Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria: Premier Andrews has no plausible deniability regarding Case 352 from 28 May 1963 in County Court of Victoria, Australia & my High Court Order from April 2008 in the High Court in London (10.07.2020)







I was asked to discuss my case this morning, which I did do.


I clearly have no political agenda.


Premier Daniel Andrews has no plausible deniability he is acting in his own politically motivated interest, not the public interest regarding my Case 352 from 28 May 1963 in the County Court of Victoria, Australia & my connected High Court Order from April 2008 in the High Court in London.


He was the Health Minister and part of the Labour government in Victoria, Australia, who hired the ACPO Chief Sir Ken Jones from the UK as Deputy Commissioner of Police in Melbourne knowing he was hiding my High Court Order from April 2008 relating to the former Mayor of London Livingstone's use of his 'unknown assailant' he originally refused to identify in the violent attack on me that was covered up, so it escalated.


I legally blew the whistle in the High Court in London on 21 June 2010 without knowing about the County Court Order in Victoria Australia, which is why I was denied legal representation in the UK on 23 June 2010, which is the same day the Australian Labour party had a re-shuffle of their leadership.


The fact is it is self evident to any reasonable and responsible person, vulnerable children who are removed from their families for any reason need legal representation to stop politicians exploiting children as pawns, which is what has happened to me.


Premier Andrews who is supposed to protect Australian citizens, obviously continues to benefit politically from my not having legal representation now so I can try and improve my physical and emotional health, with timely access to professional medical treatment of my… choosing.


I should have like everyone else been properly consulted years ago, so that I could have peacefully amended my County Court Order in Victoria, Australia.


I was as an innocent child put in a political situation not of my making that I have taken all reasonable steps to legally resolve peacefully.


It is clear from my unprecedented case, that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, it is a priority to start guaranteeing children removed from their families legal representation so what has happened, can never happen again to what was a truly multicultural ‘minority’ of children like myself.


I should never have become another statistic in hospital waiting lists for my two specialists, because what has happened to me, that was politically motivated, was entirely preventable.


The peaceful resolution of my case will naturally resolve politicians own s44 dual nationality issue too.


My reasonable financial settlement is intended to stop me being vulnerable to further exploitation by politicians so I can make my… own sensible and informed decisions to genuinely improve my physical and emotional health and protect my family and other children.


Premier Andrews needs to prioritise settling the legal cases like mine so people like myself are no longer excluded, while politicians like himself throw money at business schemes instead in the State of Victoria.


When the State of Victoria rights the historical wrong then other people will also begin to. 


It is obviously legally and morally improper and unacceptable for Premier Andrews to be able to have any influence over me, because I am an Australian citizen who hasn't done anything wrong.


Kind Regards,


Donna Bugat






Thank you to the ACA for their email.


I also received a phone call from a different government agency, this afternoon.


The fact is ACA are refusing for completely unknown reasons to fulfil your legal… obligation to guarantee legal representation for vulnerable children that would ensure they are properly informed of their rights etc. I have provided an opportunity for the ACA to explain this failure and there has been no explanation. Therefore I am forced to include ACA in my legal proceedings to ensure ACA have the legal… obligation to guarantee legal representation for vulnerable children. It goes without saying it should not need a member of the public to pursue such a basic right to protect vulnerable children from the cult of politics and celebrity.


I also pointed out to the government agency who telephoned me this afternoon, that politicians are able to test themselves for the coronavirus whenever they like, while refusing the public the same right to regularly test ourselves in the privacy of our own residences without the public performance politicians and media are trying to impose on us. It has always been entirely possible for politicians to mass manufacture home tests for the public to regularly use, so we have our own agency to do our best to take care of ourselves with respect for our privacy, while politicians are socially distancing from the public, and just using testing to give themselves something to say to the media !!


It is just insulting for politicians to suggest by their actions people do not want to regularly test ourselves in the privacy of our own residences, and particularly when some of us are already on hospital waiting lists for specialists because of the same politicians previous and continuing negligence regarding our health.


I also pointed out that politicians are excluding people on job seekers from starting their own companies because politicians are giving money for job keeper to existing companies who therefore enjoy an unfair advantage because people cannot transfer from jobseeker to job-keeper, which is yet again entirely the fault of politicians. There is an obvious issue within the Fair Work Act etc, because people on jobseeker are being unfairly penalised while politicians prevent small businesses getting off the ground etc etc.


It is agreed by everyone that in my historical case politicians who have the advantage of an entourage of lawyers are unfairly discriminating against me because I should be guaranteed legal representation instead of being overwhelmed by the endless problems politicians make simply because they collect their cheque regardless. It is reasonable of me to want to safely get on with my own life and protect my sons and vulnerable children, who I would not like to have to go through what I have that was all preventable.


The cult of politics and celebrity should not be exploiting children.


Kind Regards,