Donna Bugat: I am fully qualified universal peacenik in peaceful take-over of International Criminal Court ‘without prejudice’ in Den Haag with global ‘void ab initio’ of conversion to adoption that is civilian transition in global duty of care (11.12.2020)




... donna.. the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law naturally exists for the benefit of everyone...






I am a female mixed race and religion universal mum and peacenik who was as a female child subjected to a forcible conversion to adoption without politicians obtaining my consent as a minor or adult, so my peaceful takeover of the ICC in Den Haag, is in all the true circumstances, reasonable, proportionate and necessary in my own transition, and to still maintain a continuing global duty of care.


Most people would welcome a universal mum and peacenik as head of the ICC, so universal peaceniks were running the ICC in Den Haag, because we spoke with people from all walks of life, from all around the world, just like we peaceniks, every single day, for so many years in Parliament Square, Central London.


I guess the British Parliament could hand over our campaign property they stole and stashed in the Museum of London in the City of London to be displayed in the ICC in Den Haag too (minus the two Banksy’s I ordered in the High Court in October 2011, to be returned to him to do whatever he wanted with them, because there was a serious possibility I might do what I recently did to my so called Australian passport, in similar circumstances, because civilian… lives are more important. I remember Uri Geller came and spoke with Bran and myself to try and buy one of them, just before they were originally stolen by Blair’s police etc etc)


(Well, the British Parliament of “both houses and black rod” did say they didn’t want our display in Parliament Square, Central London  before Blair stole the original and paid Wallinger to do the ‘State Britain’ rip-off in Tate Britain that Brian and I agreed was a diversion, that we didn’t actually appreciate. Then Johnson ripped me off when I was illegally imprisoned in 2011 after Brian died and everything was later stashed in the Museum of London while politicians et al continued to dishonestly purport they spoke for and instead of Brian and myself)


I know from personal and practical experience, the best child protection and heath and safety policy available is the reasonable self defence of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone, because anyone can vote for any politicians et al and their legislative ‘activism’ which is not the same.



... the electoral rolls list the 'company manager' (who was trained by the monarch's 'infamous art curator' anthony blunt) as a err.. 'public servant' at the same time...


The Australian PM does know he is legally obliged to immediately call on the British Ambassador to Australia, because the British PM Johnson and Leader of the Opposition Starmer (who curiously relied on the errr… same City of London lawyers) are legally obliged to acknowledge my High Court ‘Habeas Corpus’ Court Order from April 2008 in the UK that would undeniably make me the head of the ICC along with the ‘void ab initio’ of my conversion to adoption that also means issuing me a British passport in the name of Donna Bugat too. We peaceniks were literally the only law in town in the badge and label and bauble brigade of Westminster. It is guaranteed I would use a British passport in my name of Donna Bugat entirely for my own convenience, so I could for example enter Australia on an Australian passport, and leave on a British passport, because I most certainly do not owe any allegiance to any politicians et al.


... barbara sybil nee... the fremantle pirates...



I guess that would also a/void the legal issue of any and all related CCTV etc.


The public records show I was in Parliament Square, Central London, before British PM Johnson (when he was Mayor of London) the monarchy and Supreme Court all strangely subsequently turned up to use Parliament Square as their address too.


I would personally as head of the ICC ‘without prejudice’ give a limited amnesty over my own conversion to adoption etc in return for an agreed global transition to a safe and sustainable universal health and welfare package including a home on some land, starting with adopted children and adults who need that, because we individually have our own identities and property rights too, despite the fact we come from all walks of life from all around the world.


My personal world view is the terror of all wars might possibly end if governments who supply weapons, invade or otherwise occupy other countries (and there are often more than two governments trying to profit from and control various resources in any war) are legally obliged to build homes for the resulting refugees in the country of the government who invaded it, or wherever refugees… choose to live, but in any event everyone has the right in the here and now, to live a safe and sustainable life, without persecution and war. 


I don’t remember any of the other exiles I met over the years, when I was sent to London as a teenager, and worked there, ever… choosing to live there. It is true there are Royal Courts there, but most people agree justice is somewhere else.



... a very insincere belated confession that was legally sent to me by someone else...



It doesn’t really matter if countries who belong to the HCCH ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ don’t belong to the ICC for the disproportionate practise of conversion to adoption to be universally banned, and replaced with enhanced tailor made guardianships, that really do put the best interests of the child first, including because most states/countries belong to one or the other and the United Nations in some capacity.


There has never been a recognised… independent international court to equitably settle legal disputes over national and international conversions to adoption that take place without politicians obtaining the consent of us as minors or adults, who also have no legal representation.


There was rather a lot of 'branch-stacking' going on among the people who posed as my parents and godparents sneaking around behind... my back !! with the legislative 'activism' of 1984 in Victoria, Australia and the 'Hague Adoption Convention' in 1993, because it is fair to say they didn't want to be in court, along with politicians, before any jury.




... the male who literally posed as my godfather tudor harvey barnett, was recruited by the 'company manager'...  while one of the women who posed as my godmother worked for brigadier spry (another director general of asio) ... etc etc... who were ALL involved in the legislative 'activism' of 1984 in Victoria, to hide the truth about the conversion of adoptions, while i was in the middle east in gaza and israel and so on, before the 1993 'hague adoption convention' too...



It is a legal... certainty that old blabbermouth Barnett had a legal duty to guarantee, I had my... own identity, and... privacy before he went around publicly blabbing his own identity as Director General of ASIO, because I am not and have never been related to or professionally associated with him in any way, let alone of my... choosing !! and would not be paying any money to any court to ask anyone else's 'permission' to have... my own identity too !! The legislative 'activism' of 1984 falsely suggested Barnett et al could be involved in any decision that could only be my own to have my own identity (and of course that was before the British government illegally leaked my adopted name in the UK, to the press, while they all profited, in the infamous Mothers Day 'void ab initio' imbroglio there)


(The CCTV of ’Services Australia’ shows that when I properly reported in (for example) Victoria, Australia, the torture etc of me as an Australian citizen in the UK, and the person inexplicably said to me “I hope you’re happy with what you’ve done” ??!! so I walked away without further comment, only to have the person follow me, shouting at me, in front of everyone, repeatedly trying to publicly provoke a confrontation etc in front of ‘bewildered’ onlookers. I just stopped and calmly explained what the person was doing and left, because it is obviously deeply traumatising for me to try and live in others wholly disrespectful and harmful ‘state of denial’.


I was subsequently threatened by an unknown male who unexpectedly telephoned me without warning on New Years Eve in 2019 who also refused to identify himself (so it is legally impossible to know if he had any conflicts of interest) or provide his written ‘reasons’ in writing to me (which I properly informed him he was legally obliged to do) for me to show a jury in a court (I am legally entitled to choose to do) saying my Case 352 (which is not exclusively related to the government ‘department’ he claimed to be from) would… never go to court, and particularly before a jury (despite my pointing out it is not my fault the government made Case 352 in a… court against me that exists !! and that I am legally entitled to my own… choices) because it involves lawsuits in the UK too etc etc. So whatever the ‘health department’ of ‘Services Australia’ is operating in… Victoria with the collective agreement of both Victorian State and Federal politicians, does refuse without lawful excuse to even record and acknowledge the fact evidence of my torture etc… exists in the UK, that British politicians have always refused without lawful excuse to hand over to me, although it is evidence that also belongs to me, that a jury would agree is very much directly related to my physical and emotional health and wellbeing, and Case 352 etc. It is an incontrovertible fact a jury would reasonably conclude ‘Services Australia’ (for example) are no operating on behalf of an Australian born Australian citizen who worked in Australia as a teenager paying taxes too, but on behalf of a foreign government/s.




... neil took me to the icc one time we were in the netherlands... long before he was an... eu citizen in the ter apel refugee centre in the... eu shortly before he died, because he was too ill to travel and johnson was way too dishonourable to admit anything...



There is therefore no realistic prospect at this time of my being able to access proper healthcare and services in Australia or elsewhere of my choosing when and because Australian… politicians refuse to acknowledge I was tortured etc including because that involves universal jurisdiction and no statute of limitations, like any ongoing conversion to international adoption, that is all politically motivated. A consultant from St Thomas Hospital had asked to speak to me in London when he heard me speaking to DFAT on the phone in Australia after DFAT were informed by a member of our peace campaign in London. I was always very noticeably specifically targeted in Parliament Square, Central London, because British and Australian politicians did reasonably know my ‘void ab initio’ of the free speech ban there, that others were free to ‘acquiesce’ to… would more likely than not, translate into a global ban on conversion to adoption too. 



... there is no international court for the conversion of adoption that is global.. 



The legal reality is… I do not have to prove what politicians do not deny, that… they cannot even appeal in any court.


The DHSS and DSS in Australia are similarly not independent of… politicians and the HCCH obviously only represent the interests of… politicians et al.


The fact politically motivated arbitrary conversions to adoption do not have an… international court is a very serious and long standing historical wrong that can be a very real problem for any adopted person in so many countries because there is only direct arbitrary political interference, rather than any easy accessible legal consistency. It is possible as someone subjected to the forced conversion of adoption to be legally worse off than refugees, and forced to live in perpetual exile, like in my own case, because the conversion of adoption is the global accumulation of any and all biased prejudices, everywhere, used… against vulnerable… children, who have their identity stolen while they are completely isolated from their own entire family.


The practise of forced conversion to adoptions only serves to ‘’legitimize’ the medieval Albigensian Crusade, the Spanish Inquisition and more recently the Holocaust, because it is once again claimed, forced conversion to adoption ‘only’ involves a ‘relatively’ small ‘group’ of people, who are really from all walks of life from all around the world, who are particularly vulnerable because of usually being isolated from our own identity, culture and entire family, who would if it happened to a ‘recognised’ group constitute a number of war crimes, perpetrated by multiple governments, all of which any reasonable and rational responsible adult knows makes justice particularly difficult.



... it is a legal certainty a jury would reasonably conclude that as a... starting point there is at this time, not a single politician in australia, an australian citizen who was subjected to a forced conversion of adoption, can even report they have been tortured etc to, or a single government department that properly records and follows up on that information, rather than the complainant being threatened etc (let us be honest, even the people who posed as my 'parents' who were not exactly known for their 'sensitivity' had a conflict of interest in covering up too)...


The British Parliament have never been remotely bothered what they did to our small group of peaceniks on the mainland UK, apart from their not wanting to be legally accountable before a jury.


There are also no legal grounds for politicians to refuse the manufacture and distribution of medicinal CBD oil for free on prescriptions, because they have not provided any evidence in courts, that it has caused any harm, unlike the disproportionate physical and emotional harm caused by conversion to adoption for too many people.


It is a self evident truth children do not need to change or be changed by a disproportionate conversion to adoption, because it should be adults changing instead to enhanced guardianships which have the potential to mean no children would ever need to be in care homes or adopted in any civilised society that genuinely cares for everyone’s children.


I would as head of the ICC help send an important message to children subjected to the conversion of adoption that is always a result of disasters and wars, of one kind or another, from which we are refugees, who have never had legal rights of our own, let alone that are universal or enforceable, that I am here to do my best to help you, wherever you are, and to try and be kind to yourself, because what happened to us is not our ‘fault’ and could happen to anyone.


My offices at the ICC in Den Haag would always be open 24/7 to the children of the world, all year round, just like we were in Parliament Square, Central London, as a universal emergency service, with genuine… choices.


The truth is civilian populations are always on the front lines, while politicians et al collect their cheques whatever.


The fact I have PTSD etc resulting from the my forced conversion to adoption, does not disqualify me from being head of the ICC because my own health is manageable if I have my own… choice of healthcare.


Everyone’s family matters.


Peace is always possible.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)