Russia: Dr Julian Lewis zero 'Intelligence & Security' cover up hides he was on committee in 2010 when High Court records etc prove... politicians shielded Russian govt. et al from lawsuits, because they were working together, against peaceniks... in UK (21.07.2020) 


In 2010, Dr Julian Lewis who is not a big fan of freedom of speech for British nationals in the UK, was on the zero 'Intelligence & Security' Committee.



... two veterans... brian and myself had the 'lived experience'...


The British politicians obviously rigged the 2010 election to choose the outcome among themselves, by spinning the student fee lie, to split the vote and produce a hung parliament.





The growing undercover operation against Brian and myself at that time, couldn’t continue without switching to a Tory PM too, because Labour politicians, including the former Mayor of London, Livingstone had already accumulated too many lawsuits against them.


The High Court records etc from 2010 in legal proceedings do prove the… legal problem is, British politicians shielded the Russian government et al from lawsuits, because they were working with the British government against we… peaceniks in the UK.



... all totally rotten... ... the ghastly rifkind (for example) didn't like my publicly complaining about his mercenary 'armorgroup' (which was funded by the dfid)...


The Russian government are just as cozy with Labour or Tory politicians, whether Stake-knife Corbyn or Johnson et al. 'Russia Today' is notable for the fact it never has any Russian news, because it is just another propaganda outfit for Westminster. The British monarchy rolled out the red-carpet for Putin, because he didn't oppose the Iraq War.



... the 'state visit' june 2003...


It was absolutely unlawful for the British and Australian governments (incl. Premier Andrews in Victoria who hired Sir Ken Jones from ACPO knowing I already had a High Court Order from April 2008 involving him) to hide the identity of the 'unknown assailant' from 17 August 2007 who launched a life threatening violent attack on me (the same people involved in that cover up were involved in escalating cover ups)




They are all as bad as each other:


... they are all as bad as each other...