Donna: My positive resilience planning includes multiple well being eco villages with research centres for affordable CBD oil (that is complementary to traditional pharmaceuticals & medical and insurance cover) (27.03.2020)



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I didn’t have my own parents, or fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover that comes with legal representation to protect me, when I was a child.


The only possible decision I could reasonably make was to reschedule my hospital appointments as a responsible adult, because I don’t have medical and insurance cover and all operations come with some risk, particularly for me with serious autoimmune and related illnesses at this time.


I can only do my best to try and avoid the need for an emergency operation because I haven’t received timely and proper medical treatment anyway because the reality is the healthcare system only really ever has some capacity for people with fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover.


The ‘window of tolerance’ has limitations during a pandemic too, unless you are rich and again have fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover and are able to live in your own home, which I am currently unable to do.


The hydroxychloroquine anti-malarial drug which is being considered for treating the pandemic is a possible treatment for my own rheumatoid arthritis, pancreatitis and hypertension, but I am not sure about other painful auto immune illnesses that include muscle damage and various complications etc etc.


The ideal is to see if I can find treatment that helps rebalance my immune system to stop the damage and progression of auto immune and related illnesses, while treating the accompanying variable pain, which is of itself damaging.


I do not currently have, access to safe, affordable and effective pain relief, which everyone is entitled to, at the very least.


Therefore I would like a substantial government grant to oversee the development of a well being eco village that included a research centre for the use of primarily CBD oil at an affordable cost for people who do not have fully comprehensive medical and insurance cover. 


I don’t like using mind altering drugs myself because of having my identity changed when I was a child etc etc, but CBD oil is psychoactive like other mainstream goods, rather than psychotropic, so it definitely needs considerably more investment in research and large scale cultivation because there is a very wide group of people it could assist anyway. It is always worthwhile to try and use safe complementary medicines either alone or with traditional pharmaceuticals, which are not necessarily suited to the complexities of for example auto-immune illnesses.




It would clearly be sensible for Australia to become self sufficient in medicinal marijuana and there is an opportunity to become a world leader in research and supplier in that field that can help re-balance the over-reliance on medical and insurance cover, which is not always accessible, yet dominates healthcare in Australia.


My personal view is it would be a positive business opportunity for me to oversee while in Australia, that would also help in my own recovery from PTSD too, which sadly did after all begin, when I was a child in Australia. I would be able to do some research into possible locations etc in Australia during the pandemic, which would be positive resilience planning. 


I would also possibly consider setting up a wellbeing eco village with a research centre in the Golan, which could be a registered office too, and would also suit me, because I would not have to ask anyone else's ‘permission’ to be Jewish.


I enjoy my own company and communal living like on a kibbutz. However, I didn’t like children being separated from their parents on a kibbutz, for the obvious reasons. I would have considerable difficulty picking oranges now, but I remember I did like sitting in the massive kitchen with the older people, quietly talking and peeling potatoes.


Kind Regards,