Donna Bugat: My Court Order to be Australian Ambassador in London (who can also work from my home in France) because when I lawfully arrested fmr Mayor of London Livingstone, I naturally busted his conspiracy with now British PM Johnson & UnAustralian ’Special Adviser’ Lynton Crosby et al too (22.11.2020)



... my name is Donna and the very unAustralian Lynton Crosby can't lie his or others way out of what he and they have done, before any jury...




I lawfully made a citizens arrest of former Mayor of London Livingstone in the UK in April 2008, which was widely witnessed and naturally busted the original existing conspiracy between him and Johnson, over the also widely witnessed violent attack on me by their ‘unknown male assailant’ that was covered up by the very unAustralian Lynton Crosby (and they all have the same City of London lawyer too). So I don’t even need the help of any very unhelpful British police or possession of the CCTV of the later related torture and attempted murder of me in the UK.


The also very UnAustralian Downer couldn’t front up in court in Melbourne, Australia in Case 352 and try repeating the lie that I am not an Australian citizen.


The conspiracy between Livingstone, Johnson & Lynton Crosby et al is why I was also illegally denied legal representation in the High Court in the UK on 23rd June 2010.


I guess it's possible my case could well have hastened a Republic of Australia too.


It is obviously sensible for all of them to reach an out of court settlement with me now, over the original conspiracy, (that with my being Australian Ambassador in London, really only formalises my legal immunity from such unscrupulous politicians, along with some redress, without involving others) than their facing prison for the later related torture and attempted murder of me too.



I am immediately legally entitled to a County Court Order in Melbourne, Australia in my out of court settlement:


a) for an injunction to stop both the state theft of my identity of Donna Bugat, and my adoption


b) where it is agreed by politicians, who are not going to court to contest me, that I become the new Australian Ambassador in London, for as long as I like,


and that I can also work from my own home in France too, so there is no more physical and emotional torture of Australian citizens in Europe.



There’s a fairly high ‘probability’ with me as the Australian Ambassador in London, that Johnson would swiftly resign as the British PM, and Crosby would be suitably disgraced, but in any event, at least I would be able to help better protect Australian citizens in Europe, from political persecution and make sure… all Australian citizens at least had access to legal representation. It is a matter of fact, I lost my job and home and was blacklisted… in the UK, because of Australian politicians and their ’special advisers’ too !!


I have of course always been willing to put my cottage in France up as collateral if I need a civil jury in Australia, although I don’t need to do that because UnAustralian politicians like Rudd, have no recognised defence in law, to even put before any jury anyway.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)