Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: An adopted person led universal agreement on a comprehensive and cohesive non adversarial human and legal framework (17.10.2020)




IN THE COUNTY COURT AT MELBOURNE                      CASE 352






... my name is donna...



by Donna Bugat


Date of Document: 5th October 2020

Filed by: Donna Bugat

Prepared by: Donna Buga


1, I am notifying the County Court by email, with my own verified signature I am legally using my own name Donna Bugat.


I do not personally know of and have not been informed of any legal basis for this to not be recognised by any government.


2. I am also discharging my own ‘adoption’ by email.


The ‘adoption’ of me as a child, obviously could not have legal effect to continue as an adult, because I have never as an adult, given my informed consent for it to continue.


I was illegally deprived of my own family because government agencies and the court illegally withheld a letter from my own family to me, that has caused me irreparable harm, loss and distress.


There are no legal civil, criminal or other penalties that could be applied to me for my peacefully refusing to recognise my ‘adoption’.


I have family members who are not Victorians, but are Australian citizens, who are protected by the terms of my discharge of my ‘adoption’.


3. My case is simply a long overdue unique opportunity for an adopted person led universal reform of what is commonly considered to be forced ‘assimilation’ etc at any state, national and international level, across multiple legal and political jurisdictions, by my overseeing a comprehensive and cohesive non adversarial human and legal framework that properly addresses with appropriate sensitivity, the array of ‘complexities’ from the perspective of adopted persons as children and adults.


It is part of my own personal journey that can only help restore public trust in public agencies and governance.


My purpose is to listen and learn to facilitate universal agreement because I don’t have all the answers.


Most civilian populations recognise people who have had their entire identity changed as a child through ‘adoption’ which can include hidden ‘inter country’ dimensions of all sorts including a switch of nationalities, along with the involvement of multiple government agencies, all while being completely isolated from our entire family, which is all intended to be for life, can have many challenges to peacefully address, and successfully resolve, which can only happen through an adopted person being given personal space, time and support.


The complex strands between identity and adoption, across multiple legal jurisdictions, include related individual rights to ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘assembly’ and the right to one’s own family life, along with healthcare information.


4. I am claiming a $3 million dollar ‘consultation fee’ from the State of Victoria that is tax free and cannot be means tested, along with a comprehensive health and travel package, so I can peacefully oversee an adopted person led universal agreement/treaty on national and international ‘adoption’ that achieves the best possible outcomes for all adopted people.


This essential work towards a universal agreement on adoption must have the ability to safely continue at all times without interference because the human and legal issues relating to adopted children and adults who can be particularly vulnerable, remains relevant at all times.


I will initially accept written submissions, from adopted people that includes the widest possible lived experiences, along with political, religious, academic, legal, medical and insurance groups, because ‘adoption’ policies which directly affect the individual adopted person, can impact far beyond that sphere too.


I intend to build a voluntary apolitical DNA Bank in the autonomous Golan Heights for the benefit of humanity.


The UN are legally obliged to recognise my own Judaism is based on the peace and harmony of the rule of law, so I do not need the ‘permission’ of anyone else including other Jewish people to be Jewish, including while there is only one Jewish State on the Mediterranean and in the world.


The voluntary apolitical DNA Bank will be an opportunity for adopted people and their families to have an additional and alternative non governmental avenue to reconnect with and have support from within their own families in their own way.


The universal agreement on adoption will include the most comprehensive quantitative and qualitative information and analysis possible.




5. I am joining the recent satellite litigation over my hotel quarantine in Melbourne, with my longstanding adoption case, to confirm agreement on a civil jury as a back-up, should that be necessary.


6. The costs of my Order for the discharge of my adoption including my adopted person led universal agreement on adoption will be met by the State of Victoria.


The County Court may contact me by email to confirm any details. 


The best world there can be for everyone is filled with the love of family and friends.



Signed by Donna Bugat


in the State of Victoria this

5th day of October 2020 


Address: xx xxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx, 22450, Brittany, France.





N.B: The practise of governments exploiting ‘adoption’ to recruit (and try and recruit) vulnerable children for intelligence services should obviously be universally banned.