Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria: My Discharge Order in County Court Case 352 in Melbourne, Australia takes precedence over any other government document relating to me, anywhere (31.08.2020)







My Discharge Order (that takes precedence over any other government document relating to me anywhere) means all politicians and Heads of State are legally obliged to recognise my Mediterranean multicultural name is Donna Bugat and I am an Australian citizen born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


I and my two beautiful sons Matt and Dave, who I love dearly (and are Australian citizens by descent, and dual nationals legally born in the UK and New Zealand on 5th September 1985 and 20th October 1990 who have also been adversely affected by the County Court Order made against me as a child) have freedom of movement to safely enter and leave any Commonwealth state or country at any time, using international laws on refoulement.




I do not personally want any ‘right of return’ to live or work in the UK, (I was married in New Zealand and divorced in the UK) although I ‘could’ visit for a family wedding, all of which means I and my two sons will be free to peacefully live and work where we live and have lived.




All politicians and their Heads of State and representatives are legally obliged to properly inform people of their legal rights, to as an adult, notify courts they are safely discharging, for any personal or private reason of their own choosing, at no cost to themselves, County Court ‘adoption’ Orders (or the same elsewhere) made against them as children.


All Australian politicians are personally and legally liable for paying me my tax free ‘consultation fee’ of $2,088,000 (and any other unforeseen expenses that can be paid to me anywhere, arising from the original County Court Order, that politicians and Heads of State ‘could’ only oppose by appearing in person before a civil jury, after giving me 58 years advance notice of a court hearing) through the County Court in Melbourne, Australia (who will pay the sum to my bank account in Melbourne, Australia with the details I will provide to the registrar) because political etc responsibility comes with legal accountability.


I do reasonably expect the County Court in Melbourne, Australia to professionally organise a County Court stamped copy of my signed Discharge Order (my signature is provided below) to be given to me by email by them, before 4pm on Wednesday 2nd September 2020.


... Black Madonna, Rose Garden, St.Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 31st August 2020...


The original County Court stamped copy of my Discharge Order will be retained by the County Court in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, who will also provide a copy to my local Mairie in France (where they know I own my own home, which is my modest stone cottage in my nature lovers paradise, I adore) along with copies to the Central Authority and the Hague Convention on Inter-country ‘adoptions’.


I hope that my Discharge Order will mean I am able to one day call Melbourne, Australia, my home too.


There will always be a rose in the castle at the foot of the mountains overlooking the sea, 35 kilometres from someone else’s border.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat