Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria: I have a medical exemption so I can discharge the County Court Order from 28 May 1963 in Case 352 in the County Court, in accordance with private international law (29.08.2020)





I am a reasonable and rational responsible adult notifying of my medical exemption to discharge the 28 May 1963 County Court Order in Case 352 in Victoria, Australia, in accordance with private international law.


I do not want and should not and do not need the ‘permission’ of anyone else, including politicians and courts, to as an adult discharge for any reason, the County Court Order made… against me as a child.


No-one could ‘reasonably believe’ an adult could not for any personal and private reason, discharge a County Court Order made against them as a child, so politicians retrospective Orwellian legislation from 1984 at best, only confirms the unreasonable force used in adoptions that were always intended to be a lifelong abuse of process.


The State of Victoria is obviously unable to produce any competent and qualified medical professional who could testify with any evidence, before any jury, that a reasonable and rational responsible adult cannot peacefully and legally discharge the County Court Order made against them as a child, for any personal and private reason.


Therefore I do legally have a medical exemption to discharge the 28 May 1963 County Court Order in Case 352, in accordance with private international law.


This means that I and my two sons do also keep and maintain the right to live in countries where we live and have lived, which no competent and qualified medical professional would oppose either.


My own legal discharge of the County Court Order in Case 352 on my reasonable terms, means the State of Victoria are legally obliged to pay me a tax free ‘consultation fee’ of $2,088,000, so I can then also discharge the High Court Order from 2008 in the UK which is part of the same ‘Westminster system’ (and file copies with my local Mairie in France) in my full and final ‘out of court settlement’.


The State of Victoria must of course be legally obliged to provide greater clarity with their own legislation that must properly inform people that they do legally have the right as adults to discharge the Court Orders made against them as a child, for any personal and private reason of their own.


The manner of the County Court Orders prevent someone who is raped from safely disclosing that information to the… Court, because the County Court Order and retrospective legislation from 1984 denies… legal representation to those who the County Court Orders were made against. So, sadly, the true legal effect of the County Court Order is a global abuse of process that is a very serious miscarriage of justice in any decent and civilised society.


I do not personally propose to renew my own right to live in the UK, too, although I will file the discharge of my County Court Order in the State of Victoria, Australia, in Case 352, with my High Court Order from April 2008 etc in the UK, that I will then also be able to… discharge too.


It is possible I 'could' briefly visit the UK for a family wedding one day, and I guess I 'could' agree to isolate in my tent for 14 days in Parliament Square, Central London (with my face mask and bandana on what is really the busiest and most polluted roundabout in the entire country) exercising my peaceful free expression while I happened to be there, although I would not be staying in the UK.


Tucker v Director of Public Prosecutions [2007] EWHC 3019 (Admin) (30 November 2007)



... would be jolly useful in parliament square, central london, too, with its five lane, one way traffic system...


It was agreed the High Court hearing (above) that had not taken place in a timely manner, when they claimed it had got 'lost' in 'Town & Country Planning' before I was belatedly denied legal representation in the UK (because the original County Court Order in Australia made against me as a child, denied me legal representation... too) after the Bow Street Magistrates Court had refused to keep an accurate and contemporaneous record of their marsupial court meanderings (which was commonplace) was actually null and void, because the High Court admitted it was they who had 'inexplicably' failed to errr... notify me of my own appeal. 


(see below where I am 'Anor' who has no... legal representation when the High Court changed the infinitive 'a' to 'sidestep' the continuing fact the Marsupial Court had... again refused to keep an accurate and contemporaneous record):


Haw & Anor v City of Westminster Magistrates' Court [2007] EWHC 2960 (Admin) (12 December 2007)


The British government were slightly peeved when I 'won' the definitive legal 'victory' at Southwark Crown Court on 13 December 2007.


My best friend was the global gold standard in peaceful freedom of expression.


Of course the (for example) opportunistic British PM Johnson (a former Mayor of London) and latest Leader of the ‘Opposition’ Starmer (a former DPP) are a double act who horse-traded their way up the greasy pole of the ‘Westminster system’ over my case that is directly linked to the County Court Order made against me as a… child !! in Australia.


The British Parliament ‘curiously’ refused to return my iconic pink sequinned banner that stated “I am not the Serious Organised Criminal” when they were forced to repeal their free speech ban from ss 132-138 SOCPA (Serious Organized Crime & Police Act) 2005 (mine was the only banner they ever ordered the destruction of, despite there being no legislation for them to do so) that saw Britain’s ‘unique’ version of Article 11 Freedom of Assembly reduced to politicians purporting they could criminalise one of two people (moi) who agreed to peacefully campaign together.


I wouldn’t really mind isolating in a tent in Australia too, because shelter is obviously necessary for human survival.


My own home however, which is the only home of my own I have ever really known, is my modest stone cottage in my nature lovers paradise in France. 


It is the County Court Order in Case 352 in Victoria, Australia, that politicians et al have always argued over that has never, and does not, and could not, make me feel or be safe, because the fact it never had any checks and balances and safeguards (like legal representation) to help protect my health and wellbeing, is ultimately the reason why I have lifelong PTSD and accompanying multiple autoimmune and related illnesses.


The 'paradox' is the County Court Orders are a wholly political policy, against children, who couldn't even vote. 


To be blunt.


I cannot safely live with the existing County Court Order and the accompanying PTSD which is a very serious life threatening disease, that in my own case has been caused by so much overwhelming trauma throughout my life.




I am forced to struggle on a daily basis with PTSD because I can only properly function when I feel and know I am safe in a stable environment (the County Court Order never provided) where I am also able to be not just with friends, but my own family, because I was forcibly completely isolated… against my will, from my… entire family and culture from my childhood.


My boyfriend who is seriously ill because he was crippled in the UK, is a registered political asylum seeker in Ter Apel in the Netherlands. 


I can only feel and be safer with my own legal discharge of the County Court Order made against me as a child, that also involves my trying to protect my own two sons who are also affected by it, and retrospective legislation too.


The legal discharge of the County Court Order should also mean I can then have access to legal representation to help me organise my name change with the BDM, passports, the Australian Electoral Commission and my property etc etc.


I do actually want to be able to live a safe and sustainable life in Australia too. 


(I guess the State of Victoria may as well pass their medicinal cannabis legislation while they are at it, because I don’t know of any… medical basis for medicinal cannabis not being included in PBS… prescriptions, and indeed it is something I am legally ‘home testing’ to help manage my PTSD etc.


I don’t even personally know politicians medical basis for refusing to provide unlimited free government approved Covid 19 home test kits, at the very least for vulnerable people like myself to do ourselves (which any reasonable person would think would be included in responsible pandemic planning) because it is after all possible for people to do their own home testing for pregnancy and some types of cancer these days in Melbourne, Australia)


I do reasonably expect my own discharge of the County Court Order to be organised by the County Court, without further delay, this week, and at the latest by 4pm on Wednesday 2nd September 2020.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat (born 10 February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia)