Donna -v- State of Victoria (Case 352): The ‘Unknown Children’ & legal reality it is ’reasonable self defence’ for me to renounce my forced adoption & receive $10 million dollars compensation &… choose to be Jewish & live in Israel on the Mediterranean, all without needing anyone else's 'permission' (30.11.2020)



... my name is Donna... I do sometimes wish my own parents had left Australia and taken me when I was a small child so that even if we had to become refugees then, we could have stayed together as a family...





The grim statistics of adopted ‘Unknown Children’ are hidden from public view.


The primary political policy of ‘Whites Only’ Australia was to ‘breed’ out any tinge of brown so the governments didn’t want to ‘emancipate’ adopted adults either because those of us with a tinge of anything considered not white or white enough, ‘could’ revert.


I didn’t get PTSD from my own family but instead from the… strangers who posed as my parents and godparents (from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services) who changed my identity from Australian Italian, to British Australian, because of my Catalan Mediterranean ‘converso’ ancestry etc, all of which is very sad and distressing for me, including because I am yet another generation who has been forced to live the life of a ‘converso’ myself for the politically motivated reasons of others.


The last place on earth the man who posed as my godfather who was Director General of ASIO in 1984 wanted… me to be, was in Israel on the Mediterranean which is exactly where I was then (that more accurately reflects my multicultural heritage and context) at the Yad Mordechai kibbutz near Ashkelon, which was before the ‘rabbit proof fences’ in Gaza.


The only Jewish State on the Mediterranean and in the world was really created in ‘reasonable self defence’, that is not reliant on or because of the British Balfour Declaration which is not a good advertisement for a peaceful and independent Jewish State, because Balfour only perpetuates the colonial British myth of armed superiority above all else.


And still the people who posed as my parents and godparents didn’t tell me the truth they did… always know, so the cruelty was always intended forever.


The British and Australian governments have always ‘boycotted’ my identity they forcibly changed without my… consent.


They knew it would be more than ‘reasonable self defence’ for me to live in Israel (shame its not called Aotearoa, but oh well)


I remember an American Polish friend and I were walking along a street in Gaza and I noticed the street empty as women watched us from windows upstairs in their homes. We were then approached by young men around our own age who spoke with us and asked us to tell the world they had no hope. They asked us which countries we came from but never asked us what religion we were. I campaigned with Jewish people and Palestinian Muslim people in Parliament Square, Central London too.


The legal reality is adopted people who renounce our adoption we don't... consent to, and who… choose to be Jewish (and I personally think… choosing to be Jewish is the best way to be Jewish and positively promote Judaism anyway) do have the legal right to live in Israel without needing to ask permission from anyone else including other Jewish people, because it is exactly the same ‘reasonable self defence’.


It’s not complicated.



... donna and david... its pretty obvious we weren't brother and sister...



I make no apology for being an incorrigible universal peacenik too.


I am reasonably claiming $10 million dollars compensation from the State of Victoria for my forced adoption that I did not ever give my consent to and was always denied legal representation over (which also explains my illegal hotel quarantine recently when I was yet again treated differently compared to anyone else) so I have because of my forced adoption through no fault of my own been treated worse than a criminal convicted of the worst crimes.


The compensation will right a historical wrong including the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ that is used… against, instead of… for adopted people, in too many countries.


I am not anyone else’s ‘dhimmi’.


A copy of my Court Order for $10 million dollars compensation for my forced adoption without my consent and legal representation in what really is an unprecedented case, however anyone looks at it, should always be available upon request and filed with the ‘Central Authority’ in Australia.


I think I could only feel so much better to be free from my own forced adoption.


The beginning of Hanukkah and Human Rights Day (I remember Brian who was the greatest peacemaker of our times, won the award in the UK in 2005) coincides this year.


Everyone’s family matters.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)