Donna Bugat -v-State of Victoria (FAO BDM re: Case 352 County Court of Victoria, Australia) (20.08.2020)






FAO BDM Victoria,


This is to notify the BDM of my intention to change my name to Donna Bugat from the name of Barbara Paterson that was imposed on me through what politicians label ‘forced adoptions’ through County Court Orders.


I was born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Australia.


I am doing this:


a) so I can go... around the overwhelming mountain of political lies contained in the abuse of process of the County Court Order made against me on 28 May 1963, in Victoria, Australia, by personally and officially recognising my own choice of my name (through the BDM) and therefore my whole family with the same DNA, including so my own two sons (who are dual nationals born in and living in the UK and New Zealand who also have Australian citizenship by descent) keep their dual nationality according to the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The Victorian government have always intended and legislated for me to lose my right to Italian nationality (refer s.8 ‘private international law does not apply’ & s.19 ‘discharge of County Court Orders’) from the (forced) Adoption Act 1984 in Victoria, Australia.


I do not personally intend to renew my British (dual) nationality, which was however also recognised when I bought my modest home I own in France in 2013… before the subsequent referendum in the UK in 2016.


I am however reserving the right to transfer the choice of my name from through the BDM to my also… discharging the County Court Order in case 352… at a later date should politicians ever be big enough to stop trying to affect dual nationality for my two sons etc too !!


I understand it has always been wrong for politicians and the people from the highest echelons of the British and intelligence services who posed as my parents and godparents to refuse me legal representation while they… had legal representation to hide behind, so they could bully and abuse me.


The legal reality is the dual national people who posed as my parents and godparents from the highest echelons of the British and Australian intelligence services along with politicians and the County Court of Victoria have refused through s.8 (‘private international law does not apply’) & s.19 (‘discharge of orders’) of the (forced) Adoption Act in Victoria, Australia 1984 to acknowledge the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


I am aware politicians gave legal representation to people who participated in the charade of their royal commissions so politicians could try and justify legal representation for themselves which was only ever intended to hide politicians refusal to give legal representation to people to legally discharge County Court Orders according to the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


The truth is, the only way forced adoptions were able to take place that included completely changing a child’s identity including their nationality which was all done solely for political reasons, was by denying children, who then became adults… legal representation.


The distressing consequences of my never having legal representation regarding the County Court Order in Victoria, Australia include:


a) my being caused lifelong PTSD and multiple autoimmune and related illnesses etc.


It is very distressing for me, the State of Victoria have always avoided the truth of DNA to try and ‘officially’ deny my little sister was Jennifer Bugat who was born on 4 September 1964 who died on 10 September 2000 because we both have the same married mother and father, along with half siblings from both our parents.


b) my having a High Court (Habeas Corpus) Order from April 2008 in the High Court in the UK that is related to multiple civil jury lawsuits etc there (involving senior British public officials who also worked for the Victorian government) that only arose because of my originally never having… legal representation regarding the abuse of process of the County Court Order in Victoria, Australia.


The fact the Victorian government always intended and indeed used s.8 (‘private international law does not apply’) and s.19 ‘discharge orders’ from the (forced) Adoption Act 1984 when the man who posed as my godfather Tudor Harvey Barnett was Director General of ASIO with an undeclared ‘conflict of interest’ was intended to try and maintain my losing my right to Italian nationality (which originally happened when I was a child) and later British nationality, because I refused as an adult to join the British and Australian military and intelligence services (because I naturally wanted to try and find my own way in life with my true identity).


The discrimination against me is obvious when you consider (for example) my ex-husband who is a New Zealander who got his right to live and work in the UK through me, did not lose that when we divorced, which I would not have wanted to happen to him anyway (I was married in New Zealand and divorced in the UK) yet I could arbitrarily be affected by Victorian legislation, that purports it is possible to remove one foreign nationality and replace it with another without the knowledge of me as a child or an adult directly affected.


It still remains legally and morally unclear to me what legal authority the State of Victoria actually rely on to arbitrarily change and forcibly remove any… foreign nationality, just from children from ‘forced adoptions’ along with our children, because dual nationality legally exists in so many ways in all walks of life.


My boyfriend who is from Wales in the UK and is seriously ill, which is why he was exiled with me from the UK in 2013 has now registered for political asylum in Ter Apel in the Netherlands (so he can keep his European identity, because it is not safe for him to return to live in the UK.


I hope to be able to spend some time with my boyfriend because I want to be with him too and help him with every day living, although I do not personally want to apply for political asylum including in the Netherlands, because I know political asylum would be too overwhelming and difficult for me to do with my lifelong PTSD, despite the Australian government breaching refoulement by forcing me to return to Australia in 2019.


My own first step to make my own… choices is to have my choice of my name Donna Bugat through the BDM, not the County Court, and moving into a flat with a friend in Melbourne, Australia too and also visiting my boyfriend who is seriously ill in the refugee centre in Ter Apel in the Netherlands.


I guess it is almost inevitable that I am currently in hotel quarantine in Melbourne, Australia (since 10 August 2020 because I was ‘classified’ as a ‘close contact’ of someone who tested positive to Covid 19) while I wait for my own Covid 19 test results.


The DHHS told me yesterday they lost my test result from 9 August 2020 so they did another one, because it is obviously very important for me to actually know if I have or have had Covid 19 because I need to be able to try and do my best to protect myself and others including healthcare workers. 


It would seem odd to most people that the hotel reception then rang me at 10pm tonight to say the DHHS who supposedly finish at 8pm had said I had now tested negative for Covid 19, so I could leave the hotel and walk through the deserted streets late at night, on my own, breaking the governments own curfew !! to catch public transport, with luggage I couldn’t carry on my own !! because the DHHS refused to pay for a taxi for me to return, to where I normally stay, despite the DHHS paying for a taxi for people two nights ago who left half an hour before the curfew, when I was told I could not leave with those same people I had arrived at hotel quarantine with, which just happened to be at exactly the same time my boyfriend had an appointment to register for political asylum in the Netherlands.


I told the hotel the DHHS obviously didn’t care about my health in any way, so I had instead phoned a friend to arrange for them to come and meet me at 9.30am in the morning to help me take my luggage back by public transport when it was not a curfew, which the hotel agreed was much safer and more sensible for me to do.


My personal view was I did not relish the risk of being mugged by one government department (the police) late at night because another government department (the DHHS) said another government imposed curfew did not matter, because I have better things to do with my life than being caught between and harmed by any more ‘inconsistencies’ between… government departments.   


I guess there is a strong case to be made for free non invasive apolitical Covid 19 home tests (a DHHS nurse said it is technically possible to do it yourself)


I think my name Donna Bugat better reflects the truth including my Catalan Mediterranean cultural heritage in the Pyrenees of France and Spain and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Dolomites of Italy and Austria etc, which is important to me too, and is where my name is obviously far more common.


I do not know if the BDM waive fees regarding people subjected to forced adoptions actually choosing the name we want, but it is certainly a priority case, that should be dealt with immediately to avoid further distress and hardship arising from legislative gymnastics etc.


It is obviously going to be expensive and time consuming for me to just change all the documentation relating to my passport and my property in France and so on, because I do not, through no fault of my own, have the benefit of any legal representation, which politicians et al who were not directly affected by their legislative gymnastics, have by contrast, always had.


So rather than being bounced between Angus Knight who do get a government grant and Centrelink, because I don’t have legal representation it is more sensible for Angus Knight to help organise a government grant of $2,088,000 for me now, because both know, there is no ‘statute of limitations’ regarding what has really happened to me.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat