Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: My Order to discharge adoption & hold referendum on new Constitution for Republic of Australia 'Free Forever' with costs paid by ‘Crown Lands’ in Australia is peaceful out of court settlement (30.09.2020)





IN THE COUNTY COURT AT MELBOURNE                      CASE 352







... my name is donna...






by Donna Bugat


Date of Document: 30th September 2020

Filed by: Donna Bugat

Prepared by: Donna Bugat



1. I hereby notify the County Court in Melbourne of my Order dated 30th September 2020, to Discharge my Adoption in Case 352, that legally and naturally triggers a referendum on a new Constitution for a Republic of Australia, which should be held in 2022, before the next general election, to recognize and safeguard my own and others absolute right to Australian citizenship.


I am first and foremost in my own right, an Australian citizen, who was born on 10th February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia, with my own Australian identity, which cannot legally be changed by any State or Federal governments in Australia, or any other government or monarchy.


There are no health reasons and have never been any health reasons stopping my own discharge of my adoption, because it has always been in the best interests of my own physical and emotional health and wellbeing to have my own identity.


My own identity was changed at 15 months old, from a natural born Australian citizen with an Australian mother and Italian father, to a British mother and Australian father, by the highest echelons of the entourage of British and Australian intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents.


I and my two sons will keep our citizenships and my own home in an autonomous region in the Republic of France with my discharge of my adoption, that also legally naturally triggers a referendum on a new Constitution for a Republic of Australia.


2. The global pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for improved governance, so it is essential for Australia to have a new Constitution for a Republic of Australia ‘Free Forever’ to guarantee equality of opportunity for all Australian citizens. 


All Australian citizens have the opportunity through a referendum to agree a new Constitution for a Republic of Australia (which has the unique opportunity to improve on existing models of republics in countries like Italy, France, Germany and the United States that does not need the approval of the British Commonwealth, European Union or United Nations) that can help to peacefully transform global politics, while favourably positioning the country as an emerging leader for the foreseeable future, in the global transition to a greater use of clean renewable energy too.


3. I am a reasonable and rational responsible adult who is legally entitled to make my own informed decisions, at all times.


The British monarchy could not legally ’overtake’ my Case 352 in the County Court in Melbourne, which is why the legal records of published cases against me in the High Court and Court of Appeal in the UK between 2010-2011 show the courts could not award costs against me.


Therefore the costs of my discharge of my adoption in Case 352 in the County Court in Melbourne along with my referendum for a new Constitution and Republic of Australia, are paid by the States, Territories or Federal governments in Australia who can reclaim any costs from 'Crown lands' in Australia, in what is in all respects a peaceful out of court settlement.


I am: a) personally claiming costs of $3 million dollars for the discharge of my own adoption and satellite lawsuits (refer DHHS et al) b) along with $30 million dollars to oversee the referendum on a new Constitution and Republic of Australia ‘Free Forever’ which I would like to do by being based on a solar powered boat that can travel around Australia (something like the Aurora Australis retrofitted with solar power would be great)


The British monarchy will not argue against me in any court of law, because the only reason the monarch has been on the throne for so long is because the monarchy are democratically unaccountable, which is not the same as their being legally accountable.


It is self evident, the legal issue of Crown lands in Australia reverting to a Republic of Australia is essential to peacefully settle, in the here and now, so it is possible for… Australian citizens to agree a meaningful and sustainable biodiversity plan that benefits all ... Australian citizens.


4. The State and Federal governments in Australia are legally obliged to provide me with any travel documents that are necessary for me to travel in my own name of Donna Bugat, prior to the referendum, so that:


a) I do not need to rely on the legal limbo created by an Australian passport issued by the British monarchy which undermines the legal reality I have Australian citizenship in my own right, that is not dependant on any State or Federal Australian governments or any other government or monarchy.


b) I can remain independent of political and royal influence while living in Australia or visiting elsewhere, overseeing the democratic business of a referendum for a new Constitution and Republic of Australia.


My formerly British, boyfriend, who is stateless must also be given Australian papers that will also enable him to travel to Australia, if and when his hielpraktiker, who is also able to officially help in my inextricably linked health decisions too, agrees it is possible.


There will only be a free Republic of Australia when a democratically elected head can safely speak the truth in a public space, which the British born ABC and Australian born American citizen Murdoch et al do not do.


5. A copy of my Order dated 30th September 2020 in Case 352 should always be available free of charge for the public, and in the unlikely event there are any legal challenges arising from the referendum, they would have to be referred back to my Case 352 for legal determination.


There are no legal or health reasons to stop me peacefully displaying a Republic of Australia ‘Free Forever’ banner anywhere, including inside or outside any government building in Australia.


Bless my Homeland Forever.






Signed by Donna Bugat


in the State of Victoria this

30th day of September 2020 


Address: xx xxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx, 22450, Brittany, France.







... the political and news media classes and... their... democratically unaccountable monarchy did know about case 352 when i was in parliament square, central london... which is why i was illegally denied legal representation...














... Case 352...



... dhhs lied... a reasonable and rational responsible adult would know it was not good for my physical or emotional health and wellbeing to be illegally detained including... beyond 18th august 2020, when the dhhs also refused to provide a taxi back, so i hurt my back... again, because i was carrying luggage too far...