Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria (Case 352) : Re: Pre-existing legal and medical cases (22.07.2020)




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Hi Emily, 


Thank you for your further email.


I have to keep reminding myself I am supposed to be an ‘Australian citizen’ in Australia, because of course the reason we are where we are today, is because the State of Victoria deliberately withheld legal representation from children so they could rubber stamp any old County Court Orders they wanted.


The DOJ passed the buck to Legal Aid, so someone has already spoken to Legal Aid, and they passed the buck to the Victoria Law Institute, who as I have already explained, never even had the courtesy to get back to me (in 2016 the Victorian Law Institute had written a ‘submission’ to one of Andrews phoney ongoing ’inquiries’ disgracefully questioning whether people whose lives were destroyed by state sponsored child trafficking would need legal representation, because of course their lawyers were originally involved in the County Court Orders that are an obvious abuse of process) before another government agency then said I (rather than them) should contact Fitzroy Legal Services (while the ACA shockingly refuse to even guarantee legal representation to… children in transnational cases, now)


The fact is it is the State of Victoria who made the County Court Orders (that can be amended because they are false imprisonments etc because we have been deprived of our right to our own identity, nationality and family life etc etc)


So what would… genuinely help (because I really should not be running around trying to find legal representation) is the Premier of Victoria, and the people who work at Legal Aid, the Victorian Law Institute and Fitzroy Legal Services talking… to each other, to find and agree among themselves who is going to provide me with the legal representation I need to receive… the stamped copy of my amended County Court Order that reverses the abuse of process that has caused me so much harm, along with a hard copy by registered post to my home address in France.


There obviously needs to be an identifiable process, so other people can also amend their County Court Orders if they also choose too, without being so discriminated against, because the County Court didn’t have a problem rubber-stamping the original Court Orders.


People really are not the numbers the State of Victoria allotted to us.


It's not like I am asking for anything that is either difficult or unreasonable.


This Premier and the State of Victoria are still running a taxpayer funded bogus 'inquiry' into 'forced adoptions' to give politicians... an entourage of free lawyers for themselves !!) despite knowing, we are legally entitled to amend the County Court Orders.


The State of Victoria are clearly legally obliged to actually identify legal representation people can access, to amend Court Orders made by the State of Victoria, because legal representation is an essential part of any lawful process involving County Court Orders that are not supposed to be a one way street.


If the County Court had stamped my amended County Court Order which was improperly made by that Court in the first place, I would not need legal representation to do it for me !!


I’m not personally interested in Premier Andrews grandstanding to cameras over a global pandemic, because it is common-sense a face mask and Covid 19 tests really are not a cure for pre-existing life threatening illnesses, because politicians are not interested in a functioning health care system for everyone anyway.


This Victorian government are so backward they don’t even have CBD oil on PBS prescription, which is extraordinary.


It is unacceptable politicians don’t even care about everyone having access to a pain relief that doesn’t have side effects, and isn’t a problem when taking other prescriptions, and doesn’t aggravate any of the illnesses which is a real problem for people with multiple illnesses (while pain does obviously aggravate autoimmune illnesses and PTSD too) and people languish on waiting lists, created by politicians, for specialists and hospital treatment.


The fact it is necessary to access legal representation and made so difficult to do so, to do something that should be so straightforward, such as amending a County Court Order, which should not be made difficult to do (because that only encourages the ongoing abuse of victims) further highlights it is ALSO completely unacceptable for someone to find themselves… in hospital without any guarantee of legal representation there either, so they can make their own informed choices and decisions.


For the avoidance of doubt, Premier Andrews most certainly does not and will never speak on my behalf or instead of me, about anything.


I am very far from being the only person with pre-existing legal and medical cases, before a global pandemic that everyone has to also deal with too, while politicians only focus is on socially distancing from the public and their parliament, which you would have thought politicians might possibly have considered an ‘essential business’.


If parliament is not an 'essential business' during a global pandemic, then when is it ?


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat