Donna: The British monarchy doesn’t stand for election during an avoidable global pandemic, because access to safe & sustainable affordable housing, proper healthcare & clean renewable energy, has always been possible for everyone in the here & now (28.11.2020)



... my name is donna...





The British monarchy (who might not want to change their name back to Saxe-Coburg Gotha any time soon) doesn’t stand for election because they don’t have enough royals, let alone with sufficient credibility, in the real world most of us live in, to do that across the still far from Commonwealth. Their success in any or all elections could not be guaranteed anywhere, or everywhere, even with the help of all the political classes and robber media barons.


The forced exile of Brian who was the greatest peacemaker of our times and a national treasure, and myself (as a woman, mum and universal peacenik who never gave my consent to my adoption, or other legislative woo that was eventually repealed) along with other peaceniks, who are like most people from all walks of life everywhere, from Parliament Square, Central London, the UK, and continental Europe, inevitably worsened an existing imbalance because we literally were the only law in town in Westminster.


I am human and make no apology for being an adopted child, mum of two beautiful sons, and an incorrigible peacenik.


A culture of cruelty is not okay.


Be kind to yourself and always live and walk in peace.


Most people know everyone’s family matters.


I am an Australian citizen, and it is strange but true I have British nationality in my own right (regardless of my adoption I have never consented to as a child or adult anyway) because I was in Parliament Square, Central London for so long, despite the fact the dishonourable Palace of Westminster et al refused without lawful excuse to peacefully settle my own unprecedented, and others, civil jury lawsuits, which together constituted a ‘class action’ the High Court in London said would bring their courts to a standstill.


The British Parliament would have to recognise my real name of Donna Bugat, if I ever visited or resided in the UK again, and the Australian Parliament would have to ensure my legal protection at the very least, according to the ‘Master Nationality Rule’ they previously ‘forgot’, including while I was living in my own home in France, because it was obviously always illegal for anyone to as a starting point leak my adopted name, along with false information.


I was an adopted, single, divorced working mum, living in my own home when I was blacklisted, so I had to sell my home, in the UK, because I was only ever, maliciously targeted for peacefully campaigning.


It would of course be a legal impossibility for either the British or Australian Parliaments to deny before any... jury, their collective… knowledge of my consistently being in Parliament Square, Central London, for so long.


I could have personally bought my own home in Australia too, and helped my sons in other ways which parents naturally like to do.


In fact, we peaceniks have always been illegally prevented from self-funding any number of peace projects, because our legitimate lawsuits were never settled.



... the however you look at it illegal 'hotel quarantine'... i guess its not an exaggeration to say we peaceniks could have self-funded our own hotel from our legitimate 'class action' but i have in any event been illegally prevented from living in my own home, in even france...


The three men from the UN in Geneva will remember they never spoke up for we peaceniks in Parliament Square, Central London.


It is always sensible for the political classes to do peace deals with errr… peaceniks.


The Israeli government could presumably welcome any number of countries to help oversee the holy sites in Jerusalem.


The UK and Tehran must know a Jewish State on the Mediterranean that is the only one in the world, is reasonable self defence that is not reliant on Balfour.


Of course I could always go to Tehran and collect any journalist for free, although it is difficult to explain why Corbyn who was paid by Iran, and Johnson haven’t, either there, or in London, if you think about it.


The Middle East along with Africa will presumably eventually become trading blocs like the European Union.


The reason I personally support properly constituted Republics is because it’s a legal impossibility to legally justify monarchies that do not even stand for election.


A peaceful transition to a genuinely successful trading group of countries comprising former members of a far from Commonwealth, that put caring about people first, instead of crony capitalism (which is ultimately pointless anyway) is also entirely possible (the ’tort of conversion’ of people and property is not legally sustainable) with public elections for a democratically elected head and without the ‘offshore’ banking racket.


There obviously needs to be public elections for a democratically elected head of the European Union too, where in practise there is only limited freedom of movement of people, along with the free movement of goods.


It is far healthier to have real diversity with fair competition.


The… global nature of the current pandemic was obviously entirely avoidable, because safe and sustainable housing with private facilities, and… access to proper healthcare for… everyone, has always been possible.


There is a binary choice between crony capitalism, or no crony capitalism because that still leaves many reasonable choices across any political spectrum.


Of course, affordable clean renewable energy for everyone has always been possible in the here and now too.


The peace and harmony of the rule of law, naturally exists for the benefit of everyone.


Peace is always possible, with equality of opportunity, that provides unlimited potential for everyone, in one world.


... (formerly known as babs tucker)...




Donna: Australian politicians always welcome to boycott global cheap & illegal ‘Hague Adoption Convention’ trade in… children that 'bypasses'… consent from adopted children & adults along with... legal representation to ignore… everyone’s family matters (28.11.2020)