I was illegally denied legal representation on 23rd June 2010, because I started blowing the whistle in the High Court in the witness stand, in the UK, on 21st June 2010, so the Judge ran, before closing the court to the (overt) press and public (which is what I am) too. Rudd helped Glass keep her job in the UK, because the IPCC would have been completely disbanded, because the available paperwork is such a very obvious cover up.


It's not like Rudd's going to take to any witness stand to deny what he did either, because he can't because it is a matter of fact he illegally... helped Glass (who is the accumulation of all the evil) et al cover up the CCTV, DFAT and the Australian High Commission know about. 


The… budget… priority at the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman is to first and foremost now remedy the failure to have a proper reporting process for torture by public officials, that can then be rolled out… across all government departments, across the same British Commonwealth.


The legal reality obviously is, the Victorian Ombudsman is legally obliged to pay me compensation… through the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman, from the budget along with the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman following my lawful instructions to seize the passport of Ms Glass along with seizing and freezing her assets.


The Victorian Ombudsman who… literally destroyed my life as a single, law abiding, working mum, living in my own home, has only been continuing a longstanding course of conduct intended to wilfully obstruct the proper administration of justice, that includes:


a) dishonestly purporting that torture and attempted murder is a “private matter” which is not a known legal opinion or term.


b) while… illegally recording the ‘public interest disclosure’ as a complaint, because the Office of the Ombudsman improperly try to limit and control… how information from the public is collected.


The Victorian Ombudsman also obviously financially benefitted from my recently being... harassed etc by being illegally detained by the DHHS in hotel quarantine in August 2020, that yet again !! escalated to my being treated differently, when the DHHS claimed they lost a test, and detained me longer than people I arrived with, before the DHHS claimed (but wouldn't put in writing) I could leave at 10.30pm at night after the curfew !! while they refused to provide me with a taxi... back that was given to everyone else, and knowing I was unable to carry luggage myself, let alone through a deserted area by Marvel Stadium, that was outside the 5km travel limit at that time, and in an area, I did not even know my way around.




... the dhhs hotel quarantine is a health and safety risk... the dhhs do know is not legal to detain people without access to independent oversight and review, along with legal representation, for days and weeks on end (when I should like now, be in my own home in france...



It is self evident the Victorian Ombudsman while posing as a quasi judicial body, rather than trying to strengthen the law and improve legal outcomes for the public, publish extraordinarily misleading information, to essentially… divert public money from legal aid for the public, directly into the pockets of public officials instead, all of which only serves to undermine the law, and robust legal outcomes, for… the public.


Any casual observer can see the structure of the Office of the Victorian Ombudsman is operates more like a ponzi scheme for public officials.


c) falsely claiming that a public interest disclosure related to… public officials use of torture and attempted murder cannot be made to any public official, while of course any and every public official is legally obliged to properly and sensitively record ‘public interest disclosures’ relating to torture and attempted murder by public officials.


There is not a single Australian public official who is going to stand before a jury in a court of law and try to claim it is not the legal responsibility of any and all Australian public officials to properly record the torture and attempted murder by any public official, of an Australian citizen, because to try and claim that is so obviously unlawful.


In fact, the survivor (or the person making the public interest disclosure on their behalf) has the… choice about which public official they make the public interest disclosure to, that must be properly and factually recorded and acknowledged.


d) The public officials work for the public who do not work for officialdom, and it is legally irrelevant if there are state or federal legal issues in a case, because the rule of law is the same anywhere, including and regardless of the appearance of political borders when in fact there are Victorian State and Federal politicians etc.


It is my... choice to have one professional and competent public official arrange all the administrative matters, because it is... public officials who caused all the problems.


There should really only be one easily accessible Ombudsman office with different ‘specialist’ areas, operating in multiple locations in states, with a proper and professional… legal team, that is not trying to fleece the public, and could work in hubs with law centres to improve similar public services overall.


The legal reality is all Australian government departments are legally obliged to have a published policy on the mandatory recording process for public interest disclosures relating to public officials use of torture and attempted murder of other Australian citizens anywhere. 


The public would reasonably expect that such a serious public interest disclosure, and particularly where the survivor is known to the public official involved, should result in a... professional meeting by staff on neutral ground, with the survivor.


The legal reality is a jury would reasonably conclude the… only purpose Ms Glass has in being the Victorian Ombudsman is to cover up her role in torture as an IPCC Commissioner in the UK in the same British Commonwealth.


Ms Glass is a… known life threatening public health and safety risk.


It is my… intention to peacefully reform:


a) the deliberate systemic failures of non reporting by public officials of the use of torture


b) the arbitrary disproportionate use of conversion to adoption without legal representation which is why I was, even among peaceniks, specifically targeted, while… already vulnerable.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)