Donna: My Declaration of Independence (100% Autonomy) from politically motivated s44 Australian Constitution in County Court Order in Case 352 in Victoria, Australia (27.05.2020)







The State of Victoria, including all the political parties et al in the Victorian Parliament, unanimously agree my following County Court Order in Case 352 in Victoria (which has legal effect across Australia):


This County Court Order is my Declaration of Independence (100% Autonomy) from the politically motivated s44 of the Australian Constitution (244 years after the American Declaration of Independence)


There is no legitimate aim convincingly established in politics or civil or criminal law for s44 of the Australian Constitution.


1. My name is Donna Bugat and I was born on 10 February 1962 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


The State of Victoria will pay for any financial costs associated with my reclaiming my true identity to use with passports etc.  


The sealed County Court records in my case 352 in Victoria cannot legally be accessed by anyone for any reason, except by me, and any other family member with my DNA, I do conditionally extend that right to. So s44 of the Australian Constitution is an irrelevance, because I am not legally obliged to provide any information from those sealed court records to anyone else, including to stand in Federal politics in Australia. 


The County Court of Victoria acknowledge I am an Australian born citizen which is all that is relevant if I or any of my family members wish to stand for politics, in any state in Australia, while I and family members maintain any and all residencies, and dual nationalities, I have accrued at any time, which are no-one else’s business.


I am therefore not aware of any legal impediment that would stop me standing for any politics in Australia, at any time, should I so wish to do so.


My intention is to genuinely guarantee equality of… opportunity in peaceful Freedom of Speech which necessarily must include all Australian citizens being able to stand in politics in Australia, and in particular our future generations of all young Australian citizens.


In reality the most important political act I can and will ever be able to do, is declare independence from s44 of the Australian Constitution in Case 352, which will genuinely benefit all Australian citizens, young and old. 


The legal reality is s44 of the Australian Constitution is "void ab initio", so it's arbitrary 'conditions' which in any event also lack sufficient legal 'clarity' etc and only create an increasing omni-shambles of 'insider trading' between state and federal political parties et al means it is in it's entirety, legally unenforceable. 


N.B: I am legally entitled to an injunction to stop local, state or federal elections in Australia, if there is any legal dispute in Case 352 over a point of law, regarding my Declaration of Independence, from s44 of the Australian Constitution (which in reality unfairly discriminates across all Australian politics, and beyond, including worst of all, the cases of people being forcibly disassociated from our identities as children) that can only be heard before a civil jury in the County Court of Victoria.


2.  The 'Window of Tolerance' should be taught to children in schools and other organisations who work with children, and should feature in all child protection policies which must be published, and include fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover to protect the best interests of all children. 


Any child who is removed from their parents by the courts, for any reason, is legally entitled to fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover that comes with legal representation.


All children are entitled to be treated with dignity and respect so they feel safe and secure and have the best chance to reach their full potential.


3. I will purchase my own 24/7/365 global medical and insurance policy that will cover me wherever I choose to live and travel in the world (with any excess paid by the State of Victoria) while the payments outlined below can be made to me, regardless of where I live in the world.


The State of Victoria, regardless of which political party forms a government will pay me a Guaranteed Universal Basic Income of $2,200 per month (which they can choose to reclaim from the Federal Government if they so wish) until I am 65 years old and or require an Age/Disability Support Pension when they will pay me $3,000 per month (which they may choose to reclaim from the Federal Government if they so wish) which should be reviewed annually by politicians, but can only be adjusted upwards, according to economic indicators.


I am setting a legal precedent that could mean every Australian citizen, in any state of Australia, or wherever they live in the world, could when they are over 16 years of age, be able to claim the Universal Basic Income/current Jobseeker payment regardless of where they live, so all Australian citizens can help transform Australia into a truly global competitor in the world marketplace.


Any Australian citizen receiving the Guaranteed Universal Basic Income anywhere, is obviously legally obliged to pay any taxable income they generate over and above that, to their State/Australian government (depending on what politicians at the State and Federal level agree among themselves). 


A guaranteed ’Universal Basic Income’ would genuinely help create real new jobs with higher wages for all Australians, who would experience greater personal freedom while helping protect all Australians from any political over-reliance on or exploitation from mass market or monopolistic multinational corporations etc.


I personally look forward to a 'Voyage of Discovery' in a 'New World' with my true identity.


4. The State of Victoria will provide me with medicinal cannabis at the basic ‘health card’ prescription price (that I can carry with me for my personal use in countries that allow the use of medicinal cannabis)


5. I will nominate a person to liaise with the County Court Registrar and collect a signed copy of my County Court Order (which can with my permission, be translated into any relevant ‘legalese’)


My County Court Order in Case 352 is intended to set a gold standard in equality of… opportunity for all Australian citizens, that people in other countries could also aspire to.


Kind Regards,








I have considerable... practical legal experience repealing similarly politically motivated 'Simon (de Montfort) says' s132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation in the United Kingdom in the EU (I was 44 years old when it was originally ruled "void ab initio") which was also found by courts to have arbitrary 'conditions' that were legally unenforceable because they also lacked 'clarity' etc etc. 


To example:


I would not personally use s44 'condition' (iv) of the Australian Constitution to oppose someone standing in Federal politics in Australia simply because they were a local Mayor in State politics, or worked for a government funded NGO, which also contributed to their pension etc etc. 


It would similarly be unreasonable to use s44 'condition' (iii) of the Australian Constitution to oppose someone standing in politics because they had lost their homes/business/es because of torture, war, bushfires and or a global pandemic or any government failing to pay money the government owes, incl. through the refusal of a government to legally settle civil jury lawsuits etc etc.


No-one used anything similar to s44 'condition' (ii) of the Australian Constitution to stop a Catalan politician standing and serving as French Prime Minister (Valls) or a dual national Catalan politician, Borrell standing and serving as a Spanish politician and EU Foreign Affairs Minister etc, or the former Catalan President Puigdemont standing and serving as an MEP for Belgium.


I don't personally agree with Puigdemont's Declaration of Independence regarding Catalonia, because my personal view is all governments should be autonomous states, within one functioning legal jurisdiction (which is always a work in progress) so it should be possible for Catalonia to safely co-exist with Spain and the EU while negotiating for 100% autonomy which is the ideal  for all governments. My personal view is all politicians in the EU Executive like Borrell, should be directly elected by the public, because they aren't simply filling a vacancy like an Australian mayor or Senator, who would later have to stand for public election.