Australia celebrates child trafficking day on May 25 with harrowing 'open market' in children (15.06.2020) 2007 war mongering politicians on all 'sides' were working... together when they put up their statues glorifying Nelson Mandela and Lloyd George in Parliament Square in Central London. ... politicians have never put up statues listing the names of all the innocent and defenceless civilian women and children murdered in the still ongoing colonial wars...


The British must have swiftly switched Torres and Quieros name of Austrialia to Australia, to try and avoid any connection to the Habsburgs, while Dalrymple hastily recruited any old Cook to lay what is an unusual land ’claim’. 


Of course, the same British Commonwealth later advised the Saxe-Coburgs to change their name to Windsor to avoid public embarrassment so they could continue to cling to the welfare cheque the monarchy collect. The only role the monarchy perform is to be rubber-stampers in chief for the legislative ‘royalties’ multinational corporations routinely pay to politicians, which gives multinational corporations an unfair advantage they further abuse to accumulate vast wealth from cheap labour and resources etc.


The only reason media barons swoon over the monarchy is the magic legislative rubber-stamp politicians are handsomely paid to spin with numerous directorships.


Australia is particularly afflicted with the archaic s44 of the Australian ‘Constitution’ that sees the political classes en masse in serious denial about their dual nationality that is discarded for the merest whiff of a political welfare check from errr… multinational corporations.


The media spin about 'branch stacking' in Australia among one political party is chicken feed that provides another pretext for politicians and media to invent yet another 'public' narrative that is only really held among themselves. 


It's unbelievable that a media baron could spend a year 'investigating' one politician and that is the best story they could come up with while there is so much far more blatant political corruption on all 'sides' going on. 


Politicians use of the word 'resigned' is misleading because the politicians remain MP's rather than actually standing down from politics altogether.


No politician has ever cared about what politicians say about... the public behind their backs. 


In 2007 war mongering politicians on all 'sides' were working together when they put up their statues glorifying Nelson Mandela and Lloyd George in Parliament Square in Central London. 


The British politicians had probably planned to leave the EU for a long time, which would explain why the EU was quickly enlarged while all politicians have completely ignored any rights of British nationals living in the EU following the referendum compared to  all politicians interest in Hong Kong because it would suit all politicians to have England and Hong Kong as 'off-shore' banking havens. 


Australian politicians could never claim they help children legally reclaim our true identities as adults:



... the harrowing 'open market' in children... may 25 australia actually celebrates child trafficking day...


The much more ingrained political obsession in Australia for ‘dual nationality’ denial is so strong among the political classes (a Mathias Cormann was Belgian too for thirty years until he got a whiff of the welfare cheque called Australian 'politics') they ferociously legislate against ‘dual national’ citizens, and worst of all with their cowardly attacks on children with ‘forced adoptions’ to Britishify people with Whites Only Australia etc that in truth persists today.


There is no difference between British and Australian politics because the perpetuation of white British stock as the top dog in Australia inevitably means endlessly re-inventing people's identities to airbrush over the natural multicultural world of humans.


Australian politicians obsession over changing children’s identity is so acute they have positioned themselves as arbiters and original 'guardians' of children they claim they can ‘adopt’ from overseas and Britishify in Australia, while waving around a political treaty from the Hague.


The last thing children who are already vulnerable when they are removed from their families, for any reason, need, is politicians interfering pretending they care, while what politicians are really doing is forcibly changing children's identities because it suits... politicians, in what is a seriously illegal 'immigration' policy involving politicians trafficking children from overseas. 


The widespread abuse of children in Australia from child convicts to the stolen generations, and forced adoptions along with state and church institutions is already legendary before their waving around a Hague Charter to... continue !! child trafficking by preying on vulnerable children, including from overseas.


The politicians perfidious corruption which is admired by politicians the world over, means they have forged ahead in continuing to traffic children while engaged in the delaying tactics of unfinished royal commissions and longstanding legal proceedings.


The only credible reason there are still no safeguards to protect the best interests of children is because politicians and religious leaders are not interested in having any.



... they are all taking the proverbial.... so while channel nine's 60 minutes claimed to have spent a whole year 'investigating' something called 'branch stacking' they were actually busy doing pretty much exactly the same thing themselves really, while politicians collected their 'expenses' and the rest...


Most people know the revolving doors of politicians and media who advertise their wares on the Twitterati never care about or listen to the public at all, let alone those affected by politicians ‘dual nationality’ denial that extends across and has been weaponised by the political classes, against... children. 


Australian politics are nasty because it is only all about self serving politicians who are willing to sell their own identity because they never had a human soul to begin with.



... the truly offensive and deeply repulsive cowardice of british and australian politicians on all 'sides' who never want the cctv of what they did to me as a female peacenik to ever see the light of day before a civil jury...


The biggest lie is Australia is a multicultural society because the political classes persist in keeping multiculturalism out of what they call politics, which is really cronyism rather than democracy.


It is the denial of ‘dual nationality’ that is the downfall of democracy and all else in Australia that has turned citizenship into something rich parasites like the Australian born American citizen Murdoch buy, while perversely hectoring the public to be ’nationalist’ purely because multinational corporations don’t want competition from the by comparison naturally multicultural citizens, in politics or big business.


All Australian 'politics' is only a protection racket for multinational corporations.