Donna Bugat Case 352: I am qualified Magistrate & ‘test case’ who maintains ‘without prejudice’ status to give conditional amnesty to launch global administration of universal health & welfare package that transcends political, religious and cultural borders, to negotiate peaceful resolution of any disputes (05.12.2020)



... donna...





The truth is I have a ‘unique’ universal ‘lived experience’ in a time of increasing global change too.


My conditional amnesty regarding the… crime of my own adoption, means I maintain my ‘without prejudice’ status, to peacefully negotiate any disputes that may arise in the global administration of a universal health and welfare package.


There is clearly no legitimate aim convincingly established in law for governments to continue along an unsustainable path of adoptions without proof of informed consent from adopted children and adults. It would be a legal impossibility to argue ‘implied consent’ in something so profoundly life changing to vulnerable children, that is nodded through, without even any legal representation or follow up, regardless of if some adopted people may decide to acquiesce.


The fact some people chose to acquiesce regarding the free speech ban in the UK did not make the legislative ‘activism’ that was repealed legal.


The fact… politicians… intend/ed to continue with adoptions… in the knowledge there is/was no proof of informed consent from an adopted person who had no legal representation either, regarding such a profoundly life changing experience that had no follow up, while there were always alternative options, like just having a guardian who showed respect without demanding adoption, and even if the adoption makes the child or adult… suicidal !! does prove the wholly arbitrary and discriminatory practise is absolutely unlawful.


Any adopted child or adult does have the absolute right to stop an adoption that makes them... suicidal !! 


There was never any recognised defence in law to such cold, calculating and pre-meditated abuse of vulnerability in adoption that is an exceptional and excessive, prolonged abuse of political power.


I have personally found returning to Australia in July 2019, which I did not voluntarily do... deeply traumatising, because of the... crime of my adoption... without everything else that has happened too, including while being so unwell before I returned, and the recent death of my boyfriend Neil in the Netherlands in October 2020, and not being able to attend the wedding of one of my beautiful sons, in the UK.


So much political language is cheap when you consider that in practise it excludes… adopted people, and from specialised ‘family law courts’ too.


My own right to a private family life has never been respected, because I am adopted.


People can for example choose of their own… volition to marry and divorce, have civil relationships, be LBGT+ and leave abusive relationships, but not… adoption !! which adopted people… from all walks of life… from all around the world didn’t even give our consent to in the first place, and have never even… been asked for… our consent. It beggars belief including that we have always been supposed to be… grateful !! for whatever any complete… stranger wants us to do to suit… their needs.


There is also frankly no identifiable difference, if you were an adopted female woman and Australian mum and peacenik in Parliament Square, Central London, between the British PM Johnson and Premier Andrews in Victoria when you consider for example the one and same former Head of ACPO in the UK and DAC Jones in Victoria.


The Director General of ASIO in 1984 who posed as my godfather was bad enough.


I am a qualified Magistrate who will maintain my ‘without prejudice’ status while personally giving a conditional amnesty for a successful launch of the global administration of a universal health and welfare package that transcends political, religious and cultural landscapes, to negotiate the peaceful settlement of any disputes.


It is straightforward that any submissions could be made to me through the e-portal of the Magistrates Court in Melbourne who have the legal duty to pass submissions to me, by email, so that I can deal with them in a timely manner, wherever I happen to be, and along with the best available advice.


It would be sensible for me to own my own home in Melbourne, Australia too, so the State of Victoria are legally obliged to fund my choice (although I would not personally choose anything like some former Australian PM’s et al who have directly profited from the crime of my own adoption, including with overseas contracts from British politicians for example) It would mean that I and my family do not ever need to quarantine when we enter or leave Australia or go to my home in the Breton Woods in France, or the homes of other family members in different countries.


I would personally have:


a) a monthly salary of $3,000


b) with a gold card paid for by the State ofVictoria for me to have any medical treatment I choose anywhere


c) along with free travel, food and accommodation when not… in my own homes in Melbourne, Australia (the State of Victoria are legally obliged to pay me the amount I request to privately buy my own home in Melbourne, Australia) or the Breton Woods in France, and including while staying with family members.


That all continues whenever I choose to retire.


d) the State of Victoria will immediately provide me with $100,000 to cover my existing out of pocket expenses, including and relating to the disruption to my life, breaches of non refoulement, and not having had legal representation, and modifying my own home in France, along with the cost of accommodation in Australia, and the first instalment in compensation for my hotel quarantine in Melbourne in August 2020, and the costs of new documentation etc etc etc.


I would submit further expense claims through the Magistrates Court that would immediately be paid to me anywhere by whatever method I choose, by the State of Victoria.


e) I can obviously choose to leave and enter Australia at any time, to avoid breaches to non refoulement.


Kind regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)