Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: The Referendum on Republic of Australia Agreement (22.09.2020)



... the black madonna...






I have legally triggered a genuine referendum on a Republic of Australia.


The Referendum Agreement for 2022 is:


1. My name of Donna Bugat is now officially recognised and the State of Victoria and Commonwealth of Australia pay for any costs of official changes to any documents.


2. I receive Disability Support Pension from the Commonwealth of Australia or the equivalent from the State of Victoria, along with agreed compensation.


3. The State of Victoria pay my accommodation costs for a private apartment of my choosing in Melbourne, while I look for suitable over 55 social housing in St.Kilda or private housing covered by compensation.


I will obviously keep my beautiful modest cottage in an autonomous part of the Republic of France.


4. The State of Victoria arrange and pay for Neil Kerslake to travel to Australia if and whenever he chooses and that is medically possible including him being accompanied by his two children if and when they all choose. The State of Victoria will pay any and all living, accommodation and medical costs for him and his two children.


5. The State of Victoria and Commonwealth of Australia agree to hold a referendum (with legal arguments) on a Republic of Australia before the next general election.


6. There will be equal funding for the two options, which will submit full proposals for public consultation and publication that includes a new Constitution, which must all be legal according to Jus Cogens, prior to the referendum.


7. It will be possible to have a referendum on a Republic of Australia prior to every general election.


My personal view is most members of the Australian public will probably be far more enthusiastic discussing a genuinely progressive referendum including the legal arguments for a Republic of Australia with a new Constitution that supports equality of opportunity for everyone, rather than the next general election.


A significant benefit of an affirmative referendum result for a Republic of Australia would be that it does not need the approval of the British Commonwealth, European Union or United Nations etc.


A Republic of Australia is really only a matter of when, not if, and why not now ?


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat




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