Donna: The Glass Tree-house eco multicultural welcome home @ Crabapple Close Reserve in Australia (29.03.2020)



... the Glass Tree-house eco multicultural welcome home @ Crabapple Close Reserve n Australia...



My Court Order dated 18 March 2020 overturns the Court Order dated 28 May 1963




I lost my identity and all my rights when I was a child, because I didn’t have my own parents or a fully comprehensive medical and insurance plan that comes with legal representation, to protect me.


Now I am re-claiming my name Donna and Crabapple Close Reserve as my home in Australia, which can become a welcome home eco centre to help multinationals when they first arrive, in what will also remain a peaceful, communal safe public space in perpetuity.


The legal reality is I am an ordinary person who “could” stand for politics as a “dual national” in Australia.


I wouldn’t vote for anyone unless I had the opportunity to stand for politics myself, because I can't really contribute and reach my full potential, unless there really is equality of opportunity for everyone.


Australia can only become stronger economically when the anomaly of dual nationality in politics is legally resolved.


The global reality is many families are naturally multicultural these days and so it is systems of governance and healthcare, not people, who have to adapt.





I will receive the lump sum payment of job seekers allowance at the publicised new rate from 27 April 2020, backdated to 10 February 1962. This will mean I can build the glass tree-house eco multicultural welcome home on Crabapple Close Reserve, that will help to make dual nationality in politics in Australia, a reality for everyone., along with modifying my stone cottage in my nature lovers paradise in France.


My residential address in Australia can be Crabapple Close Reserve, which is part of the old property.


The wages most people are able to earn in Australia, can be unlimited, so there needs to be a real safety net that protects most people with a job seekers allowance that is at least 80% of the minimum wage. That will help people start their own small businesses and stop people being exploited by companies circumventing a minimum wage by claiming people are self employed when they are really treated as slave labour, while being paid far below the minimum wage.


I would employ a mix of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Australia, along with young people on working visas so everyone has the opportunity to share and exchange ideas and experiences to make the communal public space, the best possible quiet and welcoming environment. 


There is no reason there isn't the choice to have most if not all health care in your own home. I am claiming my right to have my choice of medical treatment in my own eco homes in Crabapple Close Reserve in Australia, or France & elsewhere, using my health care card dated 12 March 2020.


It is important to build a safe and sustainable life with positive new memories.


Kind Regards,