The BREXIT white supremacy panjandrum will mean more people choose freedom of movement -between- CANZUK, and the EUROPEAN UNION which at least includes part of the MEDITERRANEAN (09.09.2020)



... i love my little home in my very own nature lovers paradise, despite and not because of... any... politics...



I haven’t had any ‘choice’ about what has happened to me, because an oppressive and abusive County Court Order made against me as a child, just gave ‘carte-blanche’ to any other government to follow suit too.


So what I would say I have learned is it is better to try and find freedom of movement for yourself -between- the Brexit panjandrum of white supremacy in CANZUK, and the European Union which (while not showing any evidence of genuinely caring about it's 'own' civilians either) at least includes some of the Mediterranean.


I think it can be easier and indeed more fulfilling to have one (for example) Australian passport (minus an oppressive and abusive County Court Order which has caused all my own problems) and live -between- both CANZUK and the European Union.


There’s such a beautiful world beyond the truly ugly world of ‘politics’ and ‘news’ media.