Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria, Australia: My Amended County Court Order etc in Case 352  must be issued on 17 August 2020 (16.08.2020)



... wholly political...




My Amended County Court Order must be issued by email to me on 17 August 2020 to provide me with the necessary safe and sustainable stability:


1. My name is Donna Bugat


It is not possible for the State of Victoria to officially impose the name Barbara on me, which only causes and has caused prolonged PTSD etc, throughout my life.


The legal reality is the County Court of Victoria and the State of Victoria do not have any legal authority to remove any dual nationality from myself, or by extension my two sons, which the Federal or Commonwealth government could not now dispute in the County Court of Victoria either.


It is legally and morally completely unacceptable that my two beautiful sons should be another generation adversely affected by what has happened to me as a child and adult, because of the County Court Order made against me as a child.


Therefore we will keep and maintain our right to live where we live and have lived, so the legal reality is there are exceptions and exemptions to Victorian legislation from 1984 etc, regarding what politicians call ‘forced adoptions’.


A reasonable and responsible rational adult would know it is an unreasonable abuse of process to have legislation that does not consider the facts of individual cases and the sensible choices the person who the original County Court Order was made against (which is me) is legally entitled to make.


There were never any legal grounds to completely change my identity when I was a child, which has caused me prolonged physical and emotional harm, throughout my life, that must be immediately addressed by my Amended County Court Order that I am legally entitled to make.


I am really Donna who is a Melbourne born Catalan Italian Australian, so the ‘official’ identity of Barbara which has only ever been forced on me, through the County Court Order made by the State of Victoria literally only causes me PTSD.


I have suffered profound losses because of being denied my true Mediterranean cultural heritage.


I first visited Catalonia and Toledo in Spain and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco in 1981 when I did not know my true identity, and I also went to the Prado in Madrid which is my favourite art gallery in the world. In 1984 the gentleman from Genoa in Italy took me to Monte Carlo in Monaco.


I missed the opportunity to go to university in Italy as a young person when I would probably have studied Antiquities, because I was not told the whole truth then, when I would maybe also have lived in Catalonia, Jaffa or Jerusalem. It has obviously been difficult for me to live in Catalonia, but that does not change my Mediterranean cultural heritage is very important to me too.


My baptism certificate from the Church of the Ascension is obviously null and void because I choose to be Jewish, although I also have Catholic and Muslim heritage too.


2. Angus Knight who receive government grants, are ordered to immediately facilitate a tax free government grant of $2,088,000 for me, because I should not and should never have been taken advantage of or discriminated against, which has caused and because I have PTSD etc.


This will also help compensate me for not ever having had legal representation throughout my life because I was discriminated against by having my identity completely changed as a child.


The fact there is no statute of limitations in my case (however anyone looks at anything) and no refoulement means the legal reality is I am exempt from being stopped by anyone from leaving or entering Australia along with the fact I am entitled to receive Australian State or Federal government payments wherever I choose to live.


I am legally entitled to be able to enjoy a safe and sustainable life that is only possible with my Amended County Court Order, which is intended to help me overcome PTSD etc so that I am able to make my own choices and decisions about my life within Article 2 right to life and Article 8 right to a private family life according to the peace and harmony of the rule of law.


3. The State of Victoria are ordered to pay any costs of my amended County Court Order which will be filed with my High Court Order from April 2008 in the UK, and with my local Mairie where my home is in France & the ECHR.


It is not safe or sustainable for me to continue living the way I have been living, because of the original County Court Order.


A stamped copy of my Amended County Court Order must be issued to me (by email is fine) by the County Court of Victoria on Monday 17 August 2020 and there is nothing anyone can say or do that will make me change my mind.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat




N.B: The County Court failure to provide a stamped copy of my County Court Order in a timely manner has however anyone looks at it, adversely affected my health, and resulted in my being in hotel quarantine.


My personal experience of the State of Victoria’s Covid 19 testing and hotel quarantine system thus far is it is wholly political.


The public need free apolitical non invasive home tests we can privately do ourselves, so that we can help to protect ourselves and others including healthcare workers.