Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352 ‘Clapham Omnibus’: Blairite Premier in Melbourne illegally detained me in ‘hotel quarantine’ because Papal Knight Murdoch failed in malicious attempt to ‘section’ me under UK ‘Mental Health Act’ in global efforts to stop change to Hague Convention on Intercountry ‘Adoptions’ (21.09.2020)




...the political and news media classes whether they are a Blairite Premier in Victoria or the Papal Knight Murdoch are ultimately united by cronyism, which opposes fair competition...






I am a 'Clapham Omnibus' despite not having ever personally known a ‘framework’ or ‘reference point’ of what life was like… before the state sponsored 'normalisation' of sexual abuse, torture and attempted murder, during which I have never been 'allowed' to have... feelings, because of course, much of my 'lived experience' is far more common than the political and news media classes would like to admit. 


The British and Australian governments realised that it was true that I didn’t know what I was doing.


The Australian government were directly involved in the fact I had never been properly informed of my legal rights as a small child in Australia because I never had legal representation, which is why I was never consulted about the retrospective ‘because I can Act 1984 in Australia’ when I was a young adult or the Hague Convention on Intercountry ‘Adoptions’.


The governments would have reasonably always known that:


a) vulnerable children need legal representation because there are all sorts of very serious legal issues surrounding ‘adopted’ children being removed from the country, along with different citizenships, all of which the County Court in Melbourne had always known in my own case, along with the legal possibility of a discharge of my adoption even as a child.


b) adults who are adopted have the absolute legal right to discharge adoptions made when we were children without needing the permission of anyone else, not least because we are not the property of the State of Victoria.


They always knew my Case 352 could change private international law on inter country ‘adoptions’ because you only have to look at the legal problems no-one bothered about… before I was in Parliament Square, Central London, at which point my presence, profoundly ‘professionally embarrassed’ both governments.


I do therefore ‘reasonably believe’ the British government who were witnessed actually threatening to ‘whack’ me on 3rd September 2006, intended to murder me on 4th September 200… 6 based on all the available records.


When that all went awry, because my friend Steve Jago accompanied me and was stabbed in the head, because he politely asked for… a lawyer !! the government used their ‘back-up’ plan to try and imprison me on a non imprisonable offence, without legal representation, which failed on that occasion.


The government knew they were going to lose big time in court on 14th September 2006, which would result in unprecedented lawsuits against them, because what they were doing could only be ruled ’void ab initio’.


It was exactly a month later on 14th October 2006, they maliciously sought to ‘section’ me under the UK ‘Mental Health Act’ when I answered malicious police ‘bail’ because they wanted to:


a) try and make the existing unprecedented civil jury lawsuits against them arising from 14 September 2006 go away


b) while they knew it was also illegal to… keep trying to maliciously prosecute me.


because proper disclosure on the part of governments would have inevitably led to Case 352 and the Hague Convention on Intercountry ‘Adoption’.


I spoke to family members in Australia who they let me phone, who told me the Australian government were denying I was an… Australian citizen !! (when Alexander Downer was the Foreign Secretary, before he became Head of the Australian High Commission in London to cover up what he had done)  which was just so reprehensible.


I therefore calmly properly instructed a lawyer to take a record of the questions I was asked and the answers I gave, because a) I had the unprecedented lawsuits arising from my legal victory a month earlier, while b) it was only the government still trying to maliciously prosecute me.


My being abused by the state was hardly news to me, and the people who posed as my parents etc in Australia all had an interest in covering up Case 352 in Australia too.




The Blair government withdrew, from maliciously trying to section me, when I properly instructed a lawyer because they most certainly did not want any kind of accurate and contemporaneous record made of what was so widely witnessed by so many other people, that was compounded by such undeniably self serving and abusive malice.


It goes beyond mere intimidation to try and section someone under the ‘Mental Health Act’ because they have just won a massive legal victory a month earlier, that will result in unprecedented civil jury lawsuits, even in the UK.


I and my friend Steve Jago were both subsequently illegally told by lawyers from different law firms at the same time to either cover up the horrific and escalating abuse being done to us !! in the UK, or they would withdraw, and so when we both refused to cover up, the lawyers illegally withdrew.


So we were improperly informed we could not even have… feelings !!


It would be a legal impossibility to claim the British or Australian governments had ever cared about my legal rights as a child or adult.


There was obviously never any realistic prospect of my having access to either proper medical treatment or legal representation after that in the UK, because of the truth of Case 352, which would affect the UK too.


I was unknowingly dealing with multiple legislation.


The undeniable torture and attempted murder of me on 4th September 200…9 was very similar to the same date, several years earlier with two sets of records made in attempts to retrospectively falsify the facts, and that attempt only failed because my best friend Brian heard me scream out, and so became a witness to something going on.


The selfish Mr Murdoch sent along his Sun ‘crime’ editor to try and buy me off in April 2010 which was incredibly insulting really, because he obviously just wanted to ’sidestep’… my lawsuits, seriously affecting his bank balance, that has never cared about… children anywhere.


So there’s no doubt whatsoever the governments have always been acting in bad faith over any, including ’Intercountry Adoptions’ with crocodile tears only even belatedly being made by the British and Australian governments… when I was in Parliament Square, Central London. 


I had confirmed my legal right to a civil jury in the High Court in 2012, two days before I learned my boyfriend was violently attacked, which was not long before we were exiled.


The Blairite Premier in Melbourne illegally detained me in ‘hotel quarantine’ in Melbourne, recently, when the government… refused to provide legal grounds in writing (including for keeping me longer than a friend and denying me a taxi too, so I hurt my back because I had to carry a bag I shouldn’t have been carrying, too far, although a friend came and helped me) because the… government knew they had illegally stopped me being in my… own home… in France, because of Case 352.


The State of Victoria had refused me social housing in Australia, putting me at even more disadvantage, and particularly during a pandemic, because they know it is their fault I am not in my own home in France.


The governments have brought the concept of adoption into serious dispute.


The political and news media classes whether they are a Blairite Premier in Victoria or the Papal Knight Murdoch are ultimately united by cronyism, which opposes fair competition.


I am an entirely innocent person who would not have minded who adopted me if it had been necessary which it wasn’t, but I do reasonably object to needing anyone else’s ‘permission’ and particularly that of the offending… states, to discharge my own adoption. 


The Australian government falsely claimed I didn’t have Australian citizenship, while the British government destroyed as many records as they could, because they knew I wasn’t unaccompanied when I first travelled overseas on a British passport when I was four years old.


It was the fact I never had any legal representation that foreseeably led to the accumulating legal problems, which has been so very nasty and vicious, the longer it has gone on, because my own family naturally have our own multinational lives.


I am a reasonable, rational and responsible adult who does not want any child or adult to have my ‘lived experience of such comprehensive and widespread state sponsored abuse, so adopted children and adults must be properly informed of their legal rights.


The best I can be is an authentic voice of someone who was ‘adopted’ which does not however define who I am. 


The County Court is legally obliged to immediately list my case for a civil jury to agree damages, because it is agreed the State of Victoria have refused a legal settlement, which is continuing to cause me very serious harm.


The far more than unhelpful attitude of politicians and their quangos is not okay.


It's simply not possible and it would be unrealistic for me personally to even... feel I belong or could call Australia home without my Discharge of Adoption and Re-unification Order. 


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat 




Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: The scientific evidence is a passport that illegally stops a… … law abiding… Australian citizen… legally leaving the country, is combustible (24.09.2020)