Donna: Australian politicians always welcome to boycott global cheap & illegal ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ trade in… children that 'bypasses'… consent from adopted children & adults along with... legal representation to ignore… everyone’s family matters (28.11.2020)



... my name is donna...




Australian politicians are all welcome to always boycott the cheap and illegal ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ trade in adopted… children, from all walks of life, that 'bypasses'… consent from adopted children and adults entirely, along with... legal representation, and... respect adopted persons led reform instead.


The British and Australian Parliaments would find it a legal impossibility to deny to any jury, in any court, my own adopted name was originally illegally leaked to the ‘press’ in the UK, along with false information, while the very serious harm was repeatedly compounded, time and time again, over so many years.


Adopted children and adults have been left without legal representation, including that is independent, not just by one state or Federal government in one country, but by multiple governments, in so many countries, in what is a politically motivated free for all… globally.


It is self evident, government’s who are contracting parties to the ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ which I have never consented to either, as an adopted person, have always known they are… legally liable because they have no 'indemnity' for 'bypassing' consent from adopted children and adults, to our adoption, not least since alternative options to adoption like guardianship, and not cruelly changing children’s identities to suit the fairytales of someone else, have always been available.


Everyone’s family matters.


… (formerly known as Babs Tucker)…




Donna: The British monarchy doesn’t stand for election during an avoidable global pandemic, because access to safe & sustainable affordable housing, proper healthcare & clean renewable energy, has always been possible for everyone in the here & now (28.11