Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: I… consent to my ‘void ab initio’ of crime of adoption that failed to obtain my consent as a minor or adult, to begin global conversion to healthier more inclusive guardianships & new ‘Hague Guardianship Convention’ for others (09.12.2020)



... donna...






I am a sentient human being, not a case number.


I was ‘raised’ by the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services who were only able to pose as my parents and godparents because the State of Victoria failed in their basic duty of care, to obtain my consent as a minor (or indeed at any time) to the crime of my adoption, which has beyond all reasonable doubt caused me prolonged physical and emotional harm. This included the denouement with the undeniable ‘Dirty War’ in Parliament Square, Central London.


It’s not adopted children and adults who need to change or be changed, but rather the biased prejudices of anyone else.


I am an original mixed race and religion ’scarface’ Mediterranean Catalan Italian born in Melbourne, Australia.


Phoenician and all that.


I am a universal woman, mum and peacenik with my own mind, who never consented to be ’raised’ or treated as a universal soldier who ‘follows orders’ regardless of the physical and emotional harm caused to… me.


God sent me into the wilderness of my own beautiful home which is my modest stone cottage in my nature lovers paradise with its own forest and symphony of the most amazing birdsong in the Breton Woods near the sea, in the Cotes D’Armor’ in France, because he knows I am fond of peace.


I am personally sceptical the subsequent legally non binding British referendum could later be made legally binding by the same usual suspect politicians.


My own ‘void ab initio’ of the crime of adoption, including my own, begins the global conversion to healthier and more inclusive guardianships and a new ‘Hague Guardianship Convention’ for others, to replace the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’.


It is a legal impossibility to challenge the ‘void ab initio’ of adoption in a Magistrates Court in any other court, which any jury would reasonably conclude British and Australian politicians would have known with my ‘void ab initio’ in the UK on Mothers Day 2006 of the free speech ban there, that was ultimately repealed.


I have personally only ever consistently practised the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone.


The legal reality is it is a legal impossibility to argue the validity of any adoption, that only really serves to perpetuate and reinforce the accumulation of adults biased prejudices, while only a flexible tailor made guardianship that cares for and respects a child and their best interests that a child is comfortable with and can contribute to, as they are able, with regard to what is the best guardianship for them, is legally possible.


Angels and all that.


An adult who genuinely cares for and respects a child will not be remotely bothered about their own conversion to the status of guardian, instead of adoptive ‘parent’.


Children are able to deal with the fact Santa Claus is not real, but our own identity, family connections and history are essential for our own health and wellbeing.


A caring and respectful guardianship for a child, will more likely than not, result in a lifelong friendship in adulthood. 


The issue of multiple citizenships is easily legally resolved by their belonging to the formerly adopted child and adult in our own right, with that being the same in any future guardianships of children, so children always have their own choices, that continue when they are adults.


The legal conversion of all adoptions to guardianships (or the ‘void ab initio’ of adults adoptions) can be done through courts by email with a health professional and lawyer guaranteeing the consent of a child and minor to their guardianship has been obtained, when the child and minor is able to understand what their tailor made guardianship is, that should be formally reviewed annually, to ensure the best interests and legal rights of a child are safeguarded and maintained.


There really is no need for any child to be in a care home or adopted if they cannot be with any member of their entire family, in a civilised society, because it is entirely possible to have healthier and legal, more inclusive tailor made guardianships that should for example include the LGBT+ community.


The Victorian State & Federal Parliament politicians will each pay me $100,000 dollars from every single one of their around 150 salaries (so around $15 million dollars in total) that they can all easily afford, in long overdue compensation to me, through the Magistrates Court in Melbourne, because politicians are collectively responsible for the crime of my own adoption. The payment of that compensation to me will be considered full and final settlement of my pre-existing lawsuits anywhere.


There are obviously significantly more than twelve members of the public who would agree that is very fair of me.


It's an improvement on the Treaty of Utrecht etc.


My own ‘void ab initio’ of the crime of (my own) adoption (too) means I can leave and enter Australia at any time of my own choosing because I should have been able to do this by email in my own home in France which also means I do not personally need to attend the Magistrates Court in Melbourne either.


The Magistrates Court in Melbourne, Australia is legally obliged to accept this as my own signed notification of my ‘void ab initio’ of adoption by email.


The State of Victoria are legally obliged to file a Magistrates Court stamped copy of my ‘void ab initio’ of adoption with the Central Authority and the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ who will be replaced by the ‘Hague Guardianship Convention’ to properly reflect and benefit all civil society.


A stamped Magistrates court copy of my ‘void ab initio’ of adoption must always be publicly available.


Everyone’s family matters.


A better world is always possible.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)




Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: I… consent to immediate commencement of enforcement action by Magistrates Court in Melbourne, against Victorian State & Federal Parliament politicians to recover long overdue compensation of $100,000 from each 


Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: I am an adopted person and Sh’Amnesty’ International shills don’t speak for or instead of me, because adoption is a crime (09.12.2020)