Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: British monarchy & Australian Governor Generals give royal assent to my universal injunction to stop my ‘adoption’ because I did not ever give my informed consent as a child or adult (24.10.2020) name is donna...








by Donna Bugat


Date of Document: 5th October 2020

Filed by: Donna Bugat

Prepared by: Donna Bugat


1. My name in Donna Bugat and I am an Australian citizen who was born in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia on 10 February 1962.


2. I am legally notifying courts of my universal injunction to stop my ‘adoption’ in Case 352 in the County Court in Melbourne, that I have never given my informed consent to, as either a child or adult.


My universal injunction to stop my ‘adoption’ which I did not ever give my informed consent to as a child or adult, will be filed in the relevant courts in all Australian states, and in the High Court in the UK with my High Court Order from April 2008, and the ECHR, along with the Hague Convention on ‘Intercountry adoptions’.


The British monarchy and Australian governor generals agree to give royal assent to my injunction to stop my ‘adoption’ that I did not ever give informed consent to as a child or adult, along with amended legislation to require the informed consent of children and adults to their adoptions too, along with adopted children's qualified right to discharge adoptions, and adult adopted people's absolute right to an automatic discharge of adoptions, all at no personal or financial cost to adopted people.


The fact anyone could be adopted for any number of reasons, does not provide legal grounds for lifelong adoption, but does highlight the additional legal 'complexities' involved in adoption cases, which in also involving issues of 'family law', means adopted people should not be discriminated against and treated differently compared to 'family law' cases not involving adoptions. 


It must mandatory for all adopted children and adults to have legal representation, including that is independent, in their adoption cases.


All children are like adults supposed to be taught about the need for their informed consent, that equally applies to all adopted children and adults too.


All courts have a legal obligation to politely send out non adversarial questionnaires to adopted children and adults at an address agreed to by the adopted person to:  


a) ensure informed consent is appropriately explained to adopted children according to their age, along with informing adopted children who they can speak to if it is necessary to have their case referred back to court, regarding informed consent


b) inquire before adopted people become adults, if the adopted person would like to continue their adoption as adults (it should never be possible for people to not even know they are adopted)


c) acknowledge that if adopted people do not choose to give informed consent for their adoption to continue as adults, it will at no cost to the adopted adult person, be automatically discontinued upon the adopted person becoming an adult, or at any time thereafter


d) agree proper provision for counselling, social welfare and suitable housing is provided upon request by the adopted person, to the adopted person, during any transition period, relating to the discontinuance of an adoption, regardless of whether or not the adopted person is a child or adult, living in Australia or elsewhere, or if the adoption that originated through a court in Australia is national or international.


3. In practise, my injunction means that according to private international law: 


a) no public official anywhere, will ever be able to claim my adoption in Case 352 in the County Court of Melbourne, in the State of Victoria in Australia, continues,


b) I do not have to pay any arbitrarily decided sum of money to public officials or indeed anyone else, anywhere, to exercise my absolute right to as an adult refuse to give informed consent for my adoption to continue


c) I am properly compensated for the longstanding failure to recognise the need for my informed consent to my adoption. 


4. The simple legal reality is that without being able to exercise my absolute right to as an adult not give my informed consent for my ‘adoption’ to continue, it is impossible for me to give inextricably linked informed consent that is in any way meaningful, regarding health care.







5. I am claiming $3 million dollars in compensation which is tax free and cannot be means tested from the State of Victoria who will also pay any costs of any court issuing their stamped copy of my universal injunction to send to me, by email, is fine.


The State of Victoria will also pay any ‘excess costs’ on any global annual fully comprehensive travel, health and insurance policies of my choosing which means, pre-existing health conditions are included, along with legal representation.


The State of Victoria also confirm I am in addition, also eligible to claim disability support pension, from the Federal government, wherever I choose to live, in Australia and elsewhere, because my being subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment, including physical and emotional torture which has caused me prolonged PTSD etc, means the rules of non refoulement apply.


The universal rules regarding non refoulement mean no public official in Australia can stop me peacefully entering or leaving the country, at any time.  


6. The published legal records in the High Court in the UK in 2011 regarding a malicious prosecution brought against me in 2010 (that went back and forth between the Court of Appeal, all while I was denied legal representation) confirm it is not legally possible (ie: it is an abuse of process) to ‘overtake’ existing lawsuits (ie: my High Court Order from April 2008 in the UK) including to award costs against me (which the High Court confirmed they could not do) because the universal legal reality is everyone, regardless of who they are, are legally obliged to first and foremost swear allegiance to the due process of the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


7. I do give my informed consent for anyone to have a stamped court copy of my injunction, because adopted people do need to know our informed consent is a very important universal right. 


The best world there can be for everyone is one filled with the love of family and friends. 



Signed by Donna Bugat


in the State of Victoria this

5th day of October 2020 


Address: xx xxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx, 22450, Brittany, France.