Donna: My Universal ‘reasonable excuse’ for my peaceful transition from Adoption & PTSD is my safe & sustainable ‘suicide prevention plan’ with ‘Show Cause Notice’ to British PM Johnson & $10 million dollars compensation from State of Victoria for me, over him… always illegally using ‘Hague Adoption Convention’… against me (29.11.2020)



... my name is Donna... I do sometimes wish my own parents had just left Australia, when I was a small child, even if we had all had to become refugees then, so we could have at least stayed together as a family... 





My ‘Show Cause Notice’ to British PM Johnson is… intended to end his employment for illegally using ‘Hague Adoption Convention’… against me to ‘sidestep’ consent from and legal representation for me, while ordering his own publicly funded legal entourage… for himself.


The public would like Johnson (who ‘forgot’ he serves the public, and that it is not the other way around) to pack his own bags and peacefully leave Downing Street now, before this Christmas, to ‘spend more time with his family’.


Everyone’s family matters.


The State of Victoria will pay me $10 million dollars compensation now that is not contingent on and does not need to be delayed until Johnson leaves Downing Street. I would like to think the compensation for me will help to stop another politician doing what Johnson has done to me, and encourage mandatory consent from adopted children and adults along with legal representation that would all have to be registered with the Central Authority in every country that is a consenting party to the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’.


I would never personally consent to my own adoption that lacked basic legal protections like mandatory legal representation, to keep my own identity, and help protect me in such a profoundly life changing situation that is so difficult, when you are already so vulnerable in every way. 






I was five years old when I was a small unarmed female civilian child terrorised by a gunman, and I didn’t have my own family to help protect me in any way either physically or emotionally.


I was never taught about giving or withholding… consent because I was adopted without my consent or any legal protections like legal representation, so I grew up with very bad PTSD too.


Adoption should not be used as a means to literally make adopted children and adults hostages to other people’s fortunes.



I am one of the ‘ghost children’ who politicians and robber media barons in theUK et al knew was… already a global scandal before I stepped up as an adult woman, mum and peacenik, in Parliament Square, Central London.


I am an adopted person who also legally traverses the British Commonwealth and European legal jurisdictions too.


My spontaneous lawful arrest of a former Mayor of London Livingstone saw him illegally hide behind… armed police to extract him in his efforts to try and avoid legal accountability for the violent attack by his ‘unknown male assailant’ on me, that the at that time still American born citizen.. Johnson hid too, including the identity of the ‘unknown male assailant’.


I properly refused to back down when males armed with machine guns (incl. a number of former soldiers) pointed their weapons at me etc etc while they ‘followed orders’ from the Mayor of London Livingstone, not the peace and harmony of the rule of law that naturally exists for the benefit of everyone.


It is obviously absolutely unlawful for a politician to use police armed with machine guns to hide an… already… violent crime against me !! they all seriously compounded with their deceit.


I did conclusively prove the armed police in Westminster would not protect unarmed defenceless civilian children and women, from any violent and life threatening attacks.


It was all very widely witnessed by independent members of the public.



That was the truth of the travesty of the global scandal of the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ that existed… before I was in Parliament Square, Central London.


I was only ever being illegally denied my lawful right to self-fund my own genuine peace projects by winning unprecedented lawsuits against politicians and robber media barons in (for example) the UK who could never claim to any jury they speak for or instead of me in any way.


The current British PM ‘journalist’ Johnson later refused without lawful excuse to hand over the CCTV that… belongs to me, of the torture and attempted murder of me for a jury… that also directly implicates him in the cover up over the earlier attempt on my life.


The torture and attempted murder of me crossed all lines of common decency, humanity and law.


Johnson knows he is only PM because he…hides from the truth of who he is and what he represents and was willing to first do to… me.


The long disreputable ‘Houses of Parliament’ in Westminster are possibly the worst advertisement for the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’.



The British Parliament were always far more bothered about peaceniks than another government anywhere, because most people from all walks of life everywhere around the world are peaceniks too.


There are people from all walks of life who are like me, adopted too.


There was obviously a massive legal vacuum in Westminster when peaceniks were exiled without the legal resolution of our long standing unprecedented lawsuits too, and only political pretenders were left, because we were literally the only law in town in Westminster.


The truth is politicians didn’t have anything in their dirty tricks playbook left to spin, let alone before any jury in any court. We nevertheless proved a little peace can go quite a long way.


It is self evident that any state who wanted consent from adopted children and adults to our adoption, which I never gave, would have provided adopted children and adults with legal representation to confirm our consent, but they didn’t including because they cannot, and don’t dispute… anything they have done.


The State of Victoria cannot even contest my PTSD, because… they are the ones legally obliged to pay for their professional opinion they haven’t done, because they can’t even contest what happened in Parliament Square, Central London, without my… consent where universal jurisdiction does apply.


It is common sense I can only properly recover from my adoption and PTSD etc and stay in the present, rather than disassociating, when I am able to genuinely practise giving and withholding my consent which is a normal part of… most people’s lives, that I also need to be able to do in a safe and sustainable way.


My transition from adoption and PTSD which are both profoundly life changing events themselves, needs to be carefully managed by… me in a safe and sustainable way with a ’suicide prevention plan’ because it is particularly challenging in a world where by comparison, marriage and divorce are publicly acknowledged as significant life events.


My Universal ‘reasonable excuse’ for my transition from my adoption and PTSD etc, none of which I consented to, is my ’suicide prevention plan’ that with $10 million dollars compensation will also mean I can self-fund my own peace projects that are entirely my own business.


I am really Donna, although I have obviously been known as Babs too who has suffered so much to try and finally make Donna free. 


Kind Regards,


... (formerly known as babs tucker)...


Donna Bugat