Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: I am a natural born Australian… citizen, who doesn’t feel I can belong and call Australia home, until my own identity is officially recognized (15.09.2020)






I have only ever naturally wanted my own identity since I was a small child, but I have only ever lived the experience of ‘official’ hostility over my own identity.


This is despite the fact, I am a natural born Australian… citizen, who does not have to apply for permission from anyone else for my own identity.


The legislative gymnastics that falsely claim I need to pay to apply and have the permission of the likes of the public ‘official’ who posed as my godfather who was Director General of ASIO when the ‘because I can Act 1984’ was invented (when the true circumstances beggar belief) by which time I was already an adult, living overseas, is not only deeply offensive but absolutely unlawful.


I would have found it easier as a child if I had… known and been properly informed of my… absolute legal right to discharge my ‘adoption’ as an adult (which would have also discouraged adults, from without my knowledge, denying my own identity and nationalities, and cultural heritage, all of which is of itself very difficult to come to terms with)


There is no doubt I would have qualified for a medical exemption from my forced ‘adoption’ as child because it was so obviously detrimental to my own health and wellbeing, in any and every way.


I can never feel I belong and can call Australia my home until my own identity is officially recognised, so my own Mediterranean cultural heritage is no longer ‘officially’ airbrushed out.


The fact I was a legally unrepresented child who originally travelled overseas to London on a British passport during the Christmas and New Year of 1966/67 (the County Court in Melbourne was always aware from their own records I could be as a legally unrepresented child removed from Australia) helps explain why politicians were trying to destroy records in the UK in 2008, which would also be difficult for the State of Victoria in Australia to explain too, because I did not originally travel overseas as an unaccompanied minor etc etc.


The only hearing there could ever be in the County Court in Melbourne would be before a jury, where it is the State of Victoria who would have ‘no recognised defence in law’ to explain the repeated indefensible life threatening attacks by assailants, on me, orchestrated by the Palace of Westminster, in the UK, because the State of Victoria, with the knowledge of the County Court in Melbourne, originally left me legally unrepresented as a child.


The American born British PM 'Journalist' Johnson would find it a legal impossibility to deny he exiled myself and my Welsh boyfriend Neil Kerslake from the UK, to further his own 'political' career.


The State of Victoria, with reckless disregard for my health and wellbeing ‘put in place a sequence of events’ that has always unnecessarily put my own life at risk.


The ‘official’ recognition of my identity in Case 352, which is not ‘optional’ along with compensation so I have a safe and sustainable life in Australia and France is the only responsible way forward, because it is the State of Victoria who is legally responsible for me currently having neither.



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The truth is I can legally notify the Commissioner of the Victorian Police of a lawful peaceful campaign by myself, with my own identity, and address in France, that he would legally have no choice but to officially recognise and indeed could only ‘dispute’ before a civil jury in the County Court in Melbourne, in Case 352, all at no expense to myself, because there is no reasonable doubt whatsoever that despite my having no legal representation myself, through no fault of my own, I have properly notified the County Court in Melbourne of my discharge of my ‘adoption’ which has legal effect now.


The true legal reality is the State of Victoria has no choice but to give everyone who is ‘adopted’ the choice of a medical exemption to discharge their ‘adoption’ at any time.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat





Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria Case 352: Premier Andrews is legally obliged to resign over political scandal surrounding illegal … reversal of civil procedure, because the truth is my adult discharge of my forced ‘adoption’ has legal effect now (14.09.2020)



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Dear DOJ,


Thank you for your email this evening on behalf of the Premier and County Court who do not practise any identifiable separation of powers.


I am sure the DOJ must have… always been aware of politicians illegal… reversal of civil procedure with their ‘because I can Act 1984’ and that therefore my discharge of my forced ‘adoption’ has now taken legal effect, which the County Court and yourselves are actually legally obliged to recognize.


I could of course produce twelve honest people who agree with me, if you like !!








by Donna Bugat


Date of Document: 14 September 2020

Filed by: Donna Bugat

Prepared by: Donna Bugat


1. I hereby notify the County Court in Melbourne I have according to Jus Cogens, a medical exemption to safely:


a) discharge my adoption made when I was a minor, at no personal or financial cost to myself or my family members, which will be registered by the Court and with the Australian Central Authority on 14 September 2020.


b) travel and live overseas at any time, so I and my family members can choose to keep any citizenships


c) live in a civil ‘PACS’ partnership (refer France)


recognised by the Australian State Premiers and PM.


2. The Australian State Premiers and PM agree to pay my reasonable and ongoing financial costs ‘in lieu of legal representation’ relating to the documented unprecedented global abuse of process, so that I can live a safe and sustainable life with my own family.


The compensation will be paid to me through the County Court in Melbourne who can only have my bank details to pay compensation to me.


3. The Australian State Premiers & PM agree they will ensure I and my family members can receive any medical treatment of my/our choosing wherever I am/we are and they will pay for my/our safe travel overseas or to return to Australia at the request of myself or any family member for any personal or private reason, at any time.


4. I or any family member (and in exceptional cases a 'McKenzie friend') could re-open my Case 352 at no cost to myself or them, if or in the unlikely event, there are any unintended or unforeseen circumstances arising from my discharge of my adoption on 14 September 2020, where in any event legal liability would still rest with Australian State Premiers & the PM.


5. I have a medical exemption to safely travel to Springvale at any time, including on 18th September 2020, before I travel overseas for private family gatherings including a family birthday and wedding on 19th & 20th October 2020, so that I can quietly honour the memory of my beautiful little sister who I was raised separately from and whose untimely death was wholly preventable.


There are no words to express the loss in a world where we all have our own sisters and brothers and sons and daughters and mothers and fathers and friends, we all love in our global human family.


6. The Australian Central Authority will file a copy of my discharge of my adoption in the County Court in Melbourne on 14 September 2020 in Den Haag in the Netherlands that in my case, will be available to the public, free of charge, although I am not legally obliged to discuss the details of my case, unless I choose to, on my own terms.


Therefore, there is no need for any court hearing, in the County Court, Melbourne, because it is in all our interests to peacefully agree my reasonable out of court settlement.


Signed by Donna Bugat



in the State of Victoria this

13th day of September 2020


Address: xx xxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx, 22450, Brittany, France.



... my discharge of my adoption has taken legal effect now...


It’s very sad that public officials continue to try and discriminate against people subjected to forced ‘adoptions’ which means there is an ongoing failure to recognize us as… human beings with… feelings, which is of course totally unacceptable.


In the global adult world I live in, reasonable and rational, responsible adults know I have as an adult legally discharged my forced ‘adoption’.


The Chief Health Officer of Victoria and the Chief of Police in Victoria are obviously legally obliged to recognize my discharge of my forced ‘adoption’ too, not least because there is no known ‘offence’ I could be arrested, prosecuted and convicted over for having peacefully discharged my forced ‘adoption’ I quite reasonably and legally refuse to recognize.


The incontrovertible unprecedented evidence is I was maliciously targeted in -both- Australia and the UK, which caused harmful life threatening and devastating consequences, precisely because I could peacefully notify, on a handwritten scrap of paper if that is how I chose to do it (we did btw 'win' two linked ‘landmark’ cases in the UK, by doing just that)


My previous identity only now exists in the closed minds of politicians and others who refuse to practise the peace and harmony of the rule of law which is what I do peacefully represent.


Premier Andrews is therefore clearly legally obliged to resign now so I can have a court stamped copy of my discharge of my adoption which includes being compensated, so I can live a safe and sustainable life, free of such wholly arbitrary discrimination.


Either I am legally and morally correct that I have a medical exemption from his abuse of process, or Premier Andrews is right that I don't, because we can't both be right.


'Adoptions' should never have been sooooooo politicised... anywhere.


The DOJ do have a legal obligation to properly inform all adopted people when they are children, of their absolute legal right to simply… notify the court as adults of the discharge of their ‘adoption’ which we do not have to apply to do and pay for and cannot be refused by anyone, in what are already existing cases where we are, if anyone is, claiming costs that are instead payable to us.


It is not possible for adults to honestly say to other... adults, we need to apply and have the permission of the state and so on and so forth who we also need to pay with a mean(s) tested charade… simply to discharge our own ‘adoption’ because that not only insults anyone's intelligence, but it continues the... abusive pattern of... control inherent in forced 'adoptions'.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat