Donna: I have never given my consent to my adoption (or 'Hague Adoption Convention') so politicians/governments are strictly legally liable for compensation, that recognises consent from adopted children & adults to our adoption, is fundamentally necessary, which will reform all adoptions (27.11.2020)




... my name is donna... I do sometimes wish my own parents had just left Australia when I was a small child, taking me with them, even if we had all had to become refugees then, so we could have stayed together as a family...





The only way adoptions, which can happen to anyone for any number of reasons, none of which are good for the adopted person, can work is by the adopted person being treated as a starting point, with respect.


The ‘tort of conversion’ really does not apply to humans, but strict liability for compensation, does apply to politicians/governments.


The legal reality is an adoption can only be legal with the consent of the adopted child and adult, because it really is only about the best interests of the child.


A failure or refusal to have the consent of an adopted child or adult to our adoption is actually a very serious criminal offence.


The reality is any adopted child or adult can stop our adoption at any time for any reason of our own choosing, because there are alternatives to adoption.


The only way any adoption can work is with the legal recognition of the fundamental need for consent from the adopted child or adult, because without that as a starting point, there isn't even any respect for the adopted person at all, let alone acknowledgement that we have legal rights too.


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Donna Bugat