Donna: I am first & foremost a mum, and I have a Court Order & medical exemption for me to live a safe and sustainable life now in my own home in France (25.03.2020)



... la famiglia...





My Court Order to reclaim my name Donna, dated 18 March 2020, also means I receive a lump sum payment of 57 years of ’jobseekers allowance’ backdated to 10 February 1962 at the recently upgraded emergency amount which shortly becomes payable in Australia for the next six months, which is my own ’new start’ to help pay for my own safe and sustainable universal health plan. 


I am first and foremost a mum, which is the most important job I have ever had, and I have a medical exemption so I can live a safe and sustainable life in my own home in France, now, visiting a dual national Australian family member in New Zealand, on my journey.





My family is naturally multicultural.




I know I can initially get medical treatment to help try and stabilise my potentially life threatening auto-immune and related illnesses from a Heilpraktiker in Germany where I know I can rent a quiet ground floor apartment by a small lake, where my boyfriend who is currently in the EU, would also be able to stay too. My boyfriend is technically an Australian citizen now, because he is too unwell to travel here now but immigration requirements have currently been waived. The Heilpraktiker is qualified to give evidence to a court. I can also get a prescription for CBD oil from a GP in Germany too, which would be worth trying to see if it could help regulate my auto immune and related illnesses and help relieve chronic pain.



... my sons make the world a better place...



I would also be able to arrange to have my own home in France modified while I was there, using local people from the area I live in France, and I know a local man who can help me with my forest garden too. 


I want to know what it feels like to live in my own home and property using my ‘window of tolerance’ to help recover from PTSD too, and then I can plan to return to Australia to oversee building a small wellbeing eco village with a mix of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those travelling on working holiday visas.


Kind Regards,