Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria (Case 352): Premier Andrews political gimmicks of ‘compulsory face masks’ & ‘covid 19 tests’ hide Victorian Parliament’s wilful obstruction of administration of justice, with refusal to sit & fund safe & sustainable healthcare system for everyone (23.07.2020)



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The State of Victoria’s 'County Court Orders' are a discriminatory political ‘policy’ that never had any legal basis whatsoever, because they dishonestly purported innocent and defenceless vulnerable children who had no legal representation could be falsely imprisoned, exploited and trafficked, throughout our entire lives.


I don’t personally mind wearing a face mask to keep my face warm in winter, and to help try and protect myself and others from pollution, bushfires, global pandemics and depleted uranium etc.


However, a ‘compulsory face mask’ and ‘covid 19 tests’ which are… politicians idea of 'healthcare' on the cheap, because they don’t treat or cure even… pre-existing life threatening preventable illnesses, really hide the wilful obstruction of the administration of justice by the Victorian Parliament who refuse without lawful excuse to sit and fund a safe and sustainable healthcare system for everyone.


If the Victorian Parliament is not an ‘essential business’ during a global pandemic, then when is it ?


It is common-sense, a compulsory face mask and covid 19 tests clearly won’t... help someone with PTSD and multiple pre-existing life threatening illnesses caused by prolonged… state sanctioned abuse.


The Premier of the State of Victoria is no different from Ken Livingstone et al, which is why the Victorian Parliament hired Sir Ken Jones from ACPO as DAC in Victoria, knowing I already had a High Court Order in the UK too, against him from April 2008, there is no plausible state of denial over either.


The 'unknown assailant' who didn't need a 'face mask' because two faced politicians hid his identity:



... the 'unknown assailant' politicians refused to identify... there's no plausible deniability premier andrews doesn't care about my health... (the parliamentary estate, westminster, london)...


There’s absolutely nothing stopping politicians sitting in the Victorian Parliament with their ‘compulsory face masks’ and ‘covid 19 tests’ during a global pandemic, while if necessary socially isolating in a hotel guarded by the same ‘security’ they… chose (to of course spin yet another ‘inquiry’ to yet again give politicians an entourage of free legal representation… for themselves) to instead fund a safe and sustainable healthcare system for … everyone.


If a global pandemic is not a 'good time' to build a safe and sustainable healthcare system for everyone, then when is ?


A…mend & Amen…d.


Donna Bugat