Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: Dr Webster, politician, illegally touts 'media makeover' !! in the knowledge... politicians have ‘no recognised defence in law’ in courts… for criminal offence of failing to obtain… consent from children for our adoption (incl. because less disproportionate option of guardians have always been available) (06.12.2020)




... my name is donna...





I am an adopted person and a Dr Webster who is a politician in Victoria, Australia most certainly does not in any capacity speak for or instead of me, and in particular with her wholly government funded self serving academic ‘opinion’ piece, illegally touting for a ‘media makeover of adoption’ to further her own political career, literally at the … expense of child victims of the… crime of adoption.


No child is a product who can be traded on the global markets to suit politicians or anyone else hiding behind the red herring of the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ too.


Any ‘media makeover’ touted by Dr Webster (page 221) is obviously only intended to try and get politicians like errr... herself off the hook over… the criminal offences of... failing to obtain the...  consent of adopted children and adults, to our adoption.


The government have only proven to have an unlimited budget when it comes to trying to avoid... legal accountability with the obvious distraction of government funded 'opinion' pieces like Webster's, and the endless Royal Commissions that are only used to give publicly funded... politicians... publicly funded free legal representation to hide behind, like the sophistry of their publicly funded IBAC quangos too.


It's absolutely unlawful to give... politicians free legal representation regarding adoption when politicians never gave children who were 'adopted' ... any legal representation.


... an unlimited publicly funded budget...



The State of Victoria who never even cared about adopted people having basic medical information, the State of Victoria did have, because they never cared about our health to begin with, still falsely claim... control of information that does not belong to them but does 100% belong to adopted people, while trying to financially benefit by making people pay !! for our own... intellectual property that is our own... identity.





It’s all about politicians deliberate and intentional… criminal offence of failing to obtain… consent, from adopted children, and intending to force us to stay in abusive 'adoptions' even if they make adopted children and adults... suicidal !! 






I was…already subjected to a malicious ‘media campaign’… in the UK when the British government illegally… leaked my adopted name to the ‘press’ along with one sided false information the Australian former FM Downer and DFAT knew would and did result in my original …‘void ab initio’ case in the Magistrates Court in the UK, in 2006 when I was a peacenik in Parliament Square, Central London between 2005 and 2013.


(Murdoch claimed in the staged ‘Leveson Inquiry’ in the UK he wrote the script in New Scotland Yard so Murdoch essentially leaked to the BBC etc etc)


British and Australian politicians like the current British Tory PM ‘Journalist’ Johnson and and his Labour counterpart in Australia Premier Andrews are linked by the same former Head of ACPO in the UK and DAC Jones in Victoria (after senior police had to be disbanded over our lawsuits in the UK) because they did know it was more likely than not I would ‘void ab initio’ the… crime of my own adoption in the Magistrates Court in Melbourne, Australia too.


Its not a co-incidence’ that the former Mayor of London and British PM Johnson have always refused without lawful excuse to hand over the CCTV of the subsequent torture and attempted murder of me in the UK, while the current Leader of the Opposition Starmer was DPP.


That amounts to a guilty plea on their part, over which there is universal jurisdiction and no statute of limitations.


And all because… I am adopted.


... real life on the front line, not hiding away in some embassy...


(The Australian born Geoffrey Robertson poses as a ‘human rights’ lawyer which is not what peaceniks from Parliament Square Central London would call him, and of course he is no different from Blair who originally posed as the same to collect the brown envelopes Westminster is so notorious for handing out)


... a legal impossibility to deny i was maliciously targeted... with politicians legislative 'activism' that was repealed...


The former Labour Australian PM Rudd resigned on 23rd June 2010 after I gave evidence in the High Court in London before I was illegally denied legal representation… (again) and he was paid off with $1.4 billion dollars by the Tories that was part of the ‘zero hours’ scam in the UK.


... politicians "tailor made" legislative 'activism' just like with 'adoptions' in australia etc...



Gillard was spinning the phoney adoption ‘apology’ when there was no restitution, while I was in Parliament Square, Central London, and it would be false to claim she or any other politician ever… cared, because the Australian High Commission in London said and I quote “ we monitor you and write reports for the politicians and they don’t… care”


I am an Australian citizen, who never hid in any... embassy.


I've never personally come across the government department in the State of Victoria that doesn't cover up the very serious crime of the torture and attempted murder of me in the UK)


(I most certainly did not… choose to have the highest echelons of the British and Australian Fremantle intelligence services posing as my parents -and- godparents in Australia.


It’s not complicated that the man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO in 1984 at the same time as Labour’s legislative ‘activism’ continued in the State of Victoria to try and cover up the … crime of adoption, that I would know was a…crime)





... promoting... 'opinions' about living people's.... real lives, rather than promoting the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists to protect... everyone's lives... 


The legal reality is all politicians including Dr Webster do know… politicians do not have a ‘recognised defence in law’ to put before a criminal and civil jury, regarding their… criminal offence of... failing to obtain... consent from children for our adoption,… incl. precisely because there have always been less disproportionate options like a guardian available.





... 'opinions' ... pot calling kettle black... a politician who errr... publishes 'opinions' herself on 'adoption' as a 'thesis' is frankly legally speaking... indistinguishable from the person she complains about, while bizarrely portraying herself as a 'victim' who must have 'missed' all the royal commissions, and the rest of the airbrushing of history...



I 'reasonably believe' a... criminal (or civil)... jury would conclude that Webster who touted a publicly funded 'media makoever'... herself that would only benefit... politicians,  like...herself, was really trying to 'sidestep' her own 'opinions' on 'adoption' that obviously bear no relationship whatsoever, to the peace and harmony of the rule of law. 




... politicians 'adoption' racket... the politician does know the entire state apparatus nodded through politicians... crime of adoption that failed to obtain the... consent of children who had... no legal representation... in the absence of any child protection policies...


I think most people would be 'curious' to hear Mrs Webster cross examined on a witness stand in court, explaining to the public, exactly who... politicians who.... failed to obtain... consent from adopted... children for our 'adoption' thought adopted children politicians also didn't give any legal representation to might possibly be able to complain to about paedophiles, given that it is... politicians who failed in their 'duty of care' to even have any... child protection policies ? which just slipped their terribly busy minds ? writing 'opinion' pieces posing as 'thesis' touting for errr... media makeovers. 


Adopted people are not generally keen on tall tales about Santa Claus either:


... the government funded, webster touting a 'media makoever'... no doubt sponsored by murdoch et al and featuring the usual suspects like the un cult of hollywood celebrity along with...maybe those considered by some to be 'pillars of the community' like harvey weinstein, prince andrew ??...  



The... consent of adopted children or indeed the fact adopted children even... exist, as either sentient human beings and... individuals is entirely absent from the cold and cruel... calculations of Webster, who is a politician who all too typically shockingly poses as a 'lawmaker'.


Webster too conveniently completely sidesteps' adopted... children are the ones who have the 'lived experience' of the... crime called adoption, because politicians have spent years doing everything they possibly can to try and stop lawsuits from adopted... children.


It's so called 'social workers' like Webster who are still trying to push the same old adoption agenda of crony capitalism who give social workers a bad name, as far as child victims of adoption are concerned. 


The 'thesis' is the real lives of adopted... children don't matter, because all a politician wants is... 'acquiesce'. 


Politicians who… commit/ted criminal offences in failing to obtain the… consent of children to our adoption, obviously lack the necessary credibility to persuade any criminal or civil jury, they then cared about any other… criminal offences perpetrated against us !!


It is always possible to have a guardian who cares for and respects any child who could be separated from their family for any number of reasons that could happen to... anyone, although it is the state who promoted forcibly adopted children being isolated from our entire family including our siblings from and raised by our same married parents.


There have never been any legal grounds to ‘rush’ an adoption and it could not legally go ahead without proof of the informed consent of the child, who would need legal representation, including that was independent.


If I had been given all the available information and asked for my consent to my adoption I would have said no because there were no legal grounds stopping me returning to my own family who wanted me.


I would not have consented to my adoption in any circumstances, because all I personally needed, was a guardian who cared for and respected me.


The politically motivated… crime of adoption is just politicians trying to permanently spin any ‘duty of care’ away from... themselves regarding the many crimes of eugenics.


The people who posed as my parents and godparents were always… eugenicists, because that is what they were… paid to ‘follow orders’ and do.


Franco was installed by the… same… Fremantle intelligence services who raised me in ‘Whites Only’ Australia, while over 300,000 children went ‘missing’ in Spain during the ‘Franco era’ while he was Europe’s favourite dictator, who really started World War Two… on behalf of the British who had built their empire through the betrayal of Catalans.


The UN promote the global trade of children, through the cult of Hollywood celebrity that is a global advertising campaign that has never had anything to do with the ‘best interests of the child’ but has everything to do with crony capitalism.


It is a legal impossibility for politicians to deny they are legally responsible for any and all physical and emotional abuse of adopted children because they alone are responsible for their criminal offence of refusing without lawful excuse to obtain proof of our consent to adoption.




I was forced to leave Australia as a teenager, and I obviously did not return voluntarily to Australia in July 2019, when I was very unwell, all of which has been very traumatising for me, so politicians are collectively breaching non refoulement because the legal reality is I do have the legal right to enter and leave Australia and live in my own home in France at any time of my own… choosing.


I am fining Premier Andrews the maximum $100,000… per day through the Magistrates Court in Melbourne for breaching non refoulement that is backdated to July 2019.


I am also fining Dr Webster the maximum $100,000… per day through the Magistrates Court in Melbourne for breaching non refoulement too, that is backdated to July 2019.


There is no identifiable difference between Andrews and Webster, who are really... bullying victims of 'adoption'. 


I didn't 'catch' PTSD from my own family.


I am willing to put my home in France (they are illegally stopping me living in anyway) up as collateral, if either wish to oppose me in the Magistrates Court, in Melbourne because... my identity is... my intellectual property that was never for sale.


There is no 'tort of conversion' in 'adoption'.


For the avoidance of doubt, I am saying it is absolutely unlawful for... politicians to commit the... criminal offence of... failing to obtain consent from adopted... children for our adoption, while falsely portraying themselves as victims to distract from the very real and distressing physical and emotional harm caused to adopted children and adults. 


Kind regards,



Donna Bugat.

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)