Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: The Blair-ite Premier’s indefinite detentions of forced adoptions without legal representation, is why I was recently illegally detained by DHHS in ‘hotel quarantine’ that was then extended (22.09.2020)




... my name is donna...




I was illegally detained in the recent ‘hotel quarantine’ because the Premier knew the State of Victoria was… already ‘indefinitely detaining’ me through the forced adoptions without legal representation in Case 352, which is also why the State of Victoria had already refused me social housing in Australia, because they knew they had stopped me living in my… own home in France.


A Mr Brack (its probably not his real name, and it's not like my name is Barbara !!) at the Blair-ite Premier’s DHHS refused to put in writing for any court, any legal grounds for my detention... beyond the 18th August 2020 which then included the DHHS refusing to give me a taxi back, which is why I hurt my back again, because they did know the detention was illegal in it’s... entirety.



... health advice... dhhs lie...


The DHHS Operations/ Emergency Management Branch obviously don’t care about people’s health in hotel quarantine, or they wouldn’t be illegally detaining people !! including by extending even that, all while refusing to give legal grounds, in writing which they are legally obliged to do.


There was no explanation as to why my friend who had the same Covid 19 test on 9th August 2020, and arrived at the same time in the same taxi, with me, was released on the 18th August 2020 with a taxi, while I was detained longer until 21st August 2020 and given no taxi back, because… there is no legal explanation.


The hotel staff couldn't provide me with any legal grounds in writing either, because they were just 'following orders' from the DHHS, who are just 'following orders' from the Premier. 



... the dhhs staff sure don't care about your health. or they wouldn't illegally detain you, which records show brack did know he was involved in...


The DHHS staff all too typically simply aren’t bothered in any way about the law, because they are just following orders from the Blairite Premier.


The British and Australian governments have always reasonably known my discharge of adoption and reunification order from my own forced adoption will change private international law with the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions.


The political and news media classes are united in their cronyism that opposes fair competition, like Jus Cogens.


The State of Victoria very clearly have no legal process in 'adoptions':



... the dhhs had an undeclared conflict of interest: ie they are up to their ears in it...



The true legal reality is all people who are adopted have:


a) the right to independent legal representation to be properly informed of our rights as… children and… adults


b) the legal right to discharge adoptions as children and adults, with an absolute right as an adult to discharge our adoptions, that does not need the permission of anyone else, and in particular the state !!


It is absolutely unlawful for the State of Victoria to falsely claim any adult needs their ‘permission’ to discharge a forced adoption.


The reason I was exiled from the UK, when I was a peacenik in Parliament Square Central London, was because a civil jury would know the politicians and new media in the UK had all been trying to stop Case 352 in Australia, because I wasn't unaccompanied when I travelled overseas on a British passport when I was four years old. 



... this is what it is about...


It's so shameful what is being done without people being legally informed, and consulted, like the State of Victoria's retrospective 'because I can Act 1984'  after I was an adult (when the man who posed as my godfather was Director General of ASIO) and then the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions, when the County Court had always known all along I could be removed from the country, and my citizenships changed, despite my being a natural born Australian citizen. 


I could never feel like an Australian citizen or that Australia could be my home until I have my discharge of adoption and reunification order, because I am not 'owned' by the State of Victoria.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat




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