Donna: I remember when my youngest son was born, thinking how much less stressful & easier it would have been if I had just been able to stay at home (25.03.2020)



I remember when my youngest son was born.







I had been working part-time and carried on doing normal things like riding my bike and going skiing, until the doctors in the rural area where we lived said when I was around thirty two weeks pregnant that my youngest son could arrive early at any time, so I had to just rest.


The day before he was born, at around 36 weeks, I had visited the doctor who was going to deliver him who was about forty-five minutes drive away, because it wasn’t certain at that time if I would have to go to the hospital in the city which was about four hours drive away, because of doctors concern about my own health.


I had felt strange when I visited the doctor so I think I was sent for a scan at the hospital on our way home, before I went home to rest. Later that night when I was at home we realised my youngest son was going to be born and so my ex-husband arranged for the babysitter who was going to look after my oldest son to come around and stay with my oldest son.


I was in two minds about going to the hospital but we decided to go anyway, although it was around forty five minutes drive away in the dark.


We weren’t sure if we would make it to the hospital because it was happening so quickly and when we got to the hospital in the early hours of the morning it was locked so we had to find someone to let us in. The hospital staff then had to call the doctor who lived in a different town who was going to deliver my son, to come out.


When the doctor arrived I remember she said she was just going to wash her hands, and then said no she wasn’t, because my youngest son literally wasn’t waiting any longer and she basically just had to catch him.


I remember thinking how much less stressful and easier it would have been if I had just been able to stay at home.


Anyway, unfortunately, I did get very ill later with an unknown infection that lasted about a year or so.


I probably wouldn’t have got ill, if it had all been managed better so I had either been able to stay at home and one of the local doctors had come around instead, or I had been sent to the hospital in the city, when doctors had some concerns about my health. 


I remember when my youngest son was around six weeks old I then had to travel with him and my oldest son on my own and we got caught in Belgrade at the beginning of the collapse of Yugoslavia.


My oldest son then got ill too, when we were stuck in Belgrade and a doctor had to come and treat him in the hotel, and I had to do an impression of “I’m a little teapot” to explain to staff I needed hot water to sterilise bottles for my youngest son.


We had to travel around to various airports until we were eventually able to leave from Sarajevo.


It's perfectly reasonable that just like anyone else, I just want to be in my own home now.


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